“I mean…….if Hikari doesn’t like it. If Hikari tells me not to go, then I’m not going.”

I told Hikari that Riko gave me a ticket trip to Guam as a birthday present.

“I see……Riko chan is…….”

Hikari seemed to be thinking for a while, then looked at me.

“….All right.”

“……Are you sure?”

Honestly, it’s unexpected. I thought it wouldn’t be strange for her to complain if the girl who bullied her and the guy she likes to go on a trip.

“…..I don’t really want you to go…but you’ve been wanting to go abroad for a while now. Also, the overseas trip is Riko chan’s birthday present for you. If I’m being unreasonable, Riko chan’s feelings will be ruined.”

……She’s a really nice girl.

Although she is a little yandere, I was able to see that she was able to care for the girl who bullied her…I was reminded that Hikari is a kind and considerate child after all.

“……But !”


“Don’t get too carried away ! You know what I mean, right? Because you’re staying in the same room, right?”

……I see, that’s why Hikari is worried that something like that might happen. But there is no need for her to worry about that.

“Don’t worry. Apparently Riko’s sister lives over there, she’s planning on letting me stay there.”

After receiving the gift, I immediately called Riko and asked her to give me an overview.

Originally, we were planning to head to Guam together, where her sister, who is currently back home in Japan, lives, and she had received one travel voucher from her parents. After that, Riko asked her sister and her parents for all the money she had saved up from her New Year’s gift to go with me, the person she likes.

Riko’s older sister responded willingly, so it seems that her parents agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Incidentally, minors are not allowed to travel to the U.S., but if Riko’s sister, who is 26 years old, accompanies us, there will be no problem.

“It’s even more dangerous ! What if this sister of hers starts flirting with Onii chan !”

“No, I’m sure she wouldn’t mess with someone her sister likes. Well, I don’t know much about Riko’s sister, so I can’t say anything.”

……As expected.

“Geeez !”

Hikari is groaning as if she’s convinced by what I’m saying.

However, at this rate, I think Riko will be able to get her forgiveness.

“….Okay. I believe in you. …..But in exchange, I have a condition.

“……A condition?”

“You have to spoil me a lot until you go on the trip !”

When someone says that to me with a big smile, all I can do is nod.


“I’m Sada Kento ! Nice to meet you !”

At the airport, Riko and another beautiful woman who looked just like her were in front of me. I don’t have to tell you that she is Riko’s older sister.

“I’m Akamura Sayaka. Nice to meet you too〜”

Although their faces are similar, their impressions are completely opposite. Unlike the devilish Riko, Sayaka san seems calm and gentle.

And if Riko is slender, Sayaka is glamorous. Her voluptuous body overflows with sex appeal.

“Senpai ! It’s a trip to Guam ! A trip to Guam !”

“Right ! I’m getting a little excited too !”

“Senpai, you’re more excited than usual. You’re usually more of the cool type.”

“No, it’s my first time traveling overseas ! It would be strange if I’m not excited !”

“Fufu…Senpai is so cute today !”

I swallowed the words that Riko was cuter when she said that and smiled.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you two, but somehow we’re wasting our time. Should we go now?”


“……Senpai, you suddenly became less talkative, are you alright?”

“Y-yeah…..I’m fine.”

Riko, who was sitting on the inside of the plane to the left of me sitting in the middle of the three-person seat, called out to me.

But there’s no way I can talk. It was my first time flying and I was a little scared.

No matter how hard I try to suppress my agitation, I keep thinking about the possibility of crashing at any moment.

“…Are you scared?”

Sayaka san, who was sitting on the right, or window side, from my point of view, called out to me. It sounds like she’s trying to stir things up a bit, and I’m annoyed.

Sayaka san thought my silence was an affirmation, and she bobbed her head up and down.

“Well, I’ll hold your hand, okay? It’s okay.”

Suddenly, Sayaka san grabbed my hand and stroked my head with her other hand.

I want to punch myself for getting annoyed with her. ……What’s this bubbliness? ……Motherhood is amazing.

Before I knew it, I had forgotten my shame and was savoring the feel of her stroking my head. I usually am the one who does the stroking, so I didn’t know it would feel so good.

Then I heard Riko’s voice complaining in frustration.

“O-Onee chan ! Don’t flirt with Senpai ! I’ll deal with him !”

“Oh my, I’m sorry, Riko.”

Saying that, Sayaka san took her hand off my head, and Riko took her place and patted my head.

There was no bubbliness there.

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8 months ago

Motherhood huh. Probably any voluptuous babe can be called a Mom now.