I want to verify what the heck it is that I’m hearing. But unfortunately, I can’t think of a good way.

I took my morning classes in agony, and then it was lunchtime.

Usually it is just the two of us, Takuma and I, or the three of us with Misaka san, but today I skipped lunch. When I told her, [I’m going out because I have something to do] Misaka san said, [Just seeing Fujisaki kun disappear makes me feel like I’m heartbroken…. I’ve been coming quite a bit too……] but I turned my heart away and left.

The number [47] was floating above Takuma’s head. I wonder if the forty range is for friendship. Except for Misaka san, this is the highest number in the class, and I renewed my recognition that he is a valuable friend to me.

Incidentally, the highest number among the girls in my class, other than Misaka san, was [32] Yeah, that’s reasonable. So I’m not really sad. There’s nothing sad about it !

Aside from that, I headed to the manga club room on the second floor of the main annex building. The reason why I came here is because……

“Azuma senpai, so you’re still living in the club room.”

“That’s because I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

Azuma Kirika. A hidden beauty who is one year older than me and her dream is to become a mangaka. Although she aspires to be a manga artist, she also wants to go to college. She believes that to become a manga artist, it is essential to know the wider world. However, she is not aiming for a top-notch university, but plans to study moderately and go to a place she can get into.

Azuma senpai is generally in her club room during lunch break, quietly drawing manga by herself. She seems to have few friends.

When I checked Azuma Senpai’s number, I found it to be……[53].

That’s a pretty good number, but how relevant is this?

“So, what are you doing in the clubroom all the way out here?”

“I came to talk with Senpai.”

“Hmph. With me. You’re a curious one.”

Oh, the number went up to 54. Did I get a favorable impression?

In the clubroom, two long desks are lined up in front of each other. I sat down at the seat in front of Azuma senpai. I also listened carefully to Azuma senpai’s voice in my mind, but I did not hear anything. Fifty is not enough.

“What are you drawing this time, Azuma senpai?”

“A story about a high school boy and girl who switch places.”

“……Might be better to draw that story in the next ten years or so.”

“I was actually thinking the same thing.But I also wanted to try my hand at it. It would show the difference in ability, wouldn’t it?”

“I was completely defeated by Senpai’s courage in daring to try to find out.”

“Fujisaki kun, do you only draw illustrations again? Don’t you make stories?”

“I’m a clumsy storyteller.”

“That’s not true. It’s just that it’s not popular among high school students.

I liked it though. A story I drew around May of last year about a man-eating demon and a girl who kills demons. It is true that it was not well received by some people, but I think it was essentially well written. It’s enough to make me jealous…….”

The last word seemed to reflect Azuma senpai’s frustration. While I didn’t know how to respond, Azuma senpai continued to speak to me.

“Perhaps you’ve become afraid to draw manga because of some of the bad reviews?”

“……That’s true to some extent, but it’s not the primary cause.”

The manga presented at the cultural festival last June received some bad reviews. The bad ending was not good, or the story was a pastiche of a well-known manga. However, I have not read any of the latter, so I was not influenced in any way by the content.

However, it is not a question of what the outsiders say, but rather a simple question, [Maybe I don’t like drawing manga?] that I’m struggling with.

Because drawing manga is really hard and tedious. You have to really love the expression of manga to spend hours drawing backgrounds that readers don’t pay attention to for even a second.

I’m not sure if I should confide this conflict to Azuma senpai, who is so passionate about manga that she has devoted her life to it. I’m not sure if Azuma senpai would be able to understand my feelings.

“Well, I think Fujisaki kun has his own problems, and I think he should start drawing again after those problems are over. ……I’d like to see at least one more work before I graduate, if possible.”

“……I’ll do my best.”

“Don’t push yourself too hard. You can draw it any way you want, at your own timing. That’s what a hobby is all about.”


I wonder what Azuma senpai really thinks about it. I wish I could hear something like the voice of her heart like with Saki.

While talking and eating lunch, there is a knock at the clubroom door. It is unusual because not many people come in during lunch break.

The one who opened the door and entered was Misaki Nana, the manga club advisor. Misaki sensei is in her second year of teaching and is twenty-three years old. Her long black hair is shiny and beautiful, and her soft face is attractive. Her breasts are quite large, although they are somewhat hidden by her loose-fitting dress and cardigan.

I had a habit today of checking the number above head….. [84] !?


“Eh? Fujisaki kun, why is that your reaction after my arrival?”

[Was it that surprising that I came? I mean, why was Fujisaki kun in the clubroom alone with Azuma san? Are you two actually dating? No, but they didn’t seem that friendly. You’re right, there’s nothing special about this. I won’t let anyone have my Fujisaki kun.”

The numbers are high, but what seems to be a voice from the heart has been heard loud and clear.

Eh, do you like me, Misaki sensei? We are teacher and student, right? Or rather, isn’t what she’s thinking a little scary, contrary to her gentle appearance?

“Um, it’s nothing……nothing. It’s just that I didn’t expect you to be here.”

“Really? I’m an advisor, so it’s nice to stop by, right? Ah, were you doing something that you shouldn’t tell the teacher?”

[No way, right? You didn’t do that, did you? If you did something like that behind my back, do I need to….punish you?]

“I-I didn’t do anything ! It’s just extremely healthy chatting.”

“Is that so? Well that’s fine. If you want to do something like that, do it in a place where the teacher will never find out about it, okay?”

[If I find out, I’ll….do something about it, you know?]

The wave of murderous intent there is scary……

“……Uh, does that mean I can do whatever I do as long as I don’t get found out?”

“If they don’t find out, then it didn’t happen. Then there’s nothing wrong with it, right?”

“……How’s that idea for a teacher?”

“Ahaha. I’m kidding. But it’s not hard to understand why high school students would want to do things they shouldn’t do at school. ….I’m joking, it’s something a teacher shouldn’t say. Just don’t tell the other teachers, okay?”

Misaki sensei is smiling like an accomplice. I had thought she was a teacher who knew how to talk about many things, but when I got to know her inner voice, she seemed to be someone who tended to go astray rather than someone who understood what she’s talking about.

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