Episode 44 – 1st Day. At the Beach, by Bus



“I’m so proud of you for putting up with the plane〜Good, good…….”

I arrived safely in Guam, and again Sayaka san was patting me on the head. I myself got used to flying sometime along the way, but Sayaka san seems to think that I’ve been holding back my fear of flying for a while.

…..Anyway, anything is fine as long as I can be patted. It’s no wonder I’m tied to that loving touch.

So, I pretended not to see the girl next to me who was glaring at the two of us, and enjoyed the feel of her hand on my head.

“Good boy……good boy…….”

Sayaka san is still stroking my head, her small lips trembling. I thought this before the flight, but she’s really motherly.

“Both of you ! Hurry up ! We have a lot of things to do, like picking up our luggage !”

Riko was feeling unbearable and interfered by getting between us.

To be honest, I wanted her to stroke me more, but she had a point, so I held back.

“Okay, okay. Well then, both of you….let’s go~.”

Listening to Sayaka san’s pacing voice, the uneasiness about the foreign country that I had been harboring until a short while ago had somehow been blown away.


“It’s unexpected……a foreign country.”

The crystal clear sea spread out in front of me. While I was surrounded by nice older ladies and muscular older guys, I was experiencing a mild culture shock.

Palm trees that reminded me of a tropical country and the bench-like bus seats I sat on along the way. There were so many differences from Japan that everything was fresh and exciting.

“Senpai ! Sorry to keep you waiting !”

“Sorry for making you wait, you must have been anxious, right〜?”

It seems that they have finished changing their clothes.

I looked back.


I couldn’t help but let out a disgusting sound, but it wasn’t my fault.

Sayaka san’s……..huge. It’s ridiculously huge.

I have discovered the law that the size of motherhood is proportional to the size of the breasts. This should be submitted to the academic society immediately.

“Senpai…..how is it?”

Riko asked me, her face blushing as she fidgeted while I was compiling the documents to be submitted to the academic society.

If I apply the law I just mentioned, Riko’s chest, which didn’t give her a feeling of motherhood…….

But the bosom is not the only thing that matters.

The fact that she was looking up at me with that upturned look in her eyes made her look supremely attractive.

…Suddenly, Hikari’s face crosses my mind.

“Well……I think it’s good?”

Unintentionally, my reply to Riko was a curt one.

It crossed my mind for a moment, but that’s it.

I wondered if it was okay for me to enjoy an overseas trip with Riko when I have a younger sister named Hikari.

Isn’t that making Hikari sad?

The question, which is obviously too late, comes up without a second thought.


“….I should enjoy it.”

Hikari respected my wishes. I should not feel guilty about it in order to repay Hikari for her kindness.

So I resolved myself.

……Well, I’ll at least call her tonight.

“You could have complimented me more…….”

I didn’t miss what Riko muttered.

……Riko and Hikari. The bully and the bullied. One attempted suicide. On the other hand, a yandere.

It is extremely difficult to maintain a balance between the two.

…But anyway, what I have to do now has been decided.

Since I’m on a trip abroad. I don’t want Riko to be sad.

“I’m kidding. It looks so cute.”

I’m going to say how I honestly feel.

“Huh…Senpai too…so cool !”

Riko’s face turned bright red as she made a mad dash for the sea. I think it might have been a little too stimulating for her.

“Sayaka san, it would be dangerous if we got separated from Riko, so let’s go.”

“Yeah. But, you don’t compliment my swimsuit, do you?”

“No……yes. It looks great on you.”

“Thanks…..let’s go then, shall we?”

Saying that, Sayaka san trots towards Riko.

I can’t say what it was, but the vertical sway was incredible.


After enjoying the ocean, we were on the bus to go to the mall to buy dinner.

Riko was sleeping soundly with her head on my shoulder, probably tired from playing too much since the first day.

This inevitably creates an awkward atmosphere between Sayaka san and I.

No matter how much I try to resist, we are meeting for the first time today. The silence would never be comfortable.

“Kento kun, what do you think about Riko?”

As I was trying to think of a topic to talk about in order to break the deadlock, Sayaka san spoke up.

“What…..do you mean?

“Riko loves Kento, doesn’t she? So I wondered what Kento kun thought about it.”

I was surprised that Sayaka sam knew about Riko’s crush on me, but when I thought about it, she probably wouldn’t invite someone she didn’t like to go on a trip overseas, even if it was in a group. If I look at Riko’s attitude, it’s completely understandable.

Besides, there is also the line where she was consulting with Sayaka san, so I’m convinced that it’s not so strange.

“……I don’t really understand her romantic feelings. At one time I thought she was a good girl, but then I was disappointed……but now Riko is regretting her past mistakes and has acted on them. There are so many things that have happened and I haven’t been able to sort them out. But maybe not at this point, I think.”

When I revealed my honest feelings, Sayaka san jumped into a sea of thoughts for a few moments and then opened her mouth.

“I heard about Riko’s past mistakes from her. ……Riko, you know? She was really worried about this trip.”

“……Is that so?”

“Yeah. She thinks it’s wrong to invite the older brother of the kid she bullied on a trip. She doesn’t think she has the right to love her senpai. She was worried about that, You know?”


“But even if she is wrong, even if she doesn’t have the right, she doesn’t want to let go of the ones she loves so much. She’s sorry to Hikari chan, but she said she decided to do her best.”

“……I’ve never heard that before.”

“Of course〜 She herself told me not to tell you because it was embarrassing.”

“Eh, is it okay for you to tell me?”

“Well,……I don’t know. But, as Riko’s older sister, I said this because I wanted you to know that she was worried.”

“Why is that……again?”

“Geez, that’s a very bad consideration. If Riko is misunderstood in some strange way, it will make me feel bad as a sister.”

“……Riko has a good sister.”

“Are you praising me? Fufu, thank you.”

Yeah, motherhood !

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