“Phew. At any rate, it seems there was no poison in it.
“I’m jealous of those who have a loving wife’s lunch box. I want a girlfriend soon.”
“I don’t have a girlfriend either.”

Lunch break.
Kaneko and I had lunch in the classroom.
I, of course, ate the lunch that a stranger had sent me this morning.
Kaneko had bread from the store.

“So, what do you want to write as a thank you? If you’re going to write something like that, you should at least write, [I like you too, please go out with me.]”
“I can’t say that to someone I’ve never seen before. But, well, the way she did it was creepy, but it tasted good, so I should thank her properly.”

I thought about it, but at the end of the day, I had no idea who the person was (I don’t think so, but it could have been a guy), so I decided to play it safe and say, [Your bento was very delicious. I like people who can cook well.]

I had a faint hope that if I showed an air of unguardedness, the other person would eventually come forward to meet me.
Well, I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to meet her, and I also said that I would remain hazy if I didn’t know what kind of person was actually giving me such a gift.

“I’ll go hang it on the shoebox then. What about Kaneko?”
“Hmm, I’ll wait for you here if you come back soon.”
“I’ll put it down and come right back. Oh, by the way, don’t you want to be involved in club activities?”
“Oh, it’s kind of a hassle, so I don’t want it. I’m having more fun playing with you.”
“What the heck. Then I guess we’ll be going home together.”
“Right. Let’s go quickly, head of the go home club.”

Kaneko brushed me off and left the classroom.
The fact that I have a friend that I can talk to so openly is an unbelievable joy for me.
I wonder if this is a reward for my good deeds, even if it’s just a coincidence.
Or is it possible that Kaneko and I got hitched because we walked along Akaito Beach together? That’s a little disgusting.

“……Hm, again.”

As soon as I stepped out into the hallway, I was about to walk toward the stairs when I saw a familiar back figure.
Hyori senpai.
What business does she have in the first year building?
No way,……it is indeed too self-conscious to say that she came to see me.
She must have had something to do with a junior.
Besides, since we’re students at the same school, it wouldn’t be unnatural for us to meet by chance at school.
I’m sure she’s the only one I see because I’m conscious of her.

“…..Conscious, huh.”

Come to think of it, I’m kind of conscious of her.
Of course it’s because she’s beautiful, but that’s probably not the only reason.
I feel I can relate to someone like her.
Of course, I can’t explain why I think such a beautiful woman and a mob like me are the same, and I can’t explain where the similarity lies.

…I’m kind of curious.
As I was thinking about this and looking blankly at her back, Senpai turned the corner first and disappeared from my sight.
I soon approached the corner, but by then Senpai was nowhere to be seen.

“Well, I guess that’s it.”

After cleaning the empty lunch box, I wrapped it in a cloth and hung it on my shoe box.

And I put a letter in it.
I thought if I was lucky, I would be able to find the person who left it when she came to retrieve it, but since Kaneko was waiting in the classroom, I quickly left.

“Ah, it’s gone.”

After school, Kaneko and I went to the shoe box and found that the lunch box I had hung up was already gone.

“I was hoping to see Sendai’s future girlfriend.”
“Don’t decide my future arbitrarily. But the fact that it’s gone means that somewhere in this school there is someone who made that lunch box.”
“Maybe she’s a stalker.”
“Who would stalk me? Besides, stalkers don’t make lunch boxes.”
“I wonder if that’s true. I’m kind of scared.”
“Well, you’re right. It’s a little scary that you don’t know who she is. Hmm, but who is it really?”

When I was leaving the school building with Kaneko, I suddenly looked for Hyori senpai near the main gate.
But today, I have not seen her since lunchtime, and of course she was not at the main gate either.

Was it just a coincidence?

“All right, let’s go to karaoke anyway.”
“Great, great. I mean, maybe we should ask a girl out sometime.”
“You have a girl you like, don’t you?”
“That’s why. It’s impossible for the two of us to go on a date all of a sudden, so we should ask the girl to bring her friend along so we can have a double date.”
“Yeah, yeah. Then we’ll have to practice singing for that.”

Thanks to Kaneko, my high school life is about to get a lot brighter.
I promised myself that I would cherish this kind of friend and we headed for the station.

This way of spending time after school is not bad.

“…….As I thought. You really like me, Tokiwa kun.”

Right after the lunch break.
Curious if he had eaten his lunch, I pretended to be going to the nurse’s office and headed towards his shoebox.
I found his lunch box on the floor, so I hurried to retrieve it and check inside.
Of course, it was empty. And there was even a letter in it.

A love letter to me.

“Ehehe, your handwriting is beautiful, Tokiwa kun. Besides, if you’re this happy, I’ll have to cook for you every day.”

I couldn’t move for a while as I hugged the lunch box and the letter.
I didn’t feel like going to class anymore, so I spent the rest of the day in the nurse’s office.

After school, I went to the front gate to wait for him again.

“There he is again……his good friend. But you’re in my way.””

Tokiwa kun was with his usual friend again.
So I hastily hide myself and watch him from a distance.
I listen to the conversation.

“All right, let’s go to karaoke anyway.”
“Great, great. I mean, maybe we should ask a girl out sometime.”
“You have a girl you like, don’t you?”
“That’s why. It’s impossible for the two of us to go on a date all of a sudden, so we should ask the girl to bring her friend along so we can have a double date.”
“Yeah, yeah. Then we’ll have to practice singing for that.”

I overheard a conversation that I couldn’t ignore.
Even though there is me, you let Tokiwa kun play with another woman?
What is that guy trying to do?
Maybe he doesn’t like me and is harassing me…, he’s a friend of Tokiwa kun, so he can’t be that bad, can he?
I’m sure there must be some mistake.
Tokiwa- un would never cheat on me with another girl.

I know he wouldn’t, but I’m……worried.

“He’s going to karaoke. I’ll have to wait for you then.”

I’m going to take the same train home with him today.
So I have to wait for him until he finishes his plans.

I’m a single-minded person, but I’m not a constraint person.
Tokiwa kun is also a high school student and at an age when he wants to hang out with his friends, so I have to allow him that much.

There is a coffee shop right in front where I can see the entrance to the karaoke bar.
I’ll wait for Tokiwa kun to come out here.

I’m really admirable, aren’t I?
I can wait for his return for hours.


“If he comes out with a girl….he will be punished.”

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