I could have greeted Misaka san by myself, but for some reason Saki followed me.

When I opened the front door, Misaka san was standing there with a smile on her face. She is wearing a T-shirt with a small logo and checkered pants. On her back is a black bag. She is wearing a small flower hair ornament in her hair, which is something I don’t see at school.

“Good morning, Fujisaki kun and Saki chan. Sorry for coming so early.”

[Now then, Fujisaki kun, who exactly are you going out with today? I wonder if I could find out something by asking Saki chan?]

It seems that Misaka san has come to find out the perfect answer. It’s only a matter of time before they find out. I’m sorry, Misaki sensei….

Saki spoke to Misaka san who was smiling as well.

“Good morning. It’s unusual for Misaka senpai to come to our house by herself.”

[I pretended to be welcoming her in front of Onii chan, but… Besides, I thought if I talked to Misaka senpai, I might be able to find out who Onii chan is going out with… But this woman is dangerous ! The way she looks at Onii chan is so disgusting ! I won’t let her get close to Onii chan ! I’ll protect him !]

“Sometimes I’m alone, you know. I had some business with Fujisaki kun today.”

[……Hm? I feel like Saki chan’s eyes were scary just for a moment…? Is it just my imagination? It’s fine if it’s just my imagination…but what if it wasn’t my imagination? Is she really not welcoming me? Hm? Perhaps…Saki chan doesn’t think of Fujisaki-kun as just an older brother…? Maybe I’m thinking too much…?]

Misaka san is also very perceptive……. Do you imagine that much from Saki’s momentary glance? If I don’t listen to inner voices, I can’t understand anything at all…….

“What kind of business does Misaka senpai have with Onii-chan? I don’t think meeting with Onii chan alone without Sakata senpai would make a very good impression on the public.”

“Ahaha. That’s true. But there’s nothing wrong with that, right? That’s why I came to his house so confidently. Besides, Saki chan is here too, so it’s not just the two of us, right?”

[Hmm……there’s a slight hostility from Saki chan… Maybe it’s just my imagination after all……?]

“Does Sakata senpai know that Misaka senpai is here?”

“Hmm. He doesn’t know. It’s not like I’m going to report every detail of my actions to Takuma.”

“Are you sure? From Sakata-senpai’s perspective, I don’t think he’s gonna take it too well…”

“It’s fine. I’m sure Takuma would be worried if I was seeing a boy other than Fujisaki kun, but if it’s Fujisaki kun, he won’t care.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. That’s what we are.”

[Having said that, if I really met Fujisaki kun alone, Takuma wouldn’t taking it well… He’s quite possessive… If I didn’t intend to break up with him, I wouldn’t do this.]

[Hmm……Misaka senpai’s words sound false, but I don’t know about real relationships either……. Even if it is generally not a good thing, there are probably many things that the two parties concerned don’t care about……. I’m sure Onii chan wouldn’t like a woman who would do such an unreasonable thing. I was thinking of attacking it later, but…I’ll put it on hold for now.]

Both of them are exchanging words very smilingly, but in their hearts, it seems to be a psychological battle. I wasn’t expecting this kind of suspense.

“W-well, um, Saki and I are still having breakfast, but for now, please come up…..”

“Thanks. I’m sorry to bother you. But I’m really sorry, okay? Even though you haven’t had breakfast or changed clothes yet, I’m so noisy.”

“I don’t mind. I wouldn’t be embarrassed if people saw me waking up.”

[Fufu. Being able to see Fujisaki kun awake was an unexpected blessing. I want to come and wake you up in the morning.]

“…… Besides, I’m sure Saki won’t mind being seen sleeping and waking up if it’s between two women.”

[Saki chan’s waking up is also refreshing. It has a somewhat suspicious atmosphere, but if I forget that, she’s cute. That being said, showing someone defenseless when they’re awake is a powerful weapon depending on how you look at it… You can show up with your underwear showing, or you can fake an incident and make the other person freak out…]

Don’t pinpoint what happened this morning. It freaks me out.

“……Well, if Takuma were here, I’d send him away. I don’t care about me, but I won’t let him see Saki wake up.”

[Declaring that Saki chan’s sleeping and waking appearance is yours alone? Is this your enthusiasm as an older brother? Or is it that he wants to monopolize the private life of the girl he has feelings for as a man? By any chance, are the two of you already in love with each other? Or is it unrequited love? Is the reason why he doesn’t notice my feelings is because his feelings are for Saki chan……? No, this is a bit too much to think about.]

[Ah, the feeling of being cared for by Onii chan, and when I let my guard down, my face turns into a grin. But no ! Pretend to be calm in front of this thief cat. If she found out that I like Onii chan as a member of the opposite sex, she might say it’s impossible. Don’t show your weakness ! Ah, even though I’m being cherished by Onii chan as a younger sister, it should keep other women away !]

