“What’s wrong, Fujisaki kun? You’re looking very worried. Perhaps [Maybe that girl who just remembered my name likes me…..] you’re thinking like that?”

“……No, that’s not it. I don’t think of girls as unknown life forms to the extent that I would misunderstand them”

“Really? Well, you have a younger sister too. As expected, you have such a virgin brain.”

“……High school teacher, please don’t call me a virgin so smoothly.”

When I protested lightly, Misaki sensei’s well-shaped lips curved loosely.


“It’s fine. When you reach college age, it’s a word that comes up in everyday conversation like it’s normal.”

“Is it a common word in everyday conversation? Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman?”

“I don’t think so. Everyone says “virgin” at least three times a day, right?”

“……It’s kind of questionable, but fine. I’m sure I’ll understand when you’re a college student.”

“I’m sure you’re right. More importantly, why is Fujisaki kun still here? Isn’t it usually time to stay in the club room?”

“I have some minor business to attend to.”

“Oh my, where did you learn such a word? It’s so shameless.”

“Shameless !? About what !?”

“That’s extremely shameless.. It’s a word that’s used only as an excuse for cheating on your partner. Fujisaki kun, you’ve been seeing other women, haven’t you? Even though I’m here !”

“Hey, Sensei, you shouldn’t say that kind of thing even as a joke. If someone hears about it and gossips about it in a funny way, it will jeopardize your position.”

“Ahaha. Surely. What I just said might have been a slip of the tongue.”

[It’s a slip of the tongue, but I really mean it. Will Fujisaki kun be interested in other girls even though I’m here? I can’t forgive that, can I?]

“……Well, anyway, Sensei, I’m going to the clubroom now. See you then.”

“Then let’s go together. I was just on my way to the clubroom too.”

[I mean, I was bored because Fujisaki kun wasn’t here, so I came looking for you.]

“That’s fine…….”

“What did you end up doing? As the homeroom teacher of the club, I have the right to pursue Fujisaki kun’s slacking off, right?”

“……You haven’t pursued it against anyone else until now, have you? Basically, we are free to participate, and people come when they want to. That’s the way our club works, isn’t it?”

“Only now has that system been revoked.”

“Why is that….. So tyranny.”

“I’m the advisor of the club, remember? In the manga club, I’m the rule. I won’t let anyone complain.”

“Misaki sensei, your character has changed.”

“Ahaha. Maybe. I mean, is that the reason  why you didn’t tell me? If so, I won’t dare ask.”

“No, not really.”

Misaki sensei also likes me. Knowing this, I was hesitant to talk about photo shoots and dancing. Am I worrying too much…?

I had no choice but to explain what had just happened.


[Hmhm…….. As for the dance with Saki chan, well, I guess it’s just a close brother and sister having fun. Even so, I get the feeling that they are too close, but I can’t really tell the deep story from just this story. It’s not every day that serious romantic feelings develop between siblings, so why should I be so concerned about it?

But I think we need to be careful about Misaka san. Would she let a boy who is not her boyfriend and who is not an expert in photography take pictures of her as he pleases? Normally you wouldn’t allow such a thing, would you? Was she that close to Fujisaki kun? I don’t know Misaka san outside of class, so I can’t say anything about this either……. Even if that is the case, maybe Misaka san is after Fujisaki kun? Are you saying I should make that kind of assumption?

Misaka sam……. I’m sorry if I’m wrong, but I’m switching my perception to you being my enemy.]

Is this kind of reasoning possible just by having a photo session?

I don’t know about the female mind, so I don’t know if Misaki sensei’s reasoning is valid or not. But it seems that Misaki sensei regarded Misaka san as an enemy to watch out for. I can’t believe that both Saki and Misaki sensei are targeting her. ……Misaka san, run away……. No, it’s my fault for talking to her so carelessly, I have to protect her……

I was worried about Misaka san’s safety, but Misaki sensei is not going to assassinate Misaka san now. On the surface, she is smiling very calmly.

“Fujisaki kun, you’re living a fulfilling youth even though you’re in the manga club. I envy you.”

“What do you mean…… I’m just being pushed around by my sister and used by my friend’s girlfriend.”

“That’s fine, though. People who don’t have anything happen to them will have a high school life where nothing really happens to them. From a boy’s point of view, if you have one or two girls to get along with, that alone would be the best three years, right?”

“How do you understand the male mind so well, Misaki sensei? Have you ever interviewed high school boys about their feelings?”

“I have not. But somehow I understand.

Yes, there are differences between men and women, I was very plain at one time in my life, and my friends were only in the two-dimensional world.”

[……I don’t even want to think about it, though it was in the past.]

Sensei’s inner voice pricked my chest.

I think it’s best not to mention too much about this.

“……Hm? Is that so? You don’t look like that at all. I think you’ve always been a popular person who was cheerful and not shy at all?”

“Oh? Is that a roundabout way of praising me? Do you think I look like such a nice woman now? I’m glad to hear that. I can only give you a kiss on the cheek if you compliment me, you know?”

“No, like I said, as a teacher you can’t do that…… Please stop it.”

“What? You can’t accept my kiss?”

“Oh, that’s it. I know it’s just a joke, but if Misaki sensei were to be fired, everyone at the school would be sad. I would be sad too. You are popular and your classes are easy to understand, so please stop playing around too much.”

“Fujisaki kun, you’re so considerate of me. What a kind boy…. As a reward, I’m going to give you a mouth to mouth. This isn’t a kiss, so it’s okay, right?”

“Of course not. Stop it !”

[Mmmm…… So stubborn. Even though I secretly and seriously invite him, he just doesn’t come along. If he were a virgin high school boy with a strong sexual desire, I thought he would be even more excited if I just asked him out.

Do you really think I’m just joking around? Unless I have a really bad personality and are constantly making fun of people, I wouldn’t talk like this to someone I don’t like, even in jest. You don’t even know where that line is……]

I know she kept saying this, but the truth is, I know it all and I’m going through the whole thing.

It’s very frustrating and hard in a way to pretend that I don’t know, but I know.

I want to tell them that I understand everything. But then I would have to end this ambiguous relationship and face their feelings properly.

I’m not ready for that. I’m too immature to accept serious affection head-on.

“…..The clubroom is near.”

“Ah, that’s right. I just remembered something I have to do.”

In an unnatural sequence of events, Misaki sensei recalled something. But as a matter of course.

[I don’t have anything to do. I just want more time walking with Fujisaki kun.]

She said.

I had no reason to refuse her request, so I said yes.

Now, I wonder how I should deal with a teacher like Misaki sensei…… I don’t think I’ll get an answer yet.

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Light novel junky
Light novel junky
7 months ago

There’s only one real option here my man. Pull a kodaka. “Eh, nandatte?”