I woke up in the middle of the night, strangely struggling to sleep.

My fever had gone down, and I didn’t feel dazed before I fell asleep.

“Hm? Why am I not wearing any clothes…..?”

I was completely naked under the blankets for some reason.

At least I’m not dressed in a way that would make sleeping difficult.

Then, why am I having a hard time sleeping…..?



I looked next to me and saw that someone was sleeping.

The reflection of the moonlight coming in through the window is a healthy wheat-colored skin.

It was Touka san.

And just like me, she was not wearing a single piece of cloth and looked exactly the same as she did when she was born.

……Wait. Calm down a little.

I caught a cold and should have been resting in bed alone.


Why am I sleeping with her?

No way……

“A-after the fact?”

I don’t remember at all, but I can only assume that’s the situation.

When my head turned blank with anxiety, I saw that Touka san slowly lifted her eyelids.

“Nn……. Oh, good morning……. It’s still midnight though.”

“No, um, eh? Why are you in my bed again?”

“Well, it’s because I heard that Asumin turned into a shota. I’ve always dreamed of sleeping with my little brother.”

Y-you’re treating me like a little brother.

But it would be nice if it wasn’t after the fact. Really.

“More importantly♪”


“Here ! !”

“Whoa !?”

Suddenly, Touka san hugged me.

Yes, while naked.

Naturally, I end up burying my head in her big boobs.

“Hyaa♪ You’re too cute ! ! Asumin, Asumin, try calling me Onee chan just once ! !”

“Hey, g-get away from me–“

“No♪ I won’t leave until you say it♪”

“O-okay ! ! I’ll say it ! !”

I was about to suffocate because of her boobs, but I desperately shouted.

“Touka Onee chan ! !”

“O-oh no♪ Cute♪ Seriously adorable ! ! “

“Ugh ! ?”:

Touka san, who seemed to be getting more excited, hugged me even tighter to keep me from escaping.

Ugh, I’m happy to be wrapped in her boobs, but I’m going to die if I stay like this ! !

“T-Touka san ! ! Please move away from me ! ! You’ll catch a cold ! !”

“Oh, no. I forgot Asumin had a cold. Are you okay? Are you thirsty?”

“Haa, haa, no, I’m fine.”

I told her while trying to catch my breath.

“But even you will catch a cold, so please leave the room.”

“Hm, got it. But first, you need to wipe your sweat off. I’ll do it for you.”

“……You won’t do anything strange, will you?”

“Eh ! ! Are you doubting me?”

Well, it’s because I colluded with Akane san once before.

Of course, I’ll be aware.

“It’s all right♪ Leave it to me♪”

“…..Then, I’m counting on you.”


I show my back with all my clothes off except for my underwear.

Then, Touka san took out a towel from somewhere, wet it with tap water, and started wiping my body.

I felt that my body, which had been sticky and uncomfortable due to sweat, was becoming clean.

The next moment, Touka san grinned at me.

“You’re open♪”

“A-hyah !?”

She hugged me from behind as if to catch me off guard.

Her big boobs felt good against my back.

But that was not the problem.

The hand that was holding her towel was wiping the area around my solar plexus…….

“Hey, um, Touka san, your fingers are touching that area ! !”

“Hmm? What is it? Asumin, are you weak here? You’re a boy, but you’re like a girl♪”

“N-no ! ! It’s not that I’m feeling—ahh.”

“Then, what’s this lumpy thing?”

That area is being touched by Touka san.

As a man, I can’t say for sure that I’m feeling it in that area.

But this is too much……

“Hm? Huh? Hey Asumin, aren’t you somehow getting bigger in your pants?”

“T-this is, um.”

“I’m just trying to wipe Asumi’s sweat♪ Asumin’s pervert♡”

“Oh, please don’t say that in my ear…….”

“Eh? Then—“

Touka san brings her lips closer to my ear and gives me a follow-up blow.

“Pervert♡ Asumin’s pervert♡”


Damn, my body reacts when she whispers in my ear ! !

“….Fufu♪ Asumin’s thing is in a lot of pain♪ Should I make you feel better?”

“Eh? T-that’s…..”

Touka san said while staring at my crotch.

That’s not good.

Perhaps, once I accept her, I will never be able to reject Touka san again.

And I won’t be able to reject Akane san and the others when they come on to me.

In this way, I will sink deeper and deeper into the swamp of pleasure.

No, no, I have to hold back, but, gosh, I want to do something nice with Touka san ! !

“Hmm? Asumin? What’s that steam coming from your head……”


“Wha !? Wai !?Asumin !? A-are you okay !?”

It seems that my fever has returned.

I couldn’t think straight and I fainted.

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