Episode 32 – Everything For the First Time



“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

When I went downstairs, Senpai was waiting for me at the door with his shoes on.

“Yeah. Let’s go then.

“Y-yes. Erm, the key…..”

“I have it.”

“Eh? A-ah, my mother gave it to you.”

“Yeah. She seems to think a lot of me, so don’t worry.”


Now that I think about it, Senpai was cooking at home earlier when I got home, so I guess that means she had it at that time as well.

However, no matter how close they are, my mother must have trusted Senpai so much that she would even give a duplicate key to a stranger.

I really wonder what kind of relationship they have.

“Erm, for now, we should just head towards the ocean, right?”



I went out with Senpai during the daytime on a holiday.

And we left my house together.

I wonder if the neighbors would misunderstand our relationship like the people at school if they saw us.


It takes about ten minutes to walk from my house to the beach.

I had no idea what to say to hier during that time, so I remained silent as I walked a little ahead of her the whole time.

Senpai didn’t even talk to me, so the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

…..Come to think of it, I wonde if things are going well with Kaneko.

I’m going to try to message him a little bit.


I took out my phone, and Senpai called out in a small voice.


“Calling someone?”

“Eh? Well, a friend.”

“A boy?”

“Y-yes. His name is Kaneko. He’s a classmate.”

“I see.”

“Um, what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing.”

When Senpai came up next to me, she glanced at my phone and gave a small nod.

What in the world is she concerned about?

Is she checking to see if I’ve been texting my friends, [I’m with Hyori senpai right now]?

No, those sharp eyes must be on the lookout for me.

This is not good……

“I’m just, um, my friend has a date with a girl today, so I thought I’d ask him how he’s doing.”

“I see. What kind of date?”

“Eh? Like, going shopping together?”

“Hmm, so going shopping is a date?”

“Eh…..no, that’s.”

Senpai casually responded to my answer as she looked forward.

So I stutter.

Date is…..not something that I intended to do.

But to the rest of the world, the current situation probably looks like a date.

……But it’s not a date.

I don’t even have her contact information, and just because I happened to go out with her doesn’t mean I’d call it a date.

“……Well, it depends on who you go with.”

I thought that Senpai didn’t want people to think that she was dating me either, so she asked me that.

When I answered that, she nodded her head and asked me, [Depends?].

I was thinking seriously again.

What the hell kind of conversation is this?

What does she mean by this?

Is she trying to tell me not to misunderstand?

No, I have to answer anyway.

“Eh……well, it depends on the person you’re with.”

“The person?”

“Y-yeah. For example, if you go out with someone you don’t like, no matter how many times you go to an amusement park, you might not even call it a date.

I think just taking a walk around the park with someone you like is a date.”

“Yeah. So, walking with someone you don’t like is not a date?”

“W-well, I think that’s what it means. You know, sometimes like with friends.”


Senpai nods with some understanding and quickens her pace a little.

I panicked and quickly ran after Senpai and caught up.

When I turned to her, wondering what was going on, a cool breeze blew in from the front, carrying the scent of the sea.

At the same time, Senpai’s long hair fluttered behind her.

She brushed her messy bangs with her slender fingers.

I was speechless again at the gesture.


She’s beautiful after all.

She’s sexy and has an attractive adult atmosphere.

Yeah, even if I were to walk next to someone like her, people would probably think of me as my younger brother or something.

A date, huh?

I’m sure that Senpai doesn’t think of me that way at all, even though I’d like to think so.

Or so I thought.

As I was being filled with a bit of negativity, I eventually came to see the ocean.

Tokiwa kun, you always say things that make me happy.

I love you.

I love you.

He clearly explained to me that the last time he was walking with a girl from his class on this street, it was not a date.

I also like the way he admits his faults and then makes excuses for me.

That’s right, that was just a date he had no choice but to go along with.

It’s not like that woman stole Tokiwa kun’s first date.

I’m glad to hear that.

So today is his first date after all.

Yeah, I’m really glad.

I’ve been agonizing over this for a long time.

If she took away something precious and irreplaceable like Tokiwa kun’s first date, I would have been so disappointed……

But I don’t have to worry anymore.

All of Tokiwa kun’s firsts were with me.

My firsts were all Tokiwa kun’s.

Our first time at the ocean.

“I can see the ocean now.”

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