Episode 27 – Appeal



The battle, which I had no chance of winning from the beginning, is now over, and I’m sitting in my room with Misaka san. I’m sitting on the bed and she is sitting on the desk chair.

Saki is not here. Misaka san insisted, [Let me talk with you alone for a while! !]Saki reluctantly withdrew.

But of course, it seems like there were a lot of things to think about.

[I really, really don’t want to leave you two alone, but it would make a bad impression if I refused Misaka senpai’s request, who was asking so desperately for it……. I don’t even want to be thought of as a selfish little sister anymore……. Well, I’ll pull out of this situation because I’ll tail him in the end……. But I don’t want this woman’s scent on Onii chan…… I’ll definitely rewrite it later…….]

She was thinking about that.

But now it’s Misaka san in front of me.

“Fujisaki kun…..I’m going to ask you something serious, but is there anything that’s bothering you?”

Misaka san’s words were imbued with serious concern. I see, it’s only natural that you feel my excuses are flimsy.

“….No, there’s really nothing……”

“Really? Isn’t it related to today’s outing? Anyway, it’s a lie when you say you’re going out with Azuma senpai, right? I know that much.”

“…..So you know.”

“I do. Fujisaki kun, you weren’t serious at all. Hey, can you tell me who you’re going out with today?”

“Do you want to know that badly……?”

“Yeah. I thought that maybe there were things that would be difficult to say in front of Saki chan, so I forcibly pulled you away. Can’t you even tell me who you’re meeting? Wouldn’t you rather tell me?”

[It doesn’t seem that serious……does it? But if it really was a serious problem, Fujisaki kun might really hide it. He didn’t want people around him to worry about it,……]


I think it’s better to keep it a secret that I was meeting with Misaki sensei. However, to deceive further would be disrespectful to Misaka san who is so serious.

The conscientious part of me would not allow me to go through with any more lies and deceptions.

“……Misaka san. I really don’t want you to tell anyone…….”

“……Hm. If you really want to keep it a secret, Fujisaki kun, I won’t.”

[When it comes to women, it’s hard to trust them to keep secrets from each other, but I don’t want to do that. I’ll keep the secret well]

I feel a little relieved when I hear Misaka san’s inner voice. Even if it’s not a good thing to fall in love with someone else while having a boyfriend, I think she’s basically a very good person.

However, I would like to remind her one last thing.

“……If, you bypass this and tell someone about it……at least one person’s life could be seriously ruined. Still, you want to know?”

“Yeah, I want to know. If it’s that important, I want you to share it with me.”

[The secret that could affect one person’s life……. It’s more serious than I thought……. But no matter what the secret is, I want to support Fujisaki kun. If you say it’s a secret, then I’ll keep it a secret.]

I can even feel Misaka san’s strong feelings. I don’t want to do anything that would betray this feeling…….


“Actually……I’m planning to go out with Misaki Sensei today.”

“…..Eh? With Misaki sensei? Manga club advisor?”


“Eh? Eh? Why? Why are you going out with Misaki sensei? She’s a teacher, right?”


[This is……an unexpected person came out. Is this what you mean by [it’s hard to see what is under your nose]? I missed it perfectly…….]

“By going out, you mean just her and Fujisaki-kun, right?”


“What kind of outing is that? I mean, who’s inviting who?”

“Misaki sensei invited me. Also, as for the details of our outing…we’re planning to go to a bookstore or an illustration exhibition. We’re planning to meet locally and just happen to meet there.”

“H-heh….? T-that means that she was asking you out on a date, right? W-we’re talking about forbidden love, you know?”


I know with certainty that it’s a forbidden love, as far as my mind can tell, but I’m a little fuzzy on the subject at the moment.

“Maybe, that means you haven’t been confessed to?”

“Yes. For now.”

“Even so, if you’re willing to risk it all to meet alone with her, then this is definitely love……. I never thought we were talking about that……. No wonder Fujisaki kun tried to keep it a secret…….”

[This…I also learned a great secret…… I can’t do anything carelessly……. If the information leaks out, there is a possibility that Misaki sensei will really be fired as a teacher…… It would be a life-changing event…….]

