When I returned to my room, my phone was ringing.

Come to think of it, I forgot to bring my phone today.

I looked at my call history and saw that it was from Maki. There were more than 50 missed calls. I guess I’ll have to reject the calls for now.

…The message app is also in a mess.

The number of unread messages is 999+. I opened it up and…..

“Pick up the phone !”

“Are you kidding me !?”





“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.”


Anyway, after reading through the whole thing and confirming that there was no apology, I blocked her. There would have been room for dialogue if she had apologized right after that.

Too bad.


In a dimly lit room, there was a woman curled up while sitting down.


The woman’s eyes were teary, and she muttered.

“I can’t believe you’re rejecting my calls…it’s too much…uu…… gusu…uuuhhhhh !”

Finally, the embankment broke and the water overflowed.

“You said….you wanted to be abused…that’s why…I’ve been trying so hard to act it out !”

I remember, shortly before I started dating Kento, when I eavesdropped on an exchange between him and his friend in the classroom.


“Kento ! Lisa tan was awesome last night !”

“You’re right ! She was a national treasure.”

I realized that my heart was freezing

Who is that woman?

If she’s a woman who seduces Kento, I’ll erase her.

“I guess it’s nice to have a taste for late-night anime !”

“Well, that’s a hobby.”

Anime. I really don’t want him to look at any other girl but me, even in two dimensions, but I can just barely tolerate it.

“I knew it, Lisa tan’s sadistic attitude was no joke !”

“That’s exactly what I mean. I want to be abused by Lisa tan.”

………Ehh…Kento is a masochist…?

I see. So that’s it. Then I have no choice but to fulfill Kento’s desire.

Then I practiced cursing desperately.

I studied anime and actually said it out loud. When I cursed, my heart was in great pain, but I could do my best if I thought this was also for Kento’s sake. I naturally felt elated when I thought I was becoming Kento’s ideal girl.

But…but….things took a turn for the worst.

…Now that I think about it, Kento’s comment about wanting to be abused may have been a joke.

I…misunderstood him… and hurt him…

I’m sorry….Kento….

But I really love you…

I don’t want to give up on you…

I’ll talk to Kento tomorrow morning.

But…if you reject me…

I’m so anxious and worried, I can’t help it.


Without meaning, I call his name, the man I love.

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10 months ago

Of frickin course its a misunderstanding god damn it i felt so bad for the both of them this trope breaks me

A bag of marbles and larvae
A bag of marbles and larvae
9 months ago

I have no sympathies for you, you never decided to ask and confirm this insanity and instead continued it even after it was apparent that it would lead to disaster.

8 months ago

moron… you ain’t lisa-tan…. you assuming retard…

4 months ago

Woman, you are stupid.

3 months ago

This is a comically dumb premise. Holy shit.