Confinement Life Day 16 Draw


The next time I woke up, there was no sign of Touka san.

It was past noon the next day, and it seemed that I had been unconscious for more than a day.

On my pillow, I found a letter that seemed to have been written by Touka san.

[Seriously sorry♪ Asumin’s too cute I ended up teasing him too much♪ Please keep what happened last night a secret from everyone♪]

Naturally, I told everything to Aoi chan who came to examine me.

Or rather, I had to tell her.

I had been in stable health until a little while ago, and she asked me with a stern look what had happened to me.

Well, it was not my fault.

As I expected, Aoi chan had called Touka san with sharp eyes while she had her usual jittery look in her eyes.

I’m sorry for your loss, Touka san.

“With that said, it’s Mommy’s turn today ! !”

I’m sorry for myself.

“Hey, Asumi chan. Mommy thinks.”

“W-what do you mean?”

“It’s been two weeks since Asumi chan came here, isn’t it about time you gave me a kiss?”

“No no no. What do you mean it’s time to kiss?”

I refuse with all my might, but Akane san approaches me with a dreamy expression on her face.

S-she’s serious……

“You don’t have to hold back ! ! Mommy’s new to this too, but I’ve studied a lot of naughty videos ! !”

“Wai wait ! ! This is clearly a crime ! !”

“What are you talking about? Isn’t it already a crime to lock you up in the first place?”

“I’ve been telling you that since the beginning ! !”

When Akane san’s lips almost reached mine, her phone suddenly rang.

Apparently, it was a call from the company.

“Oh my? I’m sorry, Asumi chan ……Hello? It’s me.”

Akane san’s face changes.

It was not a lustful monster with ulterior motives, but a sharp, career woman’s expression.

“…..I see. Okay. I’ll be on my way soon, so wait for me.”

“Is something wrong?”


It seems like there was some trouble at the company…. I was just about to have a love kiss with Asumi chan.”

“Please go to the office as soon as possible.”

“I wish I could, but I’m in trouble.

There’s no one at home right now. Aoi chan is holed up in the lab…….”

Oh? A chance to escape? I thought so.

“I hear you, Akane Nee san.”

“Oh my? Kirin chan?”

Before I knew it, Kirin senpai was standing gracefully in front of the door.

“Kirin chan, weren’t you at practice today?”

“In fact, one of the members of the troupe couldn’t come because of her parent’s critical condition. She plays the heroine, and we couldn’t practice without the leading role, so we had to cancel the rehearsal.”

“I see…… That would be perfect. Could you please keep an eye on Asumi chan?”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

Akane san leaves the room, leaving me and Korin senpai behind.

I’m having a bit of trouble talking because of the nursing the other day.

Well, let’s put that aside.

I decided to be direct.

“Kirin senpai. You wrote that letter, didn’t you?”


Kirin senpai tilted her head in response to my words.

“When I was taking a bath with Murasaki chan, you put that piece of paper in my locker.”


Kirin senpai doesn’t say anything.

But I’m sure of it.

The reason is that Murasaki chan was taking a bath with me, so she is innocent.

I knew it wasn’t Aina chan and Aoi chan because I saw their writing, and I know Midori’s handwriting because we’ve known each other for a long time.

The other two are Touka san and Akane san, but I could tell that their handwriting is different.

In other words, there is only one person who is the true identity of X by process of elimination already.

“…… I see. That’s right, indeed, it was me who put that letter in your locker. You’re right about that part.”


Kirin senpai phrased strangely.

“But I’m sorry. I’d like to say you’re right, but I wasn’t the one who wrote that, and I wasn’t the one who suggested that I let you out.”


“Did you really look at everyone’s handwriting?”


No, wait, wait. How is that possible?

But, eh? Is that what she mean?

“……C-could it be that……X is really Murasaki chan?”

“Correct. So, it’s time for you to come out, Murasaki.”

“Okay ! !”

Suddenly, Murasaki chan entered the room.

I thought no one was in the room.

No, more importantly……


“I’m so serious ! ! Asumi Onii chan, I’m so sorry ! !”

I fell to my knees with a thud.

No, it is true that I was the one who didn’t see Murasaki chan as a suspect for X from the beginning, but I didn’t think there were two X’s ! !

I-I’m frustrated.

It’s frustrating, but a loss is a loss.

Well? The underground hole is digging well, and this match was a “just in case” kind of thing.

No need to worry about it……

“Gosh, it’s so frustrating ! !”

“……But you have seen right through me as an accomplice.”


“Half of the promise needs to be fulfilled.”

Kirin senpai nodded happily.

Eh? What do you mean?

“Erm, Kirin senpai? What does that mean…….?”

“In other words, you’ve won half of this match. It means a draw.”

“Kirin Onee chan, let’s say it clearly without using difficult words. Asumi Onii chan ! !”

Murasaki chan said to me with a big smile.

“We’re going on a date outside ! ! Ah, don’t even think about running away, okay? Onii chan will be with us all the time ! !”

“N-no way……”

T-this little girl, she did all this on purpose to go on a date outside !?

Did she plan this from the beginning !?

W-what a kindergartener…….


“I guess I agree with you there.”

Next to me, who was warily afraid, Kirin senpai nodded her head once again.

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