Confinement Life Day 9 Blindfold Massage


“Sorry ! ! The shooting took a long time yesterday.”

“With that said, Mommy and Touka chan will take care of you today.”


I was sandwiched between Akane san and Tonka san on the bed.

Their big boobs were pressed against me from both sides, and I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“U-um, both of you, aren’t you kind of close? Also, your chest is hitting me….”

“You’re right♪”

“We’re doing it purposely.”

When someone whispers in my ear, I can’t help but be a bit jumpy.

“Oh my, what’s wrong? You’re so jumpy. You’re so cute♡”

“Asumin, you love boobs, don’t you? I’m sure you’re happy to be sandwiched between two sisters with big boobs.”

“T-that’s not true…….”

Akane san and Touka san grin happily.

Hggng, there is no way out of this……

“Okay, we’re done with the teasing.”

“Today, Mommy and Touka chan are going to give Asumi chan a massage.”

“Eh? A massage, you say?”

“Yes, a massage.”

Why is it, when these two say it, nothing but naughty things seem to happen?

“Asumi chan, you can’t exercise because you’re in your room all the time, right? So we talked about it and decided to give you a moderate massage.”

“H-haa, I see. But if that’s the case, why don’t we just go outside and exercise?”

“If we do that, Asumin will run away, right?”

Touka san pinpointed what I was thinking.

Kuh, she knows ! !

“With that said, here.”


“Yup. I thought it would help you relax if I blocked your view. Come on, take off your clothes too. I can’t give you a massage if you don’t. If you want, I can undress you, okay?”

“I-I get it ! ! I’ll take off my clothes by myself, so don’t try to take off my clothes ! !”

I took off my clothes and put on only my pants.

What kind of punishment is this, being almost naked in front of two immensely beautiful women?

With my mind in Bodhisattva mode so that the Excalibur in my lower body would not react, I did as I was told and blindfolded myself.

Then I heard that Akane san and Touka san were getting ready for the massage.

I couldn’t tell what they were doing because of the blindfold, but I thought I heard the sound of cloth rubbing……

“Okay♪ Get ready♪ Then Asumin. Lie down here.”

“Ah, yes. Hmm? It’s kind of soft. Is it a\ pillow? I-it’s soft and easy to sleep on.”

It was probably a massage mat or something.

I lay down on something moderately warm and comfortable to the touch.

And what happened the next moment made me realize what I was sleeping on.



What I heard in my ear was Akane san’s lewd voice.

No, eh? I’m sure I heard it wrong, right?

I don’t think so, but…….

“As you can see, right now Asumin is lying on top of a naked Akane Nee chan who is lying on the bed♪ The soft pillow is Akane Nee chan’s boobs♪”

“Wha !?”

I-I knew it ! !

Damn, last time when I was about to be eaten by Akane san, Touka san stopped it, so I let my guard down ! !

These two are in on it this time ! !

I tried to jump back in a panic, but I was pinned down by Akane san.

“Ahn♡, don’t struggle.”

“Wait, Akane san !?”

“Ufufu. See, isn’t Mommy’s big? That’s why I thought I’d be a bed for Asumi chan’s bed.”

“Isn’t that a bad idea !?”

“Oh my, you can’t see it so it’s safe.”

I can’t see anything ! !

It’s true that I can’t see anything, but I can imagine it ! !

“Okay, now it’s my turn♪”


As soon as she said that, I felt a heavy weight on my stomach.

Probably, no, definitely it seems that Touka san straddled my stomach.

T-this is not good for a lot of things ! ! There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to escape ! !

Bodhisattva mode ! ! Bodhisattva mode ! !

I’m an enlightened being now ! ! No matter what happens, I will not become a beast who has lost his reason ! !

“I’ll massage your feet first♪”


And so began the massage, which was surprisingly careful.

From the toes to the calves, from the calves to the thighs.

Her slender fingers rubbed and loosened my stiffened body.

Eventually, her fingers reached my hip joint–

“Oh, hey, oh, please don’t touch that area too much.”

“Eh? Why?”

“No, just no ! !”

“I’m just massaging your hip joint and the surrounding area♪ And yet♪ Why are you getting bigger?”

“T-this is ! ! T-this is different ! !”

I was in a hurry to cover it up, but Touka san giggled.

“Alright alright♪ We’ll leave it at that♪ It’s okay, I won’t do anything naughty♪”

It’s already naughty enough ! !

“Geez, you two were having a blast. Let Mommy join too.”

“Hyoa !?”

Even though I was already at my limit with just Touka san, Akane san gave me a further push.

She started stroking my body.

In addition, this is different from Touka san’s finger message

It was a finger play for the purpose of completely torturing me.

“Kuh, wait, Akane san ! ! This is not a joke ! !”

“Oh my, why? Mommy just wants to enjoy Asumi chan’s body–ahem. I’m just massaging you, okay?”

“You almost said you were enjoying my body just now ! !”

The upper half of my body is stroked by Akane san, and the lower half is massaged by Touka san.

What’s bad is that this is just a massage.

Nothing more than that was done.

Oh, n-no.

The reason in me is already disappearing…….

The bodhisattva in my heart is disappearing and–

“Yes, shuu–.”


“Hm? What’s the matter, Asumin? Do you want me to do something more than this?”

Touka san looks like she’s enjoying my reaction.

T-this person……

“……No, it’s nothing.”

“Oh, dear. Don’t sulk. Touka chan, you shouldn’t be mean too, okay?”

After that, I spent an agonizing time until they left the room.

Of course, I don’t forget to shut myself up in the toilet and relieve myself.

Tomorrow is Murasaki chan’s day.

Akane san is by far the most dangerous, but then comes a young girl after Touka san.

I have to be careful.

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