“Y-yes. But it’s windy today.”

When I glance at Senpai who is combing her hair while muttering that the ocean is now in sight, she glances at me.

“Is it cold?

“N-no, I’m fine. Are you okay too, Senpai??

“I’m a little cold.”

Senpai didn’t look cold at all, but she put her hands in front of her face and blew out a huff.

The wind is strong today, but the sun is so warm that it feels better to have the wind in your face.

I wonder if Senpai is sensitive to the cold.

“Um, do you want to avoid the ocean side if it’s cold?”

“No, I’m fine. I like the ocean.”

“I-I see.”

Although Senpai still looks cold, she calmly walks towards the ocean.

And when she sees the sign for the home center a little further along the seaside road, for some reason, Senpai turns her feet to the entrance of the beach.

“Senpai, the home depot is that way, right?”

“Yeah. But I want to see the ocean.”

“I-I see.”

Also, while shivering, Senpai warms her fingertips with her own breath.

Even though I thought that if it was that cold, we shouldn’t go to the beach, so I followed Senpai.


Gradually, more and more tourists started to arrive at Akaitohama.

I followed her back as I walked silently with her.

I went straight to the beach.

“Wow, there are a lot of people here.”

It was still the spring season, so there were no beach houses or stalls, but many tourists were walking around and having fun.

There were couples taking commemorative photos and families with children gazing happily at the sea.

I guess everyone brings their loved ones when they come here.

“The ocean is beautiful, isn’t it?”

Senpain’s hair swayed in the sea breeze.

“Yes, it is. But there are a lot of people, and the wind is strong when you go out to the ocean side.”

“Yeah, it’s cold.”


Even though it was cold, Senpai didn’t try to avoid the wind at all.

And for some reason, she glances over here and blows on her fingers.

She seems to want to say something……but what does she want to say?


I glanced at the jacket I was wearing.

I had put on my jacket before I left my room, thinking that maybe it would be cold if we were going to the beach, but maybe she’s mad because I’m the only one dressed warmly?

….Perhaps I should’ve given her the jacket.

I don’t like this kind of consideration that only a manly man can pull off.

“Um, if you don’t mind, would you like to wear my jacket?”

I took off my own jacket and offered it to her.

Then, Senpai nodded slightly.

However, she remained staring at the ocean and did not take the jacket.

“U-um…..the jacket.”

“Put it on me.”

“Eh, y-yes. Then…..please.”

Gently, I put my jacket on my Senpai’s back.

Without even putting the sleeves through, Senpai supported it tightly with her hands and said, [Yeah, it’s warm.]

Seeing such an admirable figure makes my heart tremble again.

I was supposed to be able to cool down by wearing one layer, but for some reason my body felt hot.

“……Is it better?”

“Yeah. Can I borrow this?”

“Y-yes. It’s all right.”

“Okay. Then, let’s go shopping.”

Senppai steps onto the beach.

I followed her as she staggered along the beach, my feet dangling in the sand.

At that time, the jinx of Akaitohama suddenly came to my mind.

A man and a woman who walk here together will get married.

I’m sure Senpai has heard of this story too.

But a mature woman like her would probably not take such a superstition seriously.

Just because she walked on the beach with me like this, I guess that’s what it means.

…..I’m the only one who’s getting carried away.

I’ll be careful not to get any funny ideas.

“Hey, did you see that girl?”

Eventually I caught up with her and stood next to her, and I heard a couple talking as we passed each other.

“Eh, which girl?”

“Look, the girl with the dark hair. She’s really pretty.”

“Hey, what are you looking at the other girl for?”

“No, because she was so pretty.”

“You’re the worst. And look, there is a guy next to her.”

“Eh, is that a guy? I don’t think so.”

“Is he her brother or something? I mean you don’t come here with your siblings.”

“True. Then maybe the guy forced her to come here.”

“Maybe. Come on, let’s go.”

Even though I didn’t like that kind of conversation, I overheard it, but I was rather convinced.

I knew that from the public’s point of view, Senpai and I were not boyfriend and girlfriend.

People at school were quick to link everything to romance, and they gossiped about us.

I guess they knew that it was impossible for me to be in a relationship with Hyori senpai, and they were teasing me about it.

I really have to make sure I don’t make any weird mistakes.

“Senpai, we can get to the road from there.”



“Yeah, I can hear you. Hey, I’ve never been here before, so I was just admiring the ocean.”

“I-I see.”

“Have you been here before?”

“Me? Well, when I was little, I used to come here with my family for swimming and stuff.”

“But other than that?”

“Eh? N-no, not really, since there are many tourists these days……ah, by the way, I came here once with my friend, Kaneko.”

“Kaneko…..a boy?”

“Y-yes. We met him this morning.”

“I see. Yeah, let’s go shopping.”


She seemed to be convinced of something and started to move her feet forward again.

Senpai sometimes ask about my private life, but that’s probably because my mother has told her something.

I don’t talk much about my school life or friendships, so she must be prying into my private life.

I don’t think she would be jealous of my private life.

I wonder if she has a boyfriend or something.

I wonder if it’s okay to ask her about that.

…No, we’re not that close yet.

Let’s just think of it as a benefit just for walking along the sea with her like this.


After passing through the beach, we went out along the road again.

Senpai remained silent the whole time, still holding the jacket I lent her.

She is really cool.

She never lost her expression when she was talking or staring at the sea.

I wonder what Senpai is thinking at times like this.

I wonder what she thinks about me.

I wonder if she sees me as nothing more than the son of an acquaintance.

I wonder how she sees me in her big eyes.

Why does Senpai smell so sweet?

I still don’t know anything about her.

Even though she is so close to me, I don’t know anything about her.

I wish I could see even a little bit of what’s in Senpai’s heart.

Tokiwa kun’s jacket, it smells so good.

I love it, I love it all. I love it. I love you so much.

I love you for lending me your jacket when I’m cold.

I love you for going along with my selfishness and coming to the beach with me.

I love you for welcoming me and my first time.

We walked on the beach together, didn’t we?

The red thread is already firmly connected to me.

Oh, I want to be tied to you by that red thread.

I want to be tied up.

I want to be tied up.

I want to be entangled.

His body warmth and his smell on my jacket are making me feel worse.

Even though I thought that I would never like him any more, I easily go beyond that.

Every time I touch him, I fall in love with him.

Every time I feel his warmth, my rationality collapses.

I’m so happy that shopping doesn’t matter anymore.

I have to cook tonight’s dinner with all my energy.

Also, I want to borrow this jacket for a while.

I want to let Panda chan wear this jacket and sleep in it.

Ehehe, that would be great.

I wonder if Tokiwa kun would be angry if he finds out I’m thinking like this.

No, I’m sure he’ll just say how cute I am.

Yes, I’m sure he will. He’s so sweet.

But I’m too embarrassed to tell him.

Fufufufu, fufufufu.

Thanks to his jacket, my body is hot.

But my fingertips are still a little cold.

I want his hands to warm me up.

I should beg him for it.

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