“Welcome home, Master.”

The apartment where Yua lives. When I opened the door to the living room, she greeted me while wearing a maid’s uniform.

One day after the school festival had ended safely, Yua said to me in dissatisfaction as she left the school.

 “By the way, Seita kun, you didn’t come to visit my class at all, did you?”

“But I bought the bread roll.”

“I wanted to be the one who served you.”

“Then, next year.”

“Who knows if it’ll be a maid cafe next year.”

She was upset and pouted.

“Seita kun, don’t you want to see more of my maid cosplay?

“Well, yeah.”

Surely it suits her well, I would love to see it.

“But it’s already over, so it can’t be helped.”

‘Yeah, but you know…….’

It was an ordinary conversation. By the end of the night, I had forgotten all about what we had talked about, and I was preparing for the next day.

That’s when I received a message from Yua on my phone.

[I borrowed a maid’s uniform !]


I couldn’t help but shout.

[I’m opening a maid cafe at my place tomorrow, so please come visit me next time.]


That’s right. I had forgotten. That’s who Yua is. If she’s willing to change her appearance to look like a different person, she could do more like dress up as a maid. I knew this, but I still can’t get used to her aggressiveness.

If she goes this far, I can’t say no. In fact, there’s no reason to refuse when there’s no one around.

I responded with approval. And here we are.

 “Ah, yeah. I’m sorry to bother you.”

“You’re supposed to say [I’m home] right?”

“T-that’s a little……”

When I’m doing the performance, I can still act, but I’m not comfortable acting with someone I’m close to.

“Well, that’s fine.”

I thought she would bite more, but Yua easily backed off.

When I was relieved, she said with a wicked smile.

“With my service, I will pull out your bones  from your body so that you can only say ‘Aheahe’.

“I’m scared.”

Has her brain been damaged? Or rather, if I can only say ‘Aheahe’ then I can’t say ‘I’m home’ like she wanted me to.

“Well, please come this way.”

I took a seat in the dining room as she urged me to do so. Yua went to the kitchen and started boiling water.

A beautiful girl in a maid’s uniform working in the kitchen.

–I can watch her all day……

If we start a delivery maid service targeting shy people who want to go to a maid café but can’t, it would be quite popular.

No wait, that’s just a housekeeper. I’ve come full circle back to where I started.


Yua noticed my gaze and tilted her head. I hurriedly turned my face away.

“W-well. –I’m surprised you were able to borrow the clothes. I thought you were supposed to return them to the rental agency as soon as the festival was over.”

“These are my friend’s personal belongings.”

It’s true that the design is slightly different from the one she wore at the festival. The length of the skirt is a little shorter.

“A personal belonging maid’s uniform……. Does that mean your friend is a maid?”

Yua was surprised.

“That’s impossible. She cosplayed as a hobby.”

“T-thought so.

“So, my friend told me.”

“What did she say?”

“She said, [I’m fine lending it to you, but don’t use it for something weird and dirty.]”


I almost went through with it for a moment, but then I thought about the meaning of “something weird” and looked at Yua’s face. She smiled mischievously.

“What do you want to do? Do you want to dirty it?”

“I won’t ! !”

“I see. Then use it so it doesn’t get dirty.”

“I won’t use it ! ! But it’s a borrowed thing, so be careful not to make it dirty.”

“Seita kun is too serious.”

Then, she shrugged her shoulders.

In the meantime, the preparations were finished and tea and financiers were served in front of me.

Then let’s do the ritual.

Yua makes a heart mark with her hands.

“Moe, moe, kyun.”

A big smile, a sweet voice, and sharp movements. If Yua really started working at a maid cafe, she would have a lot of fans. I think that was a spell, not a ritual, but let’s leave the details out of it.

“Now, eat it.”

“Thanks for the meal.”

I ate the financier. The sponge crumbled gently. The aroma of butter and almonds. Then, I pour a cup of astringent black tea into the sponge cake.

“So good.”

Yua made a proud face.

“Right? I knew that 7-Eleven’s sweets are the best.”

“I don’t understand why you’re so proud.”

Is this all 7-Eleven’s effort?

Well, even plastic-wrapped sweets look much better if they were put in fancy plates. The actual maid cafes are also most likely to serve frozen food, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

The best seasoning of all is Yua’s spirit of trying to entertain me.

Before I knew it, Yua was sitting in front of me. While resting her cheeks in her hand,  she was staring at me with a slight smile on her face as she was putting a financier in her mouth.


“Eh !? Ah, nothing…”

I looked down as if I was in a panic. Am I imagining something naughty?

At this moment,  I heard a melody like a music box coming out of nowhere.

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