“Maybe I should try to get in.”

I have considered it a few times before, but never took the plunge. I had never been interested in SNS before, but now that everyone around me was doing it, I wanted to experience it myself. Well, it was just curiosity.

“…Okay, installed it.”

I downloaded the SNS app from the app store. There are three or four well-known ones, and I tried one of them.

I went through the initial settings, including my email address and password.


The initial image is a gray one that looks like a person, but that doesn’t look very nice.

I decided to put Lisa tan’s image on the site.

After I had finished setting up for the time being, I suddenly remembered something.

Riko had been persuading me to join SNS in a bizarre way.

Riko was still talking to me in a very frank manner without feeling guilty (or maybe she was feeling guilty), but she mentioned SNS a few times.

I sent a message to Riko, thinking it would be a good idea to report back to her after she has persistently urging me so many times.

“…..No, you read it too quickly.”

The moment I sent the message telling her that I had been using the SNS, it was read. And while I was making a comment, I also heard a call. Of course, it was Riko. I wonder if she’s living a little too fast.

Thinking that to myself, I press the call button.

“Senpai ! You finally joined !”

“…..Ell, you’ve been persistently urging me so.”

“Then I’ll send you my account so you can follow me !”

“……Got it.”

Then she hung up. A few moments later, I received a QR code.

I read it, marveling at the fact that this SNS has a QR code system.

Immediately after that. I felt a jolt inside me as if I had been hit by an electric shock.

“………You’re lying!”

The account sent to me had 360,000 followers. It was no wonder I was shocked.

This time, I made the call. Riko answered immediately.

“……Riko, were you a model or something?”

“Mufufu ! Did I surprise you !”

I can see the smug look on Riko’s face.

“……Well, I was really surprised. ……It’s kinda amazing. You’re recognized by the whole world.”

“I get projects from time to time, you know? Though I’ve never done any of them.””


I was so shocked that I lost my vocabulary. Riko, who is so close to me, seems somehow far away.

“I’ll follow you too !”

“…..I understand.”

I’m starting to get scared of being followed. However, there’s no way I can tell her not to follow me from now on.

“I followed you ! Please take a good look at my posts ! ……I’m sorry to leave you like this, but I have something to do later, so I’m going to hang up now.”

“Oh, okay. See you later.”

After the call was hung up, I scrolled through Riko’s post.

“……Well, she’s cute.”

It’s no wonder she has 360,000 followers, she’s good at attracting them. It’s true that herself is cute, but Riko on SNS looks more mature than usual, yet still retains her usual childish cuteness. There is something mysterious about the mixture of two contradictory elements.

I kept scrolling–

“…..Oh, seriously. I see.”

What I see on my phone is a picture of me in Hawaii. On the right side of the picture is me looking sideways. I wondered if the photo had been taken at that moment, but at the same time, and at the same time, I realized that my face had only a little bit of editing done around my eyes, so there was a possibility that someone would find out.

……Oh man. If they find out that the brother of someone who’s been bullied and the bully went on an overseas trip, it’ll be the end of me.


I was stunned, but at the same time, I found myself somewhere in my mind thinking that Riko is this kind of girl.

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6 months ago

No, it’s not the end of him. It’s the end for her, lol.