“Shall we go home then?”


In the end, there was nothing that senpai wanted.

I also said goodbye to the figure I wanted for a while.

The best part is that I found out that senpai can be jealous even when it comes to anime and other things.

…… Be careful.

“Toma-kun, what do you want to eat today?”

“Hmm, anything you make, senpai.”

“Well, I got some vegetables and prawns at home today, so I’ll make ahijo.”

Once there, we decided to go back to senpai’s house to pick up the ingredients.

“My mum is here today, would you like to say hello to her?”

“Oh, really? W-well, I want to get that right, so yes.”

“Yes. I think mother will be happy to see you.”

This is a bit of a sudden turn of events.

I had never imagined that I would be meeting senpai’s family today, so I suddenly felt nervous.

Because of that, I was talking a little less, when she asked me, “Do you have any regrets about the doll from earlier?” I panicked and shook my head.

When she is jealous, her eyes are still a little scary.

The depths of her eyes are a little cloudy.

While saying that I’m not worried about anything and diverting the conversation, I arrive at senpai’s house.

I’ve been allowed to go up there once, but that time I knew no one was there, so I was a bit nervous, but not so much today.

But that’s not the case today.

Senpai’s mother is there.

And she’s going to introduce me.

“I’m home.”

When I opened the front door, the light was on.

In response to her voice, footsteps can be heard from the back.

“Oh, welcome back, Chifuyu. Who is that boy?”

“Mother, this is the one who helped me.”

“Ah, that time, my daughter was really indebted to you!”

“No, no, no.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t thank you or anything. Right, come, come.”

I thought the image of a mother from senpai would be more beautiful and sexy, but she turned out to be a completely normal, beautiful but gentle mother.

I was taken back to the living room where I was taken the other day, and today I sat on the sofa with her.

“Mom is a shy person. I’m sorry.”

“N-no. A cheerful person, right”

“Would you prefer a cheerful woman?”

“T-that’s not what I’m talking about.”


But what on earth should I talk about?

When I’m thinking about this, senpai’s mother comes back with a tray of tea.

“Thank you for waiting. Actually, I wanted to thank you, so I asked her to introduce me to you, but she never told me.”

“mother, because you are beautiful.”

“Again, is there any child who is jealous of their own mother? My name is Chiharu Kayamori, and I’m sure it’s Sagara-kun, right?”

“Y-yes. I’m Sagara Touma.”

“This girl, even when she goes home, she’s always saying Sagara-kun, Sagara-kun. But even after the incident, you’ve been taking care of her in various ways, haven’t you? Thank you for always taking care of my daughter.”

“Oh, no. I’m the one who’s always been indebted to Senpa …… Chifuyu-san.”

“Yeah, yeah, take it easy. Chifuyu, I’m going out, but would you like to eat at home today? ”

“No, I’m going to eat at Toma’s house. I’m also staying there today.”

“Ara, I see. Then, take your time.”

Laughing happily, senpai’s mother left the tea and cake and left.

“…… mother, she’s a nice person.”

“Yes, very. I’ve heard that she’s quite popular.”

“I-I see. she’s beautiful”

“More beautiful than me?”

“N-No, that’s not true, …….”

“Yeah. Shall we eat cake?”

“Y-yes. Itadakimasu”

It was a bit of a relief.

I was always worried about what it was like to live in a single-parent household, and whether her mother would feel lonely because senpai didn’t go home even though she was only a family of two.

Although we only talked for a short time, she probably looked at me favourably and seemed ok with senpai going to my place.

At least now I can be with senpai today.

When I thought of that, my heart started pounding again.

The tension that was different from a while ago hit me.

“….. Toma-kun, you called my name earlier, didn’t you?”

“Y-Yes. Well, it’s weird to say ‘senpai’ in front of your mother.”

“….. call me by my name, will you?”

“U-um…. Is that okay?”

“Yes, otherwise I won’t respond.”

“…… Chifuyu, san.”

“No. You’re so distant, I’ll cry.”

“U-um, …… Chifuyu.”

“Yeah, I love you.”

The most important thing to remember is that you should never be afraid to ask for help.

Just like that, she started leaning over me while kissing me, causing me to lose my balance.

I lay down on the sofa as if I had been pushed down.

Senpai smiles as she rides me like horse.

“Toma-kun…I want to stay here like this.”

“Eh, but in the living room.”

“Am I not attractive? Can you stand it? I can’t stand it…”

“…… yes.”

I also want Chifuyu as she wants me.

While I was still lying down, my clothes were easily taken off.

I Take a look at what Chifuyu is wearing.

Just like that, we hugged each other as if intertwined.

I enter Chifuyu again.

Her body heat slowly melts my brain.

“Toma-kun …… Toma-kun …… Ah!”

Her thin, yet soft white body bounces repeatedly.

The high pitched voice echoes in the large room where no one is around.

And then, forgetting all about dinner, I enjoy over and over again the pleasure that rises in me.

When I came to, it was already dark outside.

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