The day after my zoo date with Murasaki chan.

“O-oh no ! ! Asumi Nii

s really gotten smaller ! !”

“Ah, yeah.”

Today was Aina chan’s duty day.

This was the first time for Aina chan to see me as a child.

Somehow, until yesterday, she was participating in an esports tournament in the United States, and somehow managed to win the championship.

However, her eyes were not filled with joy at winning the e-sports tournament, but with joy of getting a new toy.

Ugh, she’s up to something with this one…….

“Hey hey♪ Asumi Nii, come sit on my lap♪”

“Eh? No, that’s……”

“It’s okay, it’s okay♪”

I’m currently in the lower grades of elementary school, so I’m smaller than Aina chan.

Therefore, it is impossible to win with force.

I was made to sit on Aina chan’s lap and had my head touched.

It is slightly frustrating to be treated like a child by a girl who is younger than me……

Aina chan’s stroke is so comfortable that I settle down on her lap.

“Ha ! ! N-no way, I’ll become useless ! !”

I jumped back, but Aina chan hugged me tightly and wouldn’t let me go.

“OMG♪ Asumi Nii’s so cute♪ There there♪ I’m your big sister now♪”

“Guh, why do Shinryuuji sisters want to treat me like a younger brother?”

“That’s because it’s you, Asumi Nii. I don’t care if someone I don’t know becomes a child.”

While saying that, Aina chan never stopped stroking my head.

But then Aina chan made an unexpected suggestion.

“That’s right♪ Since Asumi Nii is a child now, I’ll give you a handicap for today’s game♪”

“…..What did you say?”

“Hmm, right, how about I can only use one finger? Of course, if Asumi Nii wins, you’re free to go.”

“I’ll take it ! !”

It was foolish of you to impose a handicap of only one finger on me.

While I’m taking a break from digging, I’m training my gaming skills to beat Aina chan whenever I can.

In other words, this time I could win ! !

I sit on Aina chan’s lap, hold the game controller, and concentrate.

The game I was going to play was a fighting game, just like last time.

I start the game, select a character, and the battle begins.

There are three battles.

The first one to take down the other character twice wins.

“I’m ready ! ! I can do it ! !”

“Oh♪ I’m stronger than before.”

“I’ve been playing games in my spare time ! ! Orya ! ! take this ! !”

I continued to perform combos, and I was able to catch up with Aina chan.

The HP bar of the character controlled by Aina chan continued to decrease little by little, and eventually the game was settled.

“Yesssss ! ! My first victory ! !”

“Ouch♪ I lost♪ Well, this is your reward♪”


Aina chan’s lips touched my cheek.


I froze for a moment, not understanding what had just happened.

Was that a kiss on my cheek just now?

I was really embarrassed, or maybe I was a little surprised…

Or rather, Aina chan smells really good—

“Wait ! ! I’m a high school student ! ! What the hell do you think you’re doing with an elementary school student ! !”

“Well, let’s go for round two♪ FIGHT ! !”

“Ah, wait ! !”

Round two had begun, leaving me flustered.

I hurriedly grabbed the controller and, keeping a cool head, went for the second round, but…..

Unfortunately, I was completely defeated.

What the heck was that finger movement, Aina chan ! !

She only used one finger, but it was so fast I could see the afterimage ! !

I mean, if you don’t mind me asking, do you feel like you weren’t serious at all in the first round?

I’ve practiced quite a bit, so I’m a little overwhelmed.

“Hm? Asumi Nii, what happened to your energy just now? Suddenly you’ve become weaker♪”

“N-no, Aina chan you suddenly…..”

“Hmm? Maybe♪ You’re flustered because I kissed you on the cheek? Cute♪”

“Guuuhh ! !”

Aina chan, you’re still very good at stirring things up ! !

“……But I was surprised to see how strong you really are.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Yeah. I’m a little bit happy.”

“You’re happy? Why?”


I tilted my head, and Aina chan answered a little shyly, fiddling her hair with her fingers.

“Wouldn’t it make you happy if someone you love goes out with you doing what you love?”

“? Really?”

“Y-yeah ! ! Look, let’s go for the final round, Asumi Nii.”

Thus began the final round.

I’m going to win this time ! !

Aina chan opened her mouth as if she remembered something.

“Speaking of that, Asumi Nii.”


“Is it true you had a date with Murasaki at the zoo yesterday?”

“Ah, yeah. It’s true.”

“Hmm? How was it? Did you have fun?”

I nodded with a smile at Aina chan’s question.

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun. There were so many animals I didn’t know about ! ! Yes, Murasaki chan is very knowledgeable, and she knew a lot of trivia about animals that I didn’t. It was very interesting.”

“…..Hmm. I see.”

The next moment, the character controlled by Aina chan changed its behavior.

From the movement of aiming for a counter while looking at my situation, to the harsh movement of crushing my character with all its strength.


It seemed that Aina chan had suddenly started to get serious.

“Whoa, w-wait ! !”

“There’s no way I’m waiting♪”

The character I was controlling kept getting hit one-sidedly and collapsed within seconds.

Aina chan won the final round.

In other words, I had once again been defeated by Aina chan.

“Yay, I won ! ! With that Asumi Nii, you’re going to be punished ! !”

“I can’t believe you suddenly got serious…..I didn’t hear anything about a penalty !?”

The loser follows the winner, Asumi Nii. So, the punishment game is a date with me outside ! !”

Eh? Date?

“……Perhaps you got jealous when you heard that I went on a date with Murasaki chan?”


“Aina chan, so you have a cute side too.”

“Y-you’re wrong ! ! I-I just want to do something like go around arcades with Asumi Nii ! !”

…Isn’t that what you mean by wanting a date?

“A-anyway ! ! You’re going on a date with me soon ! !”

“Yeah, got it. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Y-yeah ! !”

I nodded to Aina chan’s date invitation.

That night.

“Okay, the tunnel’s open ! !”

I was able to safely connect the underground hole to the garden of the Shinryuuji family’s mansion.

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