“What the hell, you’re really good at singing.”

“Haha, actually, I was pretty confident.”

“That’s not fair. Okay, I’m next.”

This was the first time in my life that I had ever gone to a karaoke bar with a friend.

I’ve only been to karaoke once before, when I was a kid with my family, and once, I’m ashamed to say, when I really wanted to sing a song and went to a place a little further away by myself.

However, I’m quite confident.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that I learned to play the piano when I was a child.

Well, I can’t play at all now.

“Ah, I haven’t sung in a long time, and my throat is so rattled.”

“I’d better go home. I have to go back to school tomorrow.”

“You’re so serious. Anyway, Sendai, take care of the double date for me.”

“Yeah yeah.”

When we left the bar after an hour of singing together, it was a little dark and the station was full of people on their way home from work.

“The trains are crowded at this time of night.”

“I wonder if there will be another pervert on the train.”

“Give me a break. The train will be coming soon.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

I left Kaneko and hurried to the station, and when I ran up to the platform, many people were already lined up waiting for the train.

As expected, I couldn’t get a seat on the way home today.

I gave up and got in line at the end of the line and waited for the train to arrive.

The train eventually arrived, but it was a local train today.

It was going to be a little longer than usual.

“……There are so many people here.”

More people than in the morning rush hour.

The train reeked of male body odor, probably because many of them are businessmen after work.

Next to them is a women-only wagon. At times like this, I was staring at the wagon next to me, wishing there was something for men or students, when a refreshing scent wafted from next to me.


I looked in the direction of the fragrance and to my surprise, there was Hyori senpai next to me again.

This may have happened because we commuted on the same train, but it’s still a coincidence.


Today, she was standing without even holding a strap.

Even in the bumpy train, she stood quietly, not moving an eyebrow, as if the train was standing still around her.

She has an amazing sense of balance.

I wonder if she doesn’t need it….or maybe the starp isn’t available.


When I felt a strong shaking, I tightened my grip on the strap.

Still, my body was shaking so much that I had to lean forward a little, but Hyori senpai next to me…hm?


Senpai, who looked cool, however, wrinkled her brow for a moment.

And if I look closely, her feet are trembling.

Could it be that she is desperately enduring?


If so, I look at her to see if I should give her my strap.

But even if I wanted to talk to her, I haven’t talked to her, and above all, she has remained expressionless the whole time.

I can’t even look her in the eye.

But I couldn’t ignore the thought that she might fall down if the quake hit again.

“Um……would you like to use this strap?”

I gathered my courage and called out to her.

She looked at me softly without changing her expression, then quickly looked away and murmured.

“…….Are you sure?”

“Y-yes. It’s dangerous after all.”

“…….What about you?”

“Oh, I’ll just lean over there.”


She kept her head down and said nothing.

The empty strap is dangling and swaying above her head.

After all, I guess a stranger did something unnecessary.


I was perplexed by the awkward atmosphere.

The train shook suddenly.

I quickly reached for the strap.

At that moment.


I was holding someone’s hand, not the strap.

Of course, my hand should have been above my head.

But what I was holding was the hand of a woman holding the strap.


Hyori senpai was holding the strap.

And I was holding on to her small hand as if to wrap it around my own.

I immediately let go of her hand.


I immediately apologized.

It was only natural, since I had touched her hand, even if it was an irresistible force.

However, she didn’t seem to be moved at all and mumbled something.

But I couldn’t hear her over the noise of the train and the surrounding area.

“……E-excuse me.”

I awkwardly left the place.

I was also scared of the way she looked at me with her sideways glance.

It’s true that high school students probably wouldn’t call each other a molester, but since she was seniors at the same school, she probably knew what was going on.

If she had a boyfriend or something, she might call him and beat me to a pulp…….

In the end, I had to wade through the crowd, keep my distance from her, and sit by the window to fight the shaking until the train arrived.

It wasn’t an incident like yesterday, but for me, it was a real incident.

I held the hand of a beautiful senior.

Her hand was very small and smooth.

It was cold.

But it was soft.

It was wrong, but for some reason I could not forget the feeling of her hand.

I was staring at my hand, not paying attention to the scenery outside the window.

“….I love you.”

Today, Tokiwa kun was much more aggressive than usual.

I wonder what happened, maybe he was so happy about the bento.

Or maybe he just rewarded me for waiting for him.

He pretended to give up the strap and casually held my hand……he is a boy after all, isn’t he?

I’m so glad he wanted to touch me properly.

Ehehe, I’m so happy.

I don’t want to wash my hands.

If only I wasn’t touching this strap, I would lick my own hand to taste his.

But he must have been so embarrassed.

I love him for being brave enough to take the initiative and give me skin-to-skin, even though he has a timid personality and would walk away in a hurry.

I love him.

I have to see him off on the way home, so I don’t lose him.

He’s standing by the window, staring at his hand and looking shy.

What did you think of my hand? Cold, but girlish hands, right?

Tokiwa kun’s hands were boyish, with thin fingers but sturdy.

It’s nice. I love it. I want you to touch more places with your hands.

There are warm spots, too.

“……Oh no, I’m getting a little wet. I’m going to get changed before I come over today.”

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