Episode 49  – Difference



“Hey, Kogure. Can I talk to you for a minute?”


It was lunchtime at school.

I was at my seat, and I was being crowded by Tanaka, Sato, and Suzuki, all of whom were in the same class with me.

Reo has been spending his lunch break with his girlfriend lately, and no one else was stopping by my seat.


“You and Asahina have been having a good relationship lately.”

Is this a thing?

This is the one about the fact that I am now friends with Arisa and call her by her first name!

These three have had feelings for Arisa for a long time and have made numerous approaches to her, but now they are trying to blame me because I accidentally became friends with her.

What is this! What will happen to …… my school life if the sunny army in my class sees me as an enemy?

“No, it’s really awesome.”

“I’m really impressed with you.”

“How did you get on with Asahina?”

The only words that come to mind are the unexpected ones.

“I was wondering why Reo was so interested in Kogure, but I guess that’s what this is all about,”

These three had become friends, drawn together by Reo’s charisma, and I had been thought to be a byproduct of their friendship.

What is this sleight of hand?

“Asahina-san ……, no, Arisa and I became friends when, you see, Reo and Otsuki-san started dating.”

“Well, Reo talked about that. And do you call her by name? what a good thing.”

I suggested that we only talk when we are alone together, but Arisa refused.

I was forced to call her by name under any circumstances, and I reluctantly complied.

“You all liked Arisa, didn’t you? So I thought I would be blamed.”

This was a frank thought.

The three of them had been approaching Arisa for quite some time, and I could be blamed for taking the initiative.

To be honest, I feel it’s strange to blame them since we are not in a relationship.

“I don’t blame you. Honestly, it was an impossible line to cross.”

“The rest of the class and the seniors were treated the same way. I thought you were interested in men.”

It’s not unreasonable to think that there is no hope after being rejected so harshly.

Perhaps this is why he was trying to get her to give a try.
“So you’re going out with Asahina?”

“Eh? No no, there’s no way Arisa would go out with someone like me. We’re just friends…”

“But the way Asahina treats Kogure and us is totally different, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know if it’s that different.”

I’ve been through a lot with Arisa, but she’s interesting and cool when she talks …… and cute when she shows her clumsy side sometimes.

I don’t think that’s any different from other boys. I think she is softer with her expressions because we’re friends.

Tanaka looked at Arisa when I said that.

“Hey, Asahina”

Tanaka calls out loudly to Arisa. Arisa, who had been talking with the girls alone, turns to me.


Tanaka’s voice is very low, and I sense a strong wall.

“If you want, you can talk with us.”

“Haa? Why should I talk to you guys? It’s a waste of time.”

The cold words cut him off.

As expected, Tanaka felt as if his heart had been ripped open with a knife.

But Tanaka kept talking.

“A-Actually, it’s not us who want to talk to you, it’s …… Kogure.”

That’s how you change the subject! Well, I don’t see how that can change anything…

“Eh! Ryoma wants to talk to me?! Mouu! You should have told me that earlier.”

her voice became brighter as if she had changed her tone 180 degrees.

Arisa comes to me.

“Hey, Ryoma.”

Arisa comes up to me and calls my name, wriggling her hands.

“What do you want to talk about? Something you can only talk about here?”

“Eh, …… it’s not much of a story, but… …… well… Ah, that’s right. Do you want to go to the usual café? We don’t have club activities today.”

“Yeah, sure! Let’s go let’s go.See you after school!”

Arisa waved with a smile and went back to the group of girls.

“Would you say this is the same way to treat?”


“This is the first time I’ve seen Asahina accept an invitation.”

I feel like it’s easier to understand when I compare it like this.
Could it be that Arisa is quite favorable towards me?

“I think Asahina likes Kogure.”

For a moment, I was surprised to hear him say that.


–There’s no way there’s a girl who likes Kogure-kun. What are you misunderstanding–

Ah, the words that were spat out at that time dominate my brain in a flashback.

I was so comfortable that I almost forgot about them, but that wall was always standing in front of me.

So I decided I wouldn’t be mistaken anymore.

“That’s not right”

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