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Yuma is special to the three sisters. When they were young, they played with Yuma a lot because their houses were next to each other’s. Their father and mother were very fond of Yuma’s cheerful personality, and the three sisters and Yuma have always been together.

Until the tragedy.

Their mother married their father, a former model and lawyer who was a childhood friend. Their mother was very knowledgeable about clothes, and they started a small clothing brand that became very successful. The three sisters spent all their time together with Yuma, enjoying a life without any inconvenience.


jealous of their mother’s relationship with their father, a group of followers invade their house and

and in front of the three sisters’ eyes.

They were so jealous of their mother and father’s relationship that they broke into the house and brutally killed their parents in front of the three sisters.

“It’s all your fault, Miki, …… for marrying such a handsome lawyer guy when there’s someone like me and even having a child …… I wanted you to have my child. ……”

The three frightened sisters stare into the faces of the approaching criminals, their bodies frozen in place.

Their beastly expressions reveal no conscience at all, which a human being could have. They are simply animals who move according to their desires.

“Hey, you guys are so cute. Shall I feed you?”

No, don’t come, please. …… What are you going to do to us?

they can scream their hearts out with all their might, but why can’t they tell them directly with their voices?

But …

One boy comes to the minds of these girls who are overcome with despair

Takahashi Yuma

“Yuu chan”
“Yuu nii chan”

At the same time they mentioned his name, they looked at each other and nodded. Then.

“H-Hey ! Where are you going!”

The three sisters are running away from the scene with their legs straining to the death. Criminals chase after them.

Of course, the three sisters were headed for Yuma’s house.

“! you three….what’s wrong”

He realizes something is wrong when he sees the pale faces of the three sisters.

“Yu-chan,…… help me!”
“Yuu…… scared……”
“Yuu niichan ……”

Seeing the three scared sisters, Yuma says in a calm tone of voice

“Come inside.”

But when the criminal sees them, he hangs up the corners of his mouth and starts to walk around with a sickening smile on his face. Then he slams the door.

“Open up ……Open up!!!”


Of course, the criminals can hear everything in the house. So, after grasping the situation, Yuma hid the three of them in a closet.

After a few minutes passed, the sound was gone. But the quiet room was like the calm before a typhoon, making Yuma and the three sisters feel more uneasy. Sure enough, they were right on target.

The criminal broke the window through the balcony and entered, saying to Yuma.

“Pretty girls, tell me where they are.”
“Go home.”
“This place is filled with precious memories of me, Ai nee, Arisa and Sera-chan. So go home! This is not a place you are allowed to enter without permission!”
“Shall I tell you what happens to bad kids who don’t listen to adults?”

The criminal kicked Yuma with his foot. Then, the criminal, who had his eyes on the three sisters peeking through the gap, smiled sickeningly again and moved closer to the closet.


“I’ll protect you! I’ll protect Ai-nee, Arisa-chan, and Sera-chan for sure! So don’t worry.”

Yuma sends a smile to the three sisters who peek through the gap while crawling over and grabbing the criminal’s legs as hard as he can.


But the criminal said to him.

“You’re in my way!”

and the criminal points the knife he brought at his head and tries to stab him.

“What the hell are you doing?”

However, thanks to the officer’s arrival from the broken balcony, the criminal slipped his hand and scratched Yuma’s forehead.

In the end, the offender was caught and is in prison to this day.

After the incident, Yuma moved out of the area and eventually became separated from the others.

The sight of Yuma crying and pleading with his father, “I don’t want to leave Ai nee, Arisa chan, and Sera chan” with the still unhealed scar on his forehead, still clutches at the hearts of the three sisters.

Today is Saturday.

The three sisters have this nightmare several times a month. Today, by a series of coincidences, they all had that dream.


The tower apartment where the three Kirie sisters live

As Arisa finishes cooking breakfast in her nightgown and brings it to the table, Ai and Sera come over, rubbing their eyes at the right moment.

Pale faces. Yes. When the three of them have that dream, they always look pale and bloodthirsty. Arisa is worried about them, so she talks to them.

“Are you two okay?”
“I’m fine.”
“No problem. Arisa nee chan”

Usually they just turn over and eat with a listless expression on their faces, but today the three of them are pale, but their voices are full of energy.

Needless to say, the reason for this is obvious.

The three sit down and begin to eat.

After eating, they relax on the sofa while drinking coffee Sera makes for them.

Today’s topic of conversation is, of course.

