“……I guess she’s gone home, as expected.”

I got out of the bath, got dressed, and immediately headed for the kitchen.

While I was soaking in the bathtub for more than thirty minutes, I did not hear any noise, especially from outside.

When I opened the kitchen door, there was no one there anymore.

When I went to the front door, I found that there was no sign of Senpai’s shoes. 

“She’s gone home, huh.”

Finally, my shoulders relaxed.

I was relieved to hear that Senpai had gone home, which would be a bit rude to say, but I actually felt relieved.

Even though she’s my senior at school, being alone at home with a woman with whom I have little contact is too much for someone like me.

Besides, I’m a guy myself, so it’s hard to say that I won’t develop ulterior motives if such a situation continues.

Or maybe, just in case.

It would be awkward if I showed an evil thought that it might be considered as a mistake, and she, who has gone to the trouble of being friendly with my mother, looked at me strangely.

Good grief.

Well, I should lock the door for now.

There have been a lot of perverts lately…….

“Hm, is it locked?”

When I tried to reach for the inside key of the front door, I realized that it was firmly locked.

….Hasn’t Senpai left yet?

Maybe she’s in the bathroom?

“Senpai, are you still here?”

However, if she really wants to go to the bathroom, that’s important, so I’ll call out to her in a loud voice from the front door.

But there was no response.

I guessed she had gone home after all.

“….Well, whatever. I’ll take it easy for now.”

I was released from the tense atmosphere I had been in earlier, and it became too much of a hassle to think about this and that, so I went back to my room.

When I entered my room, I found that it had been cleaned up once again.

“Mom, you went in without permission again. If you have time to tidy up before you go out, why don’t you go with Hyori senpai?”

The sheets had been changed.

She not only cleans the desk, but also wipes it thoroughly.

She really is a mother who doesn’t know if she’s attentive or not.

“Well, let’s go to bed.”

I was feeling a bit tired, probably from the long bath.  

I quickly turned off the light and lay down on the bed.

The smell of freshly dried sun.

And the faint scent of freshness that also soothes my exhaustion.

If I were to tell someone that I relax with my mother’s perfume, they’d probably laugh at me and think I’m a mother-con.

……I wonder if Kaneko will talk to me normally at school tomorrow.

I didn’t really understand what Takaya san said.

If I had made Miyama san feel bad, I would like to talk to her properly and apologize if possible……but I don’t think I can even if I feel like that.

I should just leave her alone, as Takaya san told me to do.

It was a day that I really didn’t understand. 

I hope tomorrow will be a peaceful day.

I wonder if I will still be able to see Senpai tomorrow…….

The next morning.

Today, while walking to the station, I ran into Hyori senpai.

After leaving the house and following the road straight for a while, I turned right before reaching the main road and I saw the station.

I saw her around the corner.

It was more like I caught up with her on her way to the station.

Even from a distance,I could tell that the woman was Senapi as she walked gracefully through the deserted residential area.

Of course, it was partly because she had just arrived at my house yesterday.

Even if she hadn’t, I probably would have recognized her right away.

Because from the moment I woke up in the morning to the moment I left the house to find her, all I could think about was her.

She is beautiful, a good cook, and ladylike.

It’s only natural that I’d be attracted to her, since I’ve been bumping into her many times recently, but she lives in a different world than someone like me.

I’m aware of Hyori senpai.

I don’t know if I can clearly say that I like her.

I want to get to know her better.

I want to talk to her more.

I’ve been thinking about that since this morning. 

But I couldn’t talk to her, so I slowly followed her back to the station.

All the time I was on the train, I was just looking at Senpai who was in the same wagon with me from a little distance.

Eventually, I was swallowed by the crowd and lost sight of Senpai.

I arrived at school.


“Hey, Sendai, what’s up with your sigh in the morning?”

“Ah, Kaneko. No, nothing.”

Kaneko called out to me in a playful manner in front of the main gate.

But I answered him without enthusiasm, not with the tension to match Kaneko’s lightheartedness.

“What’s the matter, Sendai? Are you still bothered by what Takaya san said to you yesterday?”

“Well, yes, that’s right. But I’m fine with it now.”

“I see. I haven’t heard the details either, but I believe in you.”

“You can take Takaya san’s side if you want.”

“That’s the thing. Yesterday, I was happy that you were worried about me. That’s why I want to continue to be your friend and ally.”

“Kaneko……Yeah, thanks. So, you and Takaya san are getting along well, right?”

“Well, it’s great. Tomorrow is a day off, right? So we promised to go shopping together.”

“I’m jealous. I want a girlfriend too.”

We went to the classroom while talking about nothing else.

I saw Takaya san and Miyama san, who were in the classroom earlier.

Then Miyama san turns towards me and our eyes meet.

But she immediately turned her face away from me.

Of course, it was expected, but I didn’t have any expectations either.

Kaneko saw this and comforted me by saying, [If I find another nice girl, I will introduce her to you.]

I really have good friends.

I’m going to miss him a little when he gets a girlfriend.

If Kaneko goes out with Takaya san, he will probably spend less time with me.

If that happens, I’ll have to get myself a girlfriend, or I’ll be back to the uninspiring school life I had in middle school.

…..If it’s Kaneko, maybe I can talk to him about it.

“Hey, I have something I want to talk to you about during lunch break.”

“What’s this? You’re jealous of Takaya san, so you confessed your feelings to me?”

“Not that, you idiot. I just want to talk to you about something.”

“Oh, is it a love problem?”

“….I don’t know about that.”

“Haha, even though you look like a serious guy, you’re interested in that kind of thing, aren’t you, Sendai?”

“I haven’t said so yet.”

“All right, lunch break.”


For now, I wanted to talk to Kaneko about what I’ve been up to with Hyori senpai over the past few days.

I’m actually involved with that Hyori senpai, which I thought was kind of nice.

I know I’ll probably get laughed at if I talk about it, but I’d like Kaneko to tell me what I should do to get to know her better.

Come to think of it, I wonder if the lunch box will be delivered today as well.

I wonder what Hyori senpai usually eats for lunch so and so.

“I missed delivering the bento.”

I was so happy today because I could feel Tokiwa kun’s gaze on me all morning as I went to school.

I was going to ambush him at the ticket gate early, but I didn’t expect him to come after me.

Fufu, did the hamburg steak work?

Or has Tokiwa kun been infatuated with me from the beginning?

Yes, that’s right.

You risked your life to protect me after all.

But I was always so shy that I could barely stand next to him, let alone talk to him.

I was so worried that he might not like me if I showed him how unsociable I was that I avoided him at the most crucial moment.

Tokiwa kun held my hand.

Tokiwa kun gave me a stuffed animal.

Tokiwa kun did the housework next to me.

He is always working hard for me.

So I want to live up to his expectations.

Sneaking around is not enough.

I love him.

Even today, Mother-in-law asked me to take care of his meals.

I have to fulfill my duty as a wife.

“Yeah, I’ll do it properly today…I’ll go directly to hand over the lunch box.”

Please wait for me. Tokiwa kun.

I love you.

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3 months ago

Honestly, this is just getting to be annoying at this point. Hyori is insane and is developing her own delusional version of their non-existent relationship in her head, and the MC is a mental third grader who’s like “I’ve seen (but barely talked to) a pretty girl 5 times now, I think I’m in love”. This isn’t slow progress, this is no progress, because they have no actual relationship.