Episode 17 – Matching The Answer



“Forgive me ! I was wrong !”

I kneeled down without being seen. It was the first time in my life that I really got down on my knees.

“I sincerely apologize !”

“No, no, it’s fine, just get up.”


“You’re standing out too much……!”

It seems that I had caused more trouble for her brother than I had intended. I’m not sure if this is a way of apologizing–or perhaps a method of intimidation, to get the attention of the people around you by getting down on your knees and bowing to them.

I stood up. But I couldn’t look into his eyes. I’m so embarrassed and ashamed that my body becomes hot and flushed.

Then he opened his mouth.

“In short, you thought I was Yua’s ex-boyfriend, didn’t you?”

“…..Yes. I thought it was something like that.

He’s saying things such as [It’s piling up.] or [It’s been a while.]. He made a difficult face for a moment, but soon nodded as if he realized what he was saying.

‘The housework is ‘piling up’ quite a bit’. Because ‘it’s been a while’.

“House, chores……?”

“Yua and I live together. We share the housework, and today she’s in charge. But when I stopped by the station for work, she was there, so I asked her what was going on.”

I looked at Yua. She turned her face down awkwardly.

Her older brother continued.

“Last week, too, I was doing my chores properly. Meanwhile, she was just playing around. That’s why my words may have been a little harsh.”

Then, he looked at Yua.

“So, I thought the reason might be because of her new boyfriend.”

I see. That explains what happened the other day. When I asked her out on this date, Yua had a troubled look on her face for a moment. It wasn’t because of her ex-boyfriend, but because she remembered her housework duty.

–What the heck.

I was so worried. Well, I’m glad my fears are just a misunderstanding.

Hm? But then, why did she stop hugging me?

“That’s not true !”

Yua, who had been silent for a long time, raised her voice.

“It’s different from before !”

“What’s different about it?”

‘It’s….. It’s because Seita kun invited me to…… It was the first time for him to do such a thing……

She clenched her fist tightly and said in a trembling voice. 

I can’t believe that she was so happy just because I invited her first.


“Seita kun……”

Yua’s desperate look. I returned a smile.

“Let’s cancel it today.”

“Seita kun !?”

Yua’s eyes widened.

“Do your best with your housework.”

“That wasn’t the way it was supposed to be !?

“That’s a different story. You have to keep your word.”

“….Ugh. The argument is hurtful……”

“I’ll ask you out next time.”


Yua nodded in defeat. Then when she was about to leave.

“You promised ! I’ll hold onto your words !”

She reminded me.

“Yeah, definitely.”

Yua left, glancing back at me as if regretting something, and left.

I was left with her brother in front of the object.

I kept looking toward the station entrance where Yua disappeared. I mean–.

–I’m being stared at so much…..

I was unable to look in that direction because he was staring at me.

“Are you sure you’re not dating?”

“Hee !? Ah, yes. Really.”


The older brother also turned his attention toward the entrance.

“I’ve never seen her rebel like that before.”

“Is that so?”

“Yua always does it if I ask her to do something. It might be different from a yes-man, but I’d say she’s very obedient. Surprising, isn’t it?”


When I denied it, her brother looked a little surprised. I even think that’s Yua’s nature.

“Then, you know, right? When Yua refused to do so. ‘I’ll do the housework later’, I was surprised when she said that.

He looked at me again. This time I didn’t look away.

“If you’re not dating, what is it about you that makes Yua like that?”

She doesn’t hate me – well, she probably likes me, but that’s a kind of self-consciousness. I happened to be near her when she was going through a tough time with a broken heart, and I spoke to her. That’s why she’s attached to me. As time goes by, she will get tired of me, who’s not particularly good-looking or a good talker….. That’s how I feel.

That’s fine. I was just a band-aid until Yua’s broken heart healed.

That’s what I thought. But now…

“I don’t know.”

I answered. Regardless of how I felt about her or what she thought of me, it was not something I would talk about with someone I just met for the first time.

“Then what is Yua for you?”

“She’s my junior.”

“Even though you went on a date with her on holidays?:

“She’s my junior who I hang out with on weekends.”

“That’s nice.”


“You’re what they call discreet, right?”


“I’ve never seen a type of person like you before. I’m a little relieved. You’re also very protective toward Yua.”

He smiled at me. The face is somewhat similar to Yua’s mischievous expression. They are indeed siblings.

“I’m really sorry about that…….”

“Not only that, but you also scolded her. Yua seems to like you a lot. –But.”

The brother pointed at my head.

“That hairstyle is not good. It’s messy.”


I touched my hair. I tried waxing my hair, but it didn’t seem to be working.

“Come to my store next time. I’ll give you a special price.”

He seemed to be a hairdresser. He has that kind of atmosphere.

He winked at me and left.

As I watched his back, I thought to myself.

I hated my own timid and cautious personality. But Makabe, her brother, and maybe even Yua, like it.

I’ve always thought that I was a social misfit and that it was best for me to be a loner so as not to offend anyone or hurt myself. But I’ve come to believe that maybe I’m overthinking things and that there’s a place where I can be accepted.

I thought I was healing Yua. But maybe I was actually being healed by Yua.

I don’t know what will happen to our relationship from now on.

–Well, for the time being….

I have to do something about my messy hair so that Yua won’t be embarrassed when I’m next to her.

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