“Are you ……, Tachibana Rio?”

Probably, this is in front of the bookstore where Shota-kun said he bought a book.

I called out to a woman who looked a little mature.

The woman looked at me as I called out, her eyes widened in surprise for a moment, and then she smiled.

“You’re so rude. …… Nice to meet you, Sakurae Sana-san?”

I was sure it was this person.

As soon as summer vacation began, all I did was gather information.

[What happened to Shota-kun?]

I was so excited that I could not wait to see what would happen to him.

I also joined Akane and Serika, and we explored everyone’s memories of junior high school, which is not unnatural when several boys and girls go out to play together.

“Hee, Shirakawa-kun, you were in the soccer club. Why did you quit?”

“Well, the atmosphere at the junior high school was pretty bad. I got tired of it.”

The boy, I believe, was in the same junior high school as Shota kun.

This is a valuable source of information that, although few, does not mean none.

Eventually, a plan was hatched to have everyone bring in their graduation albums and talk about them.

I agreed to join them if it was at a girl’s house.

Everyone’s reaction to seeing my album was subtle.

At the time, I was still a ghost. ……

“I never thought the girls in the same junior high school as Sana would be this pretty, did you?”

“Thanks ……?”

Akane said some thoughts that I wasn’t sure if it was a follow-up or not, and my story ended prematurely, as there were only a few kids who came to the same high school as me.

From there, we looked at everyone’s albums and got excited about how this person now has brown hair and how much makeup they’ve changed.

I pointed to one of the photos in the album Shirakawa-kun had brought.

“…… Is this Kokonoe-kun?”

Shirakawa-kun stopped talking to someone else and came toward me.

“Yes, it is. At that time, he was still getting it right, wasn’t he?”

(Cute ……)

There was a picture of Shota-kun with a shorter haircut and a slightly younger impression than now.

He has a very cute, bashful smile peculiar to graduation albums.

“Hee, he looks pretty good. ……”

Everyone was talking about the photo because it was a picture of someone from the same class.

While paying attention to the girl who made a comment that bothered me, I flipped through the album and found that he was not in the group photo for each class.

“Sana, what’s wrong?”

Serika called out to me as I kept looking at the group photo.

“Kokonoe-kun, he doesn’t seem to be here. ……”

“Eh? It’s …… true. Why?”

Serika asked Shirakawa-kun.

“Eh!? Oh, ah. He was absent from school that day. ……”

By his reaction, I knew Shirakawa-kun knew about it.

“Hey, Shirakawa-kun. ……”

“W-What is it? Sakurae.”

On the way home, I thought it would be convenient for Shirakawa-kun, who was left alone with me as I had intended.

“I was curious about the album you just posted ……. Why wasn’t Kokonoe-kun in the group photo?”

“Oh, …….”

Shirakawa-kun said, looking a little disappointed.

“I don’t want to talk too much,…….”

There, I found out about Shota kun’s wounds.

For the first time, I felt the anger that boiled inside me, and I clenched my fists so hard that my hands changed color, and my teeth clenched as It cried out “GIRI!”

“S-Sakurae ……?”

That guy who spoke as if he was frightened of my appearance from the middle of the conversation looked at my face when he finished.

“You were there …… and you didn’t do anything?”

“Hii……? I-I had no choice! I didn’t know what he would do to me if I disobeyed Yamamoto.”

I grabbed him by the chest.

“…… give me the names of all the guys who were there.”

“O-okay! I’ll give you the names of everybody who was there!”

The guy let it all out and sat down, weak.

I walked away without paying attention to it anymore.

“Tachibana Rio …… and Yamamoto Ryuji ……. They are Shota-kun’s enemies ……!”

I had been visiting Shota-kun’s house and putting more effort into learning how to cook, so I didn’t have a chance to get in touch with these guys.

Akane and Serika came to visit me, Akane ran off at the library, and I couldn’t work on them anymore.

–I wanted to settle the matter during the summer vacation if possible.

However, there were some things that made me happy.

Shota kun told me about the past events from his own mouth.

I was able to concentrate on taking care of Shota because I knew about it beforehand.

When …… Shota-kun let me support him, I could not suppress a smile of happiness that he was relying on me.

Oh ……, Shota-kun.

I want you, Shota-kun,…….

But I had made up my mind that for the first time, Shota-kun would want me, so I buried my face in his chest and tried my best to hold back.

Then, on the last day of summer vacation, I found this person.

She looked more mature with her hair longer than the face I saw in the album. ……

“I finally got to meet you. The enemy who hurt …… Shota-kun.”

“…… not true.”

She shook her head in response to my words.

“It’s true that I hurt Kokonoe-kun. But I’m sure we can redo it again!…That’s why you’re the enemy who stands in the way of me and Kokonoe-kun.”


I inwardly let out a sigh, thinking that she was talking incomprehensibly again.

…Shota-kun’s enemy can’t be a normal person.

“Hey, Sakurae-san. Could you calmly give me back Kokonoe-kun?”

“……Shota-kun has never been your property, and there is no way I’m giving him to you.”

She frowned at my words, but then immediately smiled as if looking down on me.

“……well. I don’t need your approval from the avoided person.”


..this person knows.

I don’t know how she knows, but she definitely seems to know about my relationship with Shota kun until before the summer vacation.

But it’s different now. ……!

“What are you talking about? Shota-kun has not been avoiding me. He even …… hugged me and patted my head.”


I smile triumphantly, and my cheeks turn red as I remember that moment.

At that, her eyes widened and she became furious.

“Don’t say bullshit! I’m sure Kokonoe-kun would never do such a thing to …… you!”

The person’s yell caused a commotion in the surrounding area.

I clicked my tongue and thought it was hard for me to move.

To make matters worse, a man ran up to her.

“Rio!? What’s wrong?!”

“……, it’s nothing.”

“No, it’s nothing with a voice like that….”

“Just shut up, Wada-kun!”

A man called Wada noticed me as he did not stop glaring at me while saying that.

“By any chance,…… you are Sakurae-san?”

“…… what about it?”

I replied, and the man looked surprised before saying to me

“If so, please! Let us meet with Shota!”

“Why, with you guys ……?”

The man’s face contorted in pain at my words, ‘Ugh’…….

“By the looks of it, you’ve heard all about it, haven’t you? I want to make up with him, and Rio wants to tell him how she feels about him! So ……”

“Do you realize how much that will hurt Shota-kun!”

I really don’t understand!

I don’t understand it at all!

Why can’t they understand that silently disappearing from Shota-kun’s presence is the only way for them to be allowed by Shota-kun?

Shota-kun didn’t say anything bad about this guy, but he is still an enemy!

I want to erase him now.

Shota-kun has finally gotten back on his feet, and these guys are interfering with that, and I want …… to get rid of them right now.

But I didn’t want to make any more conspicuous behavior.

Shota kun said he didn’t care and couldn’t be bothered. ……

“Hey ……. Why don’t we move around and talk?”

The guy suggested, but I didn’t want to follow him because he made me feel uncomfortable.

There was no way we were going to talk about it.

“Don’t talk, don’t approach Shota-kun anymore. …. Shota-kun is a kind man and will not want anything more than that. But if you guys are going to trample on even that,……”

I said, glaring at the two of them with hatred inside me.

“I will never forgive you. Be prepared for that.”


The man looked away in frustration and the woman glared back at me from the front.

I don’t think they understand this.

However, if I suddenly let go of them, Shota-kun’s heart would definitely hurt.

I wanted to avoid that, so I turned around and thought about how to eliminate these guys.

(TL/N : Holy…)

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