“Hah ! ! W-what are you…….”

I woke up in bed and jumped up involuntarily.

What happened last night?

My memory is terribly hazy.

It was as if something terrible and good had happened, but I also felt scared……

“Erm, if I remember correctly, that’s right.”

I took a bath with Akane san.

Then I remember the part where I almost lost my chastity.

And then……

“Ah, you’re up. Yoo-hoo.”

“……Touka san? Um, why are you sleeping in the same bed?”

A blonde-haired gyaru with dark-colored skin was lying on the same bed as me for some reason.

She was shorter than Akane san, but still tall for a woman, about 170cm.

Her breasts are as big as melons and her thighs are plump.

Her name is Shinryuuji Touka. She is the second daughter of the Shinryuuji family.

She is a very popular model who is currently the talk of the town, and she is a superb beauty on the same level as Akane san.

And it was this Touka san who came to my rescue last night when I was about to be eaten by Akane san.

Although she is flashy and intimidating in appearance, she has been taking care of me since I was a kid.

“Um, leaving aside Aina chan, won’t you sisters stop sleeping in the same bed together?”

“Eh? That Aina, she did it first? Did you make that up? I mean, getting excited with a little girl like Aina, are you a lolicon, Asumin? Take this”

“Hey, stop poking me on the cheek. I didn’t touch Aina chan, so I’m not a lolicon ! !”

“Ahaha, I’m just kidding. You’re taking it too seriously.”

After saying that, Touka san got up from the bed and straightened her back.

“Haaa, I don’t want to go to work.”

“Is it hard, I mean modeling?”

“It’s hard, you know? You have to pose in the same way all the time. Above all, I won’t have time to spend with the boy I like. I also wanted to have the talent of a manager like Akane Neechan.”

It is true that Akane san is an outstanding person who manages more than a hundred large companies, but I think that Touka san, who has been on the cover of several magazines, is also amazing.

But still…….

“If you have someone you like, it’s not good to sleep in the same bed with me, is it?”


“Eh, what is it? What is that sigh?”

For some reason, Touka san lets out a big sigh.

“Listen here, I’m going to say it right now. the one I like is you.”


“Kuuh ! ! I really don’t want to do this ! ! I feel like a fool for flashing my boobs and other appeals every time I see you ! ! You seriously didn’t notice? Even though you’ve been staring at my boobs all the time !?”

“U-um, I’m sorry.”

I can’t believe that Touka san likes me…….

I don’t get it at all.

I mean, did I do something to make people like me?

“Um, why do you like me?”

“You have no delicacy at all ! ! You don’t have to ask that ! !”

“Ouuch ! ! Don’t hit me with a pillow ! !”

I made Touka san angry, and she hit me with a pillow with a lot of force.

Suddenly, she stopped her hand.

“……If. What if.”


“If Asumin values ​​me the most, you can tell me.”

“Uh, values? You mean–“

At that time, the door of the room was suddenly opened with great force.

The girl who was at the other end of the door was even younger than Aina chan.

She was as lovely as a doll made by a first-rate craftsman and as beautiful as an angel.

“Aaah ! ! Touka Onee chan is cheating ! ! It’s Murasaki’s turn today ! !”

“Geez, oh no. Well then, I’m off to work ! !”

“Oh, come on ! ! ……Geez ! ! I’m not going to let my guard down ! !”

The name of this child is Shinryuuji Murasaki chan.

She is the youngest child, or seventh daughter, of the Shinryuuji family.

Although she is only a kindergartener, she is an actress who has appeared in numerous TV dramas.

“Good morning, Asumi Onii chan ! !”

“Oh, yeah. Good morning.”

“Ehehe. I will take care of you on Monday ! !”


I see.

It was Friday when the debt collector came to my house, so today is Monday.


“W-what about school…… T-that’s right ! !”

Here, I came up with an odd idea.

It may not be a very admirable approach, but I can’t turn my back on it.

I smiled at Murasaki chan, who was still puffing out her cheeks

“Listen, Murasaki chan. I have a little favor to ask you.”

“What is it? Tell Murasaki anything ! !”

“I want to go to school, so I want you to let me out.”


The name of the game is “Operation Ask a Young Girl to Let You Go”.

The other party is a little girl who doesn’t know how to do anything difficult yet.

I’m sure that if I ask her for a little help, she’ll do me a favor.


Murasaki chan says, tilting her head in an adorable manner.

Those eyes were dark like an abyss, and made me feel something deep.

“Eh, what do you mean, why…..?”

Why? You’re going to be here forever, you know? You’re going to be with Murasaki, right? I won’t let you go outside, okay?”

“Eh !?”

This little girl has decided ! !

“Ah, no, it’s nothing. I’m just saying…”

“…..Ehehe, I see. Asumi Onii chan’s jokes are funny ! ! Ah, do you want any breakfast?”

“Ah, I-I’ll take it.”

Murasaki chan left the room once and came back with breakfast on a tray.

“Here, Bon appétit ! !”

“T-thank you for the food.”

“Ah, and here. A letter from Akane Onee chan.”

“Eh? From Akane san?”

The letter received reads as follows.

[I’m sorry. Asumi chan was so cute that I almost forced myself on him. Please don’t hate your mommy, okay?]

You’re not sorry when you refer to yourself as [Mommy] Akane san.

Apparently, the breakfast that Murasaki chan brought was made by Akane san…….

Like the matter of yesterday’s bath and the matter of the sleep spray, I have a feeling that there might be something in the breakfast as well.

“……No, Murasaki chan is here, so there’s no way. I’ll have some.”

I ate breakfast.

It’s delicious like normal.

“Asumi Onii chan.”



“Uh-huh. Ahn.”

“Ehehe, is it good?”

“Yeah. It’s delicious.”

The darkness in her eyes just now was gone.

Murasaki chan, who seems to be having fun is really adorable.

If I can see such an angelic smile, it’s not a bad idea to live here for the rest of my life—

“No no no ! ! I feel like that’s not a good idea as a human being ! !”

“Onii chan? What’s wrong with your sudden yelling?”

“Ah, n-no, it’s nothing. Hahaha……”

I laughed and faked it.

If I stay here, I will definitely be a useless person.

I’m sure that I will succumb to the violence of happiness and live a life of laziness. That is a very bad thing to do as a human being ! !

I resolve once again to escape.

“Ehehe. Well then, Onii chan. Murasaki has a drama shoot today, so I’ll see you tonight ! !”


Murasaki chan leaves the room with a smiling face.

After seeing her off from behind, I take out the spoon that I secretly put away.

“I’m going to dig the wall with this spoon ! !”

I had seen this in a movie or something a long time ago.

About a prisoner who escaped from prison by making a hole in the concrete wall with a spoon.

I scraped the wall with the spoon just fine. But……

— Clunk ! !

Something hard hit the sharp end of the spoon. It was as if metal collided with metal……

“……A steel plate in the wall? How heavily secured is this room?”

Apparently, the spoon escape technique had long been taken care of.

“….Let’s just watch TV.”

I spent Monday sitting on the sofa.

By the way, dinner was great.

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Barring the small children what kind of moron would not at least sleep with the dommy mommy and the gyaru. Come on man, grow a pair.

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