“It’s like yesterday’s events are a lie.”

AI was the first to open her mouth. She meditates and relaxes her cheeks as she examines the taste of her coffee. Normally, as the owner of a company, she always kept her cool, but when it came to his story, she reacted far from her normal self.

After she drank her coffee, she inhaled and exhaled hard. This causes the chest of her bulging nightgown to move.

“I’m so glad to be reunited with Yuu nii-chan. ……I’m so glad to be alive. ……I’ve had a hard life, but the moment I saw that look on Yuu ni-chan’s face, everything just blew away and I went blank. I just went blank!”

Sera says excitedly, shaking her short blonde hair and placing one hand on her large marshmallow to remind herself of yesterday’s incident.

“Yeah, after that incident, Yuu moved away, so I thought I wouldn’t see her forever. ……”

Arisa’s red eyes moisten and she lets out a sexy exhale.

“Hey, Ai nee chan, Arisa nee chan, Yuu nii-chan hasn’t changed at all compared to how he used to be, right?”

Sera’s expression is bright as she asks her sisters with a twinkle in her eye.

“Hmm…, at least he’s still nice to me.”
“You sound like he’s a changed man.”
“Of course”

Sera asks the rest of the story with a glance at Ai, who tilts her head in a hatchet and makes a meaningful remark. Ai then took a sip of her coffee, licked off her own saliva connected between her lips and the cup with her glossy tongue, and said in an enraptured tone of voice.

“Yu-chan is a man now. ……”

When Sera hears about her sister, her body twitches and her cheeks turn a little red.

“I wonder if Yu has a girlfriend?”

The first one is Arisa, who has a meaningful expression on her face.

“I don’t think he has one. Yuu nii chan didn’t smell like a woman.”
“Ara, really? That’s very good news.”
“I want to see Yuu ni chan again. ……”
“I got …… phone number…”

Arisa and Sera are moping around on their feet and gasping for breath. Seeing these two sisters, Ai clears her throat a few times and then says as if to rebuke them.

“You two, calm down. Don’t bother Yu-chan.”
“You have to be nice to him.”

The two sisters’ brains are electrified when they see the ecstatic expressions and lifeless brown eyes.

And the electricity gradually moves downward.

Since the loss of their parents, the three of them have struggled to survive. Betrayed by relatives, betrayed by company people, betrayed by everyone ……

All they have is the money their parents left them and the bond between the three of them. And their feelings for Yuma.

As a result, Ai graduated from a prestigious university with a master’s degree and passed the judicial examination. Currently, she is doing management and legal affairs, etc., while serving as president of “Reganda,” an apparel brand established by the three sisters. Arisa is a genius who has a very good sense of clothes and does most of the practical work at “Reganda”. Sera is the signature model of “Reganda” and is mainly involved in public relations.

Countless hot men have approached them and struggled desperately to get together with them. The sons of famous businessmen, the sons of politicians, actors, businessmen, and so on. ……

However, there is no way that they will ever be able to meet their expectations, and to the Kirie sisters, the men who seem to shine are nothing more than animals hiding the same expressions as the criminals they saw at the time.

So, they were all crushed.

Of course, there were some men who got carried away and stepped in with their feet on the ground. But each time, there were countless men who were accused by the Kirie sisters and disappeared into the darkness.

There are still many who try to get close to the three Kirie sisters. There are more than enough of them.

They will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

They have become stronger.

If the three of them get together, they will be the strongest in the world.

This common awareness strengthens the unity of the three Kirie sisters.

They spend their time in a rose garden full of sharp thorns that no man can enter.

But the more fulfilling their days become, the more people look at them with envy.

The feeling of emptiness grew gradually.

It was then that

Yuma appeared.

“I’m so glad you’re safe.”

The words he said to them yesterday at the café made the three Kirie sisters’ heads go numb.

These words from a man who knew their dark past, a man who had saved them, filled their hearts with contentment.

Their whole selves were affirmed.

They were too happy for that.
Too happy…..

The electricity that runs through their bodies gradually gathers in their stomachs.

“Ai nee chan, Arisa nee chan …… I’m going back to my room ……”
“Me too…I’m going back to my room too……”

Sera and Arisa’s faces twisted up sexily in frustration as they got up from the sofa and headed to their respective rooms.

Seeing the backs of her own lovely daughter-like sisters, Ai moved her stringy lips.

“I can finally love him. ……”

(TL/N : By electricity, You guys know what it means..:) )

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