“……Can I ask you why you fell in love with me?”

“……I know this is going to be a little long, but would you listen to my past?”

“Your past…..of course.”

After hearing my reply, she started talking.

“…….I was the daughter of a conglomerate and was educated from an early age to be a gifted young woman. I think that’s why my mental development was faster than others. ………I think that’s why, when I was in elementary school, I didn’t get along well with my classmates’ silly banter, and I used to treat them coldly.”

…When I was in elementary school, I remember enjoying it in a way that, now that I think about it, seems pretty lame.

“…….Of course, I was looked at with cold eyes. It was a matter of course that I was excluded. …..I was bullied.”

……Bullied, huh. Because of what happened to HIkari, I don’t feel like she’s a stranger at all.

I urge the conversation with my eyes.

“……I was still an immature elementary school student and the bullying was unbearable for me. But I had pride as the daughter of a conglomerate. I had to show off my strong self to those around me so that I would not be ashamed of being the daughter of a conglomerate. That’s what I thought.”


“I’m sure it was around that time that my language became harsh. I used a strong tone to rub it in against the bullies who were bad-mouthing me. To prove that I was not defeated. To keep my heartbreak from being exposed. …..When I reached the age of middle school, the bullies grew up and stopped bullying me. But somewhere inside of me I was scared. I was afraid I would be bullied again at some point.”


“From that point on, my tongue changed roles. ……I guess you could call it proactive defense. Before I got bullied, I would go out of my way to break the other person’s heart. There was also a way to flatter them and get along in the world, but my pride wouldn’t allow it. As a clumsy person, I had no choice but to defend myself in this way. …..Of course, there were people who came up to me kindly. But I rejected them. I was afraid they might have an ulterior motive.”


“Originally, this method would have had the risk of arousing resentment and being bullied, but I guess because I’m the daughter of a conglomerate, I don’t get bullied anymore,……but at the cost of being lonely.”


“……It was a path I chose for myself, but it was terribly lonely. But I can’t stop my tongue. Because I’m afraid. Because I don’t want to be bullied. ……Even now that I’m a college student, I don’t have anyone I can call a friend. ……Except you///”

…I hope you don’t suddenly turn red in a serious atmosphere.

……Well, it’s cute to see you embarrassed.

“No matter how many times I spat poison, you were the only one who laughed and accepted it. You never gave up on me.”

It was pretty hard during my part-time training, but it wasn’t enough to defeat me, because of Maki’s abuse.

“……It’s impossible not to like the opposite sex who’s been by my side when I’ve been so lonely all this time.”

Eimko san was stirring her tea and taking a breath, perhaps because she had been talking for so long.

“…..I didn’t know Emiko san had such a painful past.”

“Well, I didn’t tell you, so it’s only natural…..So? What was your response to my confession?”

“I’m very happy and honored that Emiko san likes me. ……But……”

“….Do you have…..a girlfriend?”

Emiko san seemed to realize that it wasn’t a good answer based on my lack of clarity, and her eyebrows furrowed in concern.

“No, I don’t……..I’m not proud of it, but I have several other women confessing their feelings for me right now,……and I’m holding off on their replies as well. ……I can’t reply to Emiko san’s confession without first replying to theirs. I’m sorry.”

“It’s totally fine. I’ll wait for you. ……And besides, even if I get a reply now, I’m afraid I’ll be rejected.”

“……I wonder.”

This kind of response is very difficult, and all I can do is to shrug it off.

“Well, that’s fine. I conveyed my feelings directly to you. I sincerely hope that I can walk right beside you.”

Honorifics are not fair…………


……I never thought Emiko san had such a dark past.

On the way home. I was thinking as I walked down the street at night alone after dropping Emiko san off at the nearest station.

…Just like Emiko san, Hikari’s emotional wounds may not have healed yet.

Just thinking about it makes me feel so sad.

I decided to talk with Hikari tomorrow.

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This guy just said “Ladies, take turns on me okay?” Lol