I hear both of their voices at the same time, and my head feels like it’s going to get jumbled. I understand, but it might be pretty tough if it goes on for a long time.

I lead Misaka san to the living room and return to my original seat. Saki, on the other hand, moved the dishes and sat down next to me. Finally, Misaka san sits down in front of me.

[I won’t give up my place next to Onii chan !]

[Hmmm. She naturally secured the seat next to Fujisaki kun……. I wonder if that’s what it’s all about after all. Am I thinking too much?]

“It seems like you’re so close to each other. I’m an only child, so I admire siblings.”

“Well, I think we get along well, but apparently it’s rare for siblings to get along so well. The siblings I know usually don’t get along.”

“Ahaha. It seems so. Around me, the Fujisaki family is the only brother and sister who get along very well. The younger sister usually hates the older brother. Fujisaki kun, you must have been a very good big brother.”

“I don’t know about that……. I’ve always cherished my family, and I think I’ve always prioritized Saki…”

I’ve always had very few friends. Therefore, it can be said that I was able to live a life that prioritized Saki. Saki used to be like me and didn’t have many friends and couldn’t get along easily with others, so naturally she spent a lot of time with me. Somewhere along the line, things got complicated and Saki ended up falling in love with me as someone of the opposite sex.

“An older brother like Fujisaki kun is very rare. Boys are usually selfish.”

[I wonder if this is the source of Fujisaki kun’s kindness……. He puts other people’s feelings before his own.]

“Men are really helpless. ……I feel sorry when I think of the many girls who are having a hard time because of them.”

“I think women are pretty selfish, though. Always saying why boys can’t understand without making an effort to properly explain it to the other person !? And always angry.”

[……Like me.]

“……Ah. Is that so?”

“Ahaha. Fujisaki kun is having a hard time answering. If I say yes, it’s like pointing towards me or Saki chan. You probably don’t know about any other girls.”

“……No comment.”

“Eh, Onii chan, did you think of me like that?”

Saki glares at me, as if I’m out of line. I didn’t say anything. That’s also an answer though.

“I didn’t say that, okay?”

[Ah, this is the face of a liar. Did I make you think that way…..? Why don’t you realize how I feel? I’ve thought that, and, sure, when I was in elementary school, I was unreasonably angry about a lot of things……]

…Maybe I’m just not that good at lying? I feel like I’m being exposed at every turn.

And then Misaka san shrugs and says.

[Well, I can’t say anything about other people either. When you get close to a boy, you realize that boys and girls are different creatures, even if they’re the same person. They don’t think or feel anything at all. They think and feel completely differently.

No matter who you date, you will probably suffer from this gap, but it might be easier to spend time with someone who has a smaller gap. Not someone you’re just attracted to at first glance.”

[Oops, did I say a little too much? Do I feel like Saki chan’s eyes are shining? Did she find out that me and Takuma weren’t getting along or that I wanted to go out with Fujisaki kun? Unlike Fujisaki-kun, she’s very perceptive.]

Unlike me, huh. Haha. I can’t refute it because it’s true.

Saki asks Misaka san, leaving me secretly giggling.

“Um, Misaka senpai. Can I ask you this frankly?”

“Hm? What?”

“When are you going to break up with Sakata senpai?”

“……That’s based on the assumption that things aren’t going well between Takuma and me, right? Did you hear anything from Fujisaki kun?”

“I guessed it on my own. I can tell by your attitude and the way you speak. Things weren’t going well, so you left Sakata-senpai behind and came here on your own, right?”

[…It’s no use trying to trick Saki chan. She’s not Fujisaki kun.]

Will you stop dissing me every single time?

“Ah……I can’t hide it from Saki chan, huh. Yeah, right. I’m not getting along with Takuma very well. So I’m asking Fujisaki kun about how we should break up.”

“Right. So…..erm………”

[You like Onii chan and are going after him, right? Isn’t it really bad to ask that in front of Onii chan? Somehow…it’s the same for you, right? I feel like she’s about to say something… That meaningful smile… Maybe you could tell my feelings…?]

[……You like Onii chan, right? It seems like she was about to ask that but stopped. If you did that….what about you? I’ll ask that.]

“Ah, hey, Saki chan. Now that you mention it, there’s something I’d like to ask you too…”

“Eh? W-what is it?”

[You love Onii chan, don’t you? Are you trying to ask something like that? But since I didn’t ask, you shouldn’t ask. You understand, right?]

“I heard that Fujisaki kun is going out with someone today. Saki chan, do you know?”

[Ah, about that. Misaka senpai also doesn’t know the other party……. Who in the world is it?]

“I heard that it’s with Sakata senpai.”

“Hmm? That’s weird. Takuma is involved in club activities all day long.”

“I see. Then….I wonder who he is going out with.”

Their gazes were on me.

Now, let’s get to the point. I wonder if I’ll be able to hide it…….

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