Episode 45 – It’s Only the 1st Day Even Though It Seems Like the 2nd Day



“Sorry for disturbing you.”

After shopping at the supermarket, we arrived at Sayaka san’s house where we were staying.

“I usually lives alone, so it may be cramped, but make yourself at home〜”

“Thank you very much……I mean, Riko, don’t try to sleep while standing up, hurry up and get in.”


Even though she was sound asleep on the bus, she still seemed sleepy, and Riko, who was standing there with her eyes closed, entered the house while I pulled her arm.

“……Can I go to the kitchen ahead?”

Yeah, I guess Riko must have realized that it would take a lot of time. In other words……..I could see my role.

“I’ll take care of Riko.”

“Oh, thanks〜, you’re so reliable.”

It seems that it was a perfect answer, and Sayaka san smiled with satisfaction.

Sayaka san enters the house first, followed by me.


It was the first time I visited the apartment, I felt a great sense of freshness. And if it comes to condominiums overseas, that’s one thing.

“The bathroom is that way〜”

“I understand……come on, Riko, let’s go.”

“Take me with you Shenpai……”

“……Hold on to my arm.”

I feel like I’m taking care of a baby…..well, for me, who has been taking care of Hikari, this is nothing to worry about. I head to the bathroom with Riko, who hugs me tightly in my arms.

“Here, put some soap on your hands.”


“….Okay. I’ll wash them.”

I wash Riko’s hands instead.

…Normally, even kindergarteners wash their own hands. That’s a lot of childish regression.

I had a little trouble with the unusual situation of washing someone else’s hands, but I managed to finish it.


But the next thing I knew, she was demanding a bed. I was in trouble.


“Okay, okay, okay. I’m going. ……Sayaka san, where is the bed?”

“It’s at the back of the room there〜”

Sayaka san pointed at the door of the back room from the kitchen.

“I understand. …..I’ll go and put Riko to bed.”

“Thank you〜”

When I found the place, I took Riko’s head and thighs and lifted her……well, in what is commonly known as a princess’s carry.

This is because the house is quite large for someone living alone, so the bedroom is surprisingly far away.

I could have dragged her by the hand, but since Riko didn’t move forward at all, it became a bit annoying.

“Fwuaa,……being cuddled by Shenpai,……happiness,…….”

……Well, I’m glad you’re happy.

I arrived in front of the door and managed to open it using the maximum range of motion in my wrist.

“Here……we are in bed.”

I gently set Riko down on the bed.

“I’m going to go help Sayaka san with the cooking.”

After saying that, I turned away from Riko and took a step forward to start walking, when I felt some resistance from my clothes.

“……What’s wrong?”

I don’t have to tell you, Riko was pulling at my clothes.

“Shenpai……don’t go…….”

She stared at me with her eyes moistened.

….Being pushy.

“…But I think it would be difficult for three people.”

“…It’s okay. Onee chan is very important to me…”


“Shenpai……I’m lonely.”

……Whether it’s Riko or Hikari, I have a weakness for that kind of sad face…….

“Okay. I’ll stay next to you until you fall asleep.”

“Thanks……hold my hand.”

“……Is this okay?”

I thought vaguely in my head that if I responded to one request, I would have to respond to other requests one after another, but since there was no particular reason to refuse, I decided to do it.

“Yeah….Shenpai’s hand…..so big that it feels safe.”

“I see…….”

“Yeah…..I wanted a big brother like you after all.”

I was a little surprised at the abruptness of the conversation, but it couldn’t be helped if she was so sleepy that her mind wasn’t working.

Let’s just try to play catch-up in conversation.

“…..You have your sister, don’t you?”

“But I feel kind of jealous that Hikari chan is Senpai’s younger sister.”

…In the first place, the reason why Riko bullied Hikari was because Hikari and I, who are siblings, were close.

When you think about it like that, it’s not surprising that she does have a desire to want an older brother.

“But I don’t like the idea of you being a big brother.”

“……Why is that again?”


Riko paused for a beat–

“Because I can’t be your wife……….”

My heart jumped.

Those words that Riko said meant that she was seriously in love with me and was seriously approaching me, completely denying Hikari.

However, it is also a public fact that this is common knowledge.

……Oh, yes, it is. The path that Hikari is walking is extremely difficult, and if I ever have feelings for her, I’m going to have to follow that path too.

The eyes of the world I’ve been trying not to look at. My current relationship with Hikari is abnormal, I reconfirmed from Riko’s casual comment.

When I looked at Riko, I saw that I was completely in a dream.

“……She’s a troubling woman who just dropped a bomb. Seriously.”

I patted Riko’s head a little.

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