A deserted classroom.

The classroom was a huge one with a seating capacity of no less than two hundred, and I was alone with Misumi senpai.

“What can I do for you, Senpai?”

Senpai, who was still seated in the front row, jumped up and down on her shoulders. I sat down next to her, and I could tell that she was still hesitating whether to proceed.

I sat down next to her and waited quietly for Senpai to make the decision herself.

She intertwined her fingers on the desk and kept her eyes on the second joint.

But then, she opened her tightly knit lips.

“Actually, I have a favor to ask you, Kobayakawa kun.”

“A favor?”

It’s unusual for Senpai to ask me for a favor. What kind of request could it be?

“I want Kobayakawa kun to see it. I’ve never shown it to anyone…”

The slightly upturned Senpai shoots me a glance. Perhaps she was nervous, her breathing was a little ragged and she seemed to be overheated.

Why is she looking at me with such a sexy gaze?

And in a classroom where everyone was gone, just the two of us.

My heart was pounding, and I was suddenly nervous.

As I was puzzled, Senpai closed her eyes, put her hand on her chest, and took a deep breath.

I naturally followed her hand with my eyes.

[I’ve never shown anyone….] What will she show me?

I looked at her hand and had a dubious imagination.

The bust was asserting itself from under the spring clothes that had become a little thin.

As a college student, her body is well-developed, and there are many opportunities to see stylish female students on campus.

Among them, Misumi senpai stands out from the crowd. If I were to say what it is,…..well, it is her breasts.

Her breasts are…..huge. They are just huge.

Even on top of her clothes, you can tell that she has big breasts. They are much bigger than those of the local gravure idols.

I was glued to these two magnificent symbols of women.

To be honest……I want to touch them. I’d rather be sandwiched between them.

“Kobayakawa kun?”

“Kingo Kobayakawa wants to be ha……ha !? Excuse me. I was a little hazy.”

My desire was leaking out.

“What is it that you want to show me then?”

“Yes, it’s this……”

Gradually, Senpai took out a notebook with a wisteria-colored cover from her tote bag.

A notebook? Why a notebook? Could it really be a consultation for the seminar?

I was dubious (not disappointed, by any means) and kept my mouth shut.

“Actually……I  have been writing poetry as a hobby for a long time.”

“Really !?”

Misumi senpai nodded deeply.

“Is it strange?”

“Not at all. I think it’s a wonderful hobby.”

I shake my head at the somewhat frightened Senpai.

Writing poetry is a hobby that is not easily shared.

But I think it’s a great hobby, and not just for Misumi senpai.

As a lyricist, I can tell you that it is quite interesting to put into words the feelings of the moment–happy, sad, angry, etc.

Moreover, the interesting thing about poems (or lyrics) is that unlike a diary or memoir where facts are written down in a list, it is expressed by comparing it to something else.

The author’s feelings and thoughts are wrapped up in seemingly unrelated matters.

The author thinks about how to express his/her feelings properly and how the reader can understand his/her feelings.

This is the culture of poetry and its true appeal.

The reason why it is not understood by everyone is probably because this roundabout process is avoided, but I love it.

“May I read this?”

I couldn’t stand still, so I asked Senpai.

There were many people in the band world who wrote lyrics, but I was suddenly excited to find a friend here.

Senpai didn’t say anything, but instead nodded her head with a red face up to her ears.

I read the book carefully, starting from the first page and chewing it over one by one.

A series of letters written with a ballpoint pen. Not all of them were neatly written, and I could tell that he had gone through a lot of trial-and-error.

The end result is a poem highlighted with a layer of fluorescent marker over the clean handwriting. This is the clean handwriting.

Senpai’s notebook was a repetition of this process.

The poem on the last page caught my eye.


Shall I put eggplant in the curry?

I wonder if eggplant goes well with curry.

I don’t know how it will taste, but just for today, let’s put it in.


The timing and the content of this poem hit me.

“Senpai….didn’t you write this most recent poem about how you felt when you were asked to join the band?”

Senpai nodded a little with a thin breath.

I think she has a good sense of projecting the question of whether or not to join a band she has never been in onto the question of whether or not to put eggplant in her curry.

“You’re very humorous, Senpai.”

“I-is it weird after all?”

“No way ! I think it’s a wonderful poem that conveys the courage to try even though you are unsure. Besides, it showed me a new side of Senpai. You think of pretty cute things, don’t you?”

“C-cute is a little bit…..”

Senpai’s face turns even redder. She looks like boiled octopus.

A single poem can say more than a hundred words. Especially when it expresses feelings that are so fluid that even the poet cannot grasp them.

This poem told me a lot about Misumi senpai’s recent life.

How she was asked to join a band, wondered whether to join or not, and then made up her mind to join.

At the same time, I had a prediction in my mind.

“So, the reason you let me read your poem is…….”

“Yes, I wanted to try my hand at writing lyrics for an original Nonoi song……”

Misumi senpai said with the smallest voice.

During the meeting, I thought I could faintly hear something Senpai said, but I wonder if I misheard it.

“But I’m going to stop after all.”

“Eh, why?”

Why are you thinking twice now that you have confessed this?

” I’m not sure I can do it, because poems and lyrics are different. Besides, Ari chan expects Kobayakawa kun to write the lyrics as well. Isn’t Kobayakawa kun her idol?”

“Yes, well.”

“It’s an honor to have the lyricist of her choice write the lyrics for her to sing. I feel like it would be a bit of an intrusion for me to take that away, so I’m sorry.”

That is certainly a sensitive area. Ari san has been a fan of my music since the days of Lyconess. That’s why she didn’t hesitate to nominate me to write the lyrics. With that background, it must have taken a lot of courage for her to ask me this.

“But I’m sure Ari san would accept it. Because it would be an honor to sing lyrics written by her best friend.”

But if you are passionate about it, you shouldn’t hold it back.

I write for my friends.

I want my friends to sing it.

It would be sad to keep such pure feelings bottled up in your heart.

“Her best friend? Do you think I’m her best friend? She seems to have a lot of friends.”

“Of course ! It is true that Ari san seems to have a lot of friends.”

She has made friends with everyone in the department. 

“But she invited Misumi senpai to be the drummer, not her other friend. It would have been more reasonable to ask one of the first-year students to join the band, but she dared to ask senpai, who was busy. Isn’t that because you think Senpai is someone special to her?”

“That……may be so.”

Senpai slightly loosened her cheeks and smiled wanly. The dusty face, with cheeks tinted a light red, resembled a pink sunken flower.

“Poems and lyrics may be different, but as someone with experience, I will assist you with that.  So, let’s give it a try.”

I made up my mind.

She had just joined the band. I hope she will continue to explore the interesting aspects of the band.

“Kobayakawa kun…… Thank you very much. I’m glad I consulted you.”

I’m glad to hear that. I understand that it takes a lot of courage to show people what you’ve written as a lyricist. I’m sure that Senpai must have been inspired to consult with me.

“But I still need to keep this a secret from Ari chan and the others. I’m not sure if I can come up with good lyrics, so…”

So, as per our original arrangement, I was to write the lyrics while Senpai was to come up with the idea.

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