“Hgnngh, hnnn ! !”


I was struggling to get the bars off the window somehow.

Just like with spoon, I’m trying to cut the bars with a steak knife I smuggled in from a meal……

The results are not good.

The grating is being scraped little by little, but it’s only a knife used for eating.

The knife broke first.

“Damn. I guess it’s impossible to escape from the bars.”

“What’s impossible?”

“Eek !?”

I heard a woman’s voice and involuntarily looked toward the entrance door.

There was a beautiful woman with a dignified air about her.

She was standing there, dressed in a man’s outfit, looking stunning.

It was hard to tell her style, but she was as outstanding as Akane san and Touka san.

I was unintentionally astonished.

“Shinryuuji senpai !?”

“Hey, Asumi kun. But I want you to stop calling me that here. We’re close. Please be more friendly and call me Kirin.”

Her name is Shinryuuji Kirin.

She is a stage actress in one of Japan’s leading theater companies and a beautiful woman who prefers to play male roles.

Her fan club has over 10,000 members, all of whom are women.

I once had a terrible experience when a member of the fan club found me talking with her.

Specifically, they said things like, [If you go near Master Kirin, I will kill you] [Filthy man should stay away from Master Kirin, I will kill you] and [Men must die.]

The last one was a murder threat that made me want to say that I no longer had anything to do with Kirin senpai.

Well, that matter was cleared up when the fan club was warned by Kirin senpai.

Let’s take a break from this story.

“W-why are you here, Kirin senpai……?”

“[Why] is a difficult question. Should I have a reason to come to see you? Well, if I had to say, it is because I’m your caretaker today.”

Saying this, Kirin senpai comes closer to me.

I involuntarily backed away and was driven to the wall.

Then, Kirin senpai said.

“Yeah. As expected, seeing you makes me feel suffocated in my chest. What am I complaining about when I can feel you so close to me?”

“Wait, um, you are very close, Senpai.”

It was a kabe don.

Well, it’s not a loud bang, so it might not be exactly the same.

Even so, I think once again that I’ve come this far.


Kirin senior is indeed a beautiful woman.

With such a beautiful face, she is unruly because of her sweet words.

I can understand why the fan club members are going wild.

“Fufu, Are you embarrassed? To tell you the truth, I’m quite nervous myself.”


“The boy I’ve been thinking about for a long time is locked up in my house, you know? I know it’s wrong, but I’m excited. Perhaps I’m better at playing the role of a female villainess than a male one.”

Saying this, Kirin senpai took out a red rose from somewhere.

Then she hands me the rose.

“Can you take this?”

“Well, haa, if you’ll give it to me…..”

“Thank you. I have to go to the next theater soon, so I can’t stay here for long. But I will visit you again before the rose withers. That’s a promise.”

“I-I see.”

I fill the vase with water, stick the rose in it, and set it on the table.

“……Or rather, Senpai is the same as usual. She can say lines that make my back itch with impunity…….”

“Oh, well. That’ll make me a coquette –I’m your one and only.”

“Hmm, I really don’t understand why the seven sisters of the Shinryuuji family love me so much.”

When I muttered that unintentionally, Kirin senpai chuckled.

W-what is it? What’s so funny?

”Fufu, ah, no. I’m sorry. I just find that part of you fascinating.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“I’ll tell you eventually. Take it easy, on the bed–“

It was at that moment when Kirin senpai whispered sweetly in my ear.

Gogogogo ! ! The building shook violently.

“Earthquake !?”

“Oops, a-are you all right, Asumi kun?”

“Hey, Senpai, look out ! !”

Kirin senpai was staggered by the sudden earthquake and fell on her buttocks.

Right next to the table where I placed the vase, and the vase with the rose in it was about to fall on top of her head.

I managed to catch the vase just before it fell.

Immediately after that, the earthquake stopped and I let out a breath of relief.

“T-that was close. Senpai, don’t worry about me, worry about your own….first……”

“Y-yeah, I’m sorry. Next time….I’ll be careful…..hyaa ! !”

Kirin senpai let out a cute voice while her cheeks turned bright red like a young girl.

It’s no wonder.

Because I had grabbed Kirin senpai ample breasts.

“Wha !? I-I’m sorry ! ! I-I didn’t do it on purpose ! !”

“Y-yeah, I know. That was an accident. I’d rather thank you. The vase almost fell on me and I almost got hurt.”

I jumped back in a panic, and Kirin senpai said kind words of concern for me.

“U-um, I’m really sorry.”

“…..Don’t worry about it. If you keep apologizing, I’ll feel bad. That’s right, you should just consider yourself lucky.”

“No, it is true that I’m lucky, but no matter how much it was an accident, Senpai should be angry.”


“If it were Midori, fists would fly at me, probably.”

When I said that, Kirin senpai chuckled.

Not the usual handsome smile, but a girlish, cheerful smile.

Then she pulled my cheek, wondering what I was thinking.

“Ouuch !”

“I’ll let you off with this.”

“……Yeah, I’ll be careful.”

“….As for me, I don’t mind if you don’t have to be careful.”

Kirin senpai muttered something with red cheeks.

“Eh? What did you say?”

“…..In front of you, I want to be a princess instead of a prince.”


“Fufu. Well, I’ll be going. I’ll see you soon. But first, let’s clean up the mess.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you very much.”

Kirin senpai and I started cleaning up the messy room from the earthquake.



“What’s wrong, Asumi kun?”

“Ah, n-no, it’s nothing ! ! I was just thinking that I was hungry ! !”

“Now that you mention it, it’s already lunch time. All right, I’ll bring you something to eat.”

“Thank you ! !”

Kirin senpai leaves the room.

I hurriedly peeked under the bed.

“:……Somehow, there is a door under the bed ! !:

The bed had shifted during the earthquake, and the edge of the door was visible.

This might be a place I need to investigate.

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Why try and leave tho? Free food, you can work out, or I’m sure ask for some gym equipment, TV, games, books and beautiful women. …. I’m not jealous I swear