Shizuku’s thighs are so comfortable to sleep on.

I could sleep as long as I want. ……

But I also liked Kogure kun’s knee pillow at the amusement park. His muscles are firm and the feeling of security was something else.

I wonder if he’d let me sleep on his lap again. No, should I put his head on my lap and pat his head? I meditated on such thoughts and before I knew it, my consciousness was interrupted.

“Arisa, Arisa! Good timing!”

“Fuee…..I can’t do it, let me sleep a little longer.”

“Do you really want to be poked and probed so much?”

“Hiii!. I’ll get up! I’m up, I’m up!”

Shizuku wiggled her hands and put them on my sides.

I’ve always had a problem with tickling and I used to laugh when Shizuku would wake me up. I can’t be touched anywhere on my body, so no one but my childhood friends can know about this weakness.

I really can’t stand it for even a second. …… wait, Kogure-kun is out!

I jump up and look into his uniform. His body hasn’t awakened yet, so he’s slow to move.

“What’s the situation right now?”

“There is one minute left in the fourth quarter. We’re down by four.”

“It’s not over!”

“You’ve been sleeping too long! I tried to wake you up a few times.”

There was quite a commotion around us. According to Shizuku, it was a back-and-forth game.

Hirasawa kun’s performance was especially great when he shot past four defenders.

I was asleep at the time, but Kogure-kun came out at the end and helped me to wake up.

“With one minute left in the game, we were up by four goals on the opponents’ ball. The maximum number of points per goal is three, so they have to put it in the ring twice. That’s impossible, right?”

“But ……Hirasawa-kun will do something about it.”

Shizuku seems to have already entrusted her thoughts to Hirasawa-kun.

Today’s game must have been amazing. If you look around, all the supporters at our school are doing their best to cheer you on.

The girls in Hirasawa’s fan club were cheering loudly.

Then, with fifty seconds left to play, the game began.

The opponents are passing the ball around to buy time. That’s what they would normally do.

Hirasawa kun’s team tried desperately to get the ball, but it didn’t work.

It was at that moment when everyone was concentrating on the ball.

Hirasawa kun suddenly started running in the opposite direction. Everyone was attracted by his movement.

But I only saw …… Kogure kun, so I know why.

The ball was caught and scooped up from underneath and taken away.

Kogure kun caught the ball and passed it long to Hirasawa.

Hirasawa kun was just outside the three-point line when he received the ball. Hirasawa’s shot from there went into the ring. This was the difference of one point.

“You’re going to score at that point?!”

“That’s great, Hirasawa!”

“Kyaaaa Reoonn!”

“That’s great, Hirasawa-kun! right, Arisa!”


Certainly, it was great that he made a three-point shot at that timing.

But did anyone see Kogure kun’s long pass to Hirasawa kun as soon as he got the ball?

I looked at the electronic scoreboard again. With 30 seconds left, the score was down by one point. I didn’t know what would happen if it came to this point.

The final attack and defense started from the opponent’s ball.

“Go for it, go for it!”

Shizuku was also cheering with her hands together as if she was praying. Whether you cry or laugh, you only have 20 seconds left.

If possible, I want them to win. Everyone is trying to get the ball with their essential defense.


Hirasawa-kun takes the ball and dribbles it all the way to the opposing team’s camp.

With 15 seconds left, the game was won. He used a lot of passing and dribbling, and his opponents were desperate to stop him. One or two players approached.

“Hirasawa-kun is being held up. ……”

Shizuku’s murmur naturally drew my gaze in that direction.

The two defenders were on Hirasawa kun’s side. They put pressure on the ace who has the ability to score.

The other team is also desperate.

With only a few minutes remaining, Hirasawa kun passed the ball to Kogure.

Kogure-kun thought he was going to receive it, but he caught it and fired a mountainous shot toward the goal at the same time.

Was it really a shot or did it look like a pass?

Hirasawa kun took advantage of the long dwell time of the ball to reach the bottom of the goal and jumped up at an unbelievable height.

His hand caught the goal ring, touched the ball, and slammed it directly into the ring.

The dunk shot with two seconds left in the game was a point and the game ended as it did.

“Wow …… that’s amazing!”

“Yes,…… it’s a dramatic victory.”

Shizuku next to me was in tears, and the girls in Hirasawa kun’s fan club were in a frenzied frenzy.

If they could see that last dynamic shot, everyone would be drawn to it. Everyone was packed at Hirasawa-kun’s place after he made the final shot.

Only one person was watching from a little distance. I looked at his face and felt a sincere twinge in my heart.

Yes, Kogure-kun looked very happy about his best friend’s performance.

The match was over, the teams bowed to each other, and the players left the court in turn.

I only saw the last minute of the game, but it was pretty intense.

I wish now that I had watched the whole match from the beginning …….

“Arisa, I’m going to the bathroom.”


As I watched over Shizuku as she carried her luggage up the stairs, I sat here on the second floor and watched the court all the way down to the top of the stairs.

I’ve been hearing a lot of praise for Hirasawa kun since a few minutes ago.

Certainly, Hirasawa kun was great. The three-point shot and that dunk shot.

Without a doubt, he deserves to be called an ace. But there is something bothersome about it.

It would have been nice to talk a little bit about the success of the man who assisted the strongest ace.

Hirasawa kun’s success was made possible by Kogure kun’s movement, wasn’t it?


“Hiya! Kogure-kun.”

I was thinking about Kogure-kun when Kogure-kun came to me.

His uniform was sweaty and his hair was disheveled, probably because the game had just ended. His unusual, rough appearance made me gush over him.

“Have you seen Reo? He suddenly disappeared after the game. I wonder where he went.”

“He hasn’t been over here.”

“Oh, by the way, where did Otsuki-san go?”

“She went to the restroom, but it’s …… late.”

Then I thought of a possibility, and Kogure-kun seemed to think the same thing.

Kogure-kun and I quickly left the match venue.

If they were going to confess, it would definitely not be inside. Then it would be outside the gymnasium. When I went around the perimeter of the building and came out into the open, Shizuku and Hirasawa-kun were there.

I think it might be time to …… settle the score.

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