“I heard there was some kind of convenience store robbery in the evening. Was that near your house?”

It was Kaneko who approached me from behind as soon as I arrived at school.

“Yeah, I was in the store when it happened, so I was in a lot of trouble.”

“Seriously? You have a tendency to get into trouble, don’t you?”

“Don’t make it a strange tendency. But, you know, these days there are more and more people, and it’s not safe.”

“But you know, I heard that the robber also got thrown away and knocked unconscious by a high school-aged guy and handed over to the police…..could it be you?”


As expected, I was prepared to not be able to get away with it this time.

I confessed that I was there, and in fact, I was treated like a hero by the police for catching the culprit.

“Hey, Kaneko, that was.”

“You saw the guy who caught the criminal this time, didn’t you?”


“Well, according to rumors, he’s the same person as the high school student who caught the pervert. A high school hero living in Akaitohama, well, there are rumors about him all over the Internet.”


“Yeah. I’m sure I’ll meet him and get his autograph. Hey, can’t you at least remember what he looks like?”


Something unbelievable had happened.

When I opened the SNS without replying to Kaneko’s question, I saw the words “Akaitohama Hero” as one of the rapidly rising words.

When I searched for it, I found that people were writing all kinds of thoughts about it.

One person said that the hero always rides the Akaitohama train from the first to the last train to protect the safety of the train.

Another said that the hero walks the streets of Akaitohama from dawn to dusk, watching over the townspeople day and night.

What kind of a man has time on his hands? He should just go to work….no, that guy is me.

“……Sorry Kaneko, I was so freaked out yesterday I don’t remember anything.”

“”Eh, not again. But hey, it’s normal when a robber is right in front of you. I’m glad Sendai wasn’t hurt.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Well, for now, let’s talk about what we ordinary people are going to have for lunch today.”

“Right. Let’s go to the school cafeteria and have a service lunch.”


Such a casual conversation makes me feel that a peaceful day is about to begin.

Yes, it’s just fine for me to hang out with a friend, eat, study, and laze around like a normal person.

I don’t want to be treated like a hero if I reveal my true identity, and I don’t want everyone to look at me with a blank stare if I tell the truth.

I hope I will never be involved in an incident again.

“……Hm, what’s this?”

As soon as I arrived at school, I found something hanging from the handle of my shoe box.

A box in a cloth?

“Hey, hey, is this a lunch box? Sendai, you got a girlfriend who makes you lunch? If so, you should have told me.”

“No, no, no, I don’t have a girlfriend. And if there was, it would be strange to give it to me like this.”

“Hm, I guess so. Then what is this? Is it poisoned?”

“No way they would leave a poisoned lunch box so openly. But who would leave such a thing?”

“Don’t tell me it’s the one from yesterday’s letter? I knew you had a fan.”

“A fan, huh? If that’s the case, why didn’t they just talk to me instead of doing it this way?”

“Well, maybe she’s not very confident herself? Anyway, let’s go to the classroom and see what’s inside.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

I was a little uncomfortable taking the lunch box with me, not knowing what was in it or who had left it behind, but I couldn’t just leave it there, so I took it.

After taking our seats in the classroom, Kaneko and I took a look at what was inside.

“W-what the heck.”

A colorfully drawn heart mark on top of the white rice that filled the lunch box caught my eye.

“Hey, hey, hey, this is indeed a definite sign. There’s a girl at this school who likes you.”

“…… Seriously. But, I have no idea.”

“Is there any girl you talked to at the entrance ceremony?”

“No. I don’t know anyone at this school. I mean, you’re the only person I know at this school so far.”

“Hm, any idea who that might be?”


I don’t really have any idea, but there was one person who came to my mind.

It’s Hyori senpai.

Ever since that time at the entrance ceremony, I felt like I would often run into her here and there, if only by chance.

But it was all a coincidence, and she didn’t even look at me, let alone talk to me.

If she was the owner of this lunch box, she would have had plenty of chances to talk to me.

Besides, I have no connection with her in the first place.

There is no reason for her to like me.

“……No, I’m thinking too much.”

“What’s the big deal?”

“It’s nothing. But after enjoying this delicious meal, I wonder how I should return this lunch box.”

“Hmmm, indeed. Why don’t you wash it and hang it over your shoebox with a letter?”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. I’ll do that.”

We all laughed and talked about how simple men are, and how easily we solved a problem that some men might think is difficult.

However, we were unable to figure out who sent the lunch box, which was the most important part of the case.

No other incidents seemed to occur today, and the class started soon after.

“He looks so happy with his lunch…..I love it.”

His face looks so happy as he brings my homemade lunch and chats with his friend in the classroom. 

I was staring at him like that from outside the classroom.

Sometimes I felt uncomfortable being stared at by boys I didn’t know in the first grade, but Tokiw -kun’s smile made up for it all.

I wanted to stay here and watch him forever.

Why was I born before him?

When I’m reborn, I want to be your childhood friend.

“……But I’m glad that you’re showing off your beloved wife’s lunch box to your friend. Your mother entrusted me with the duplicate key today. Tonight’s dinner is stew.”

Hey, Tokiwa kun.

I’ll continue to devote myself to you.

For the rest of my life, okay? That’s definite.

Don’t say no, okay?

If you say no, I’ll…….

“With Tokiwa kun….no. Because I want to be in the same grave with you when we die.”

If we’re going to die together, we’ll have to get married first.

Ehehe, I’m so smart.

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Fuck yeah boi

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I like how it jumped from girlfriend to wife lol

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Well, at least she got approved by his mother. All is safe.