Episode 39  – Love counseling re-started 6



There were few people in the plaza where we could eat our lunch brought in, so we decided to have lunch a little early.

We spread out a sheet like we do when eating in the schoolyard, and Otsuki-san took out a heavy box wrapped in a large furoshiki (wrapping cloth). The size of the box was very different from the others, as the four of us were eating together.

Disposable plates, disposable chopsticks, and a soy sauce jug in a bag for easy use are also handy for out-of-leisure activities.

Antibacterial wet wipes and garbage bags are also provided. I left it to her this time as well, but I knew that Otsuki-san’s preparations would be perfect.

This was indeed a complete defeat. When I opened the lid of the stacked boxes, I found a wide selection of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes.

They are all very tasty. Everything looks delicious.

I wonder if I shouldn’t comment on the fact that there is a piece of pitch-black meat mixed in.

“Oh, wow! Looks seriously delicious.”

“Thank you both for preparing this for us.”

“Did you by any chance know that Alisa was going to help us?”

“Yeah, so I was looking forward to it.”

“Hee…..That’s why she was so excited.””

she is Twitching and Asahina-san’s body trembled.

Otsuki-san looked at Asahina-san and relaxed her face with a smile, but I couldn’t read the intention of the conversation in any way.
“Then …… Kogure-kun. Here you go.”

Otsuki-san gave me a pair of disposable chopsticks and I decided to be the first to take them.

I should aim for Asahina-san’s foodstuff since it is better for Reo to eat Otsuki-san’s foodstuff first,…… but which one is it?

No, I knew it. If it’s made by someone who doesn’t seem to do much cooking, it’s definitely something like the blackened chunks of meat.

If it were Otsuki-san, she would never put something with such a color in it.

I understand this because I too take pride in cooking. I grab it fearfully and put it in my mouth.


It was a little spicy, but the taste was not bad. Is it a matter of appearance?

“It was what it looked like, but ……”

Asahina-san looked worried. I don’t know if it’s really her first time trying to cook, but I’m not mean enough to give a bad opinion after seeing that.

“It’s delicious. I’ll have another one.”


“Yes, you did a great job. I didn’t expect this color and this taste.”

“Don’t worry, I corrected the taste somehow.”

The “somehow” part shows a lot of effort.

Asahina-san smiled with relief. I think it’s better to be more carefree.

It’s not like I did my best because I want people who care about me to eat it. 

“Yes, Hirasawa-kun, too.”

“Thank you! Itadakimasu~!”

“Aren’t you making anything else?”

“Uuu……, this is the only one I’ve made properly.”

“Keep practicing and getting better.”

“Uwoo! Delicious, Uuu!”

“Ah, don’t eat so much all at once. Water, water!”

Otsuki-san hands water to Reo holding his throat and pats him on the back.

So good. It’s so much fun to share lunch with people you’ve become friends with in the plaza like this.

Reo, Asahina-san and Otsuki-san are all smiling happily. I think it’s great that it started with one person’s love and then the …… circle expanded.

“Arisa and Kogure-kun, please have a bowl of food. There’s plenty to go around.”

“Yes, I’ll eat as much as I can!”

“That’s right. This tempura. I think I could have made it a little softer.”

“You don’t have to eat it, Kogure-kun. You can starve to death.”

“You’re going to say that much?!”

We took a break to eat our lunch in a friendly atmosphere, joking around with each other.

At lunch time, more and more people started to arrive, so we decided to leave ahead of the others.

Then we started to move toward our original goal.

“Huh? Arisa and Kogure-kun got separated, didn’t they?”

“Y-yeah ……. I guess it’s because the number of visitors has been increasing.”

“Well, I’d better look for them.”

“Umm, …… Otsuki. Well, if it’s all right with you, why don’t you ride that attraction? It looks like a two-seater, so Ryouma and Asahina are after.”

“Eh? Yeah, okay”

Thus, Reo and Otsuki san went ahead together.

“It was worth hiding, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I’ll let you two be alone from now on.”

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