“That’s why you can’t tell anyone about what happened today. Especially if it jeopardizes Misaki sensei’s position.”

“Yeah……. You’re right…….”

[I’ll keep it a secret, but I wonder what Misaki sensei is planning to do? Just being a teacher and a student is quite an obstacle, and it’s a pretty difficult love affair, right? Is it just a temporary fun? Or is she seriously thinking about the future? In the first place, what were Fujisaki kun’s intentions in agreeing to this date……?]

“Fujisaki-kun. Why did you decide to go on this date even though you knew it was dangerous? Fujisaki kun, do you like……Misaki sensei?”

“No,……I don’t clearly like her. But, well, I guess I got a little excited when she invited me.”

“I see……”

[I feel like this kind of love won’t go well even if I leave it alone….. But, just in case. It might be bad if I don’t take the initiative.

The other person is already an adult. And she’s beautiful. Using that body, she could easily seduce the virgin Fujisaki kun… You must be on your guard.

I knew it wasn’t a good idea to go to his house and ask him all kinds of questions. It’s a terrible impression to make when you’re your friend’s girlfriend, isn’t it? I know. But I was also very worried that if I didn’t hesitate to pursue him, it might be irreversible. This might have been worth the risk…….

I’m not talking about my own convenience, but I have to think about Fujisaki kun first. I’m so selfish……. I need to learn from Fujisaki.

But even putting my convenience aside, the best thing here is……]

“Hey, Fujisaki kun. I have a suggestion.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Let me accompany you on today’s date.”

“……? That’s…….”

“If I’m with you, it will give credibility to the fact that she happened to meet you, right? If someone else sees us, you’ll have an excuse.

“But Misaki sensei……”

“Won’t like it? But it’s definitely better this way. For Fujisaki kun and for Misaki sensei. So please. Take me too !”


[For both Fujisaki kun and Misaki sensei, this proposal is definitely correct !

But I still think about my own convenience ! Sorry about that ! Misaki sensei is already an adult, so I’m sure she’s thinking about quickly closing the distance on today’s date and going straight to the hotel !

If that were to happen, Fujisaki kun, a virgin who can’t resist the allure of an adult, would end up going out with Misaki sensei out of the blue ! I can’t allow that to happen ! I’m going to be his first !]

……Don’t shout embarrassing things in your heart. I wish you would put yourself in the position of listening to it.

“Ah,……umm, I need to talk to Misaki sensei……”

“Don’t. If you do that, Misaki sensei, you might come up with a strategy to get rid of me. I suddenly appear and create a situation where there is no way to escape.”

[ won’t let her do what she wants. Fujisaki kun will be dating me from now on. He’s going to have his first kiss and first sex with me.]

“W-well, okay. To be honest, I was also hesitant, so please come with me, Misaka san…”

I’m sorry, Misaki Sensei. I couldn’t make Misaki sensei my top priority, and I couldn’t make the date the way Misaki sensei wanted…….

“Okay. I’ll go too. Let’s have a fun date, the three of us, okay?”

No, it’s going to be the four of us?

I still can’t say.

[I know that she might resent me for this, but I’m not going to let her have Fujisaki kun anyway.

Besides, from Misaki sensei’s point of view, she’s in a state of holding a secret so serious that it could affect her life as a teacher. No matter how beautiful a teacher she is, she is the embodiment of every boy’s fantasy.

When I told her that if she was going out with Fujisaki kun, I’d reveal it at school, that teacher couldn’t move anymore. ….Ah, I hate myself for being so black-hearted. But for what I want, I can’t pretend to be something I’m not……

I’m just worried about what kind of tricks she’s going to use. If she threatened me, I might threaten her. I don’t want any secrets that could be used to threaten…….ah, this situation is not good either. Even though I have a boyfriend, I’m having a date with his friend. ……Mutual, I guess? But I can make excuses, and I’m not going to stab him in the back. Somehow, I’m going to get Fujisaki kun !]

Underneath her smile, Misaka san is pondering various thoughts. I knew there would be some apprehension about dating Misaki sensei, but this is turning out to be unexpectedly disturbing.

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