“Sendai, I’m playing with Takaya san today, so I’ll see you later.”

After school, Kaneko said happily and quickly left the classroom.

I was stunned at how heartless he was, but seeing his happy expression, I didn’t want to complain.

As for me, I didn’t speak to Miyama san at all at school.

After school, Miyama san went home right away.

I guess it means that people like me are not taken seriously.

I just misunderstood that because I became friends with a real person like Kaneko, I could be like him too.

I guess a person who is in the shadows is always in the shadows.

Haa, so depressing.

“The bento box……I guess it’s not there anymore.”

However, it seems that my fan, who I don’t know who she was, is still out there.

Today, too, the lunchbox was collected.

I’d really like to meet a fan who is devoted to me.

“……I think I’ll take a short detour before heading home.”

Where did the cheerful mood of this morning go?

Still feeling confused, I didn’t head directly to the station, but instead headed to the game center in the shopping district just before the station.


It was not that I wanted to do anything.

I didn’t want to go home and agonize over it.

“Heh, it’s pretty clean inside.”

The sign and exterior of the store looked old, but once inside, the arcade looked surprisingly spacious and clean, with a few neighborhood students here and there after school.

I went to the crane game corner at the back of the store to avoid the racing and gaming sections, which were occupied by a bunch of young, gangster-looking people.

I looked at the stuffed animals and figures displayed in the showcases and searched for the one I wanted.

But all of them looked like they would not be worth a little money.

I don’t want to waste my money, and I’m afraid I’ll get too excited and spend it if I start.

But since I came all the way here, I wanted to get at least one prize, so I was looking for a prize that I could get.

“……Hyori senpai.”

I found Hyori senpai staring intently at the crane game with a large stuffed panda in it.

I wonder if she wants it?

But it’s a little surprising that she would come to a place like this.


She put a 100-yen coin into the machine and began to operate the lever, looking as cool as ever.

She quietly pressed the switch and the arm went down.

Then it hooked onto the stuffed animal’s body, and the stuffed animal lifted up.

It is a very big prize, but I think she can take it as it is.

I rarely see this kind of prize taken, so I watched to see what would happen to it.

But just before the hole, the stuffed animal fell off the arm.

It rolled over in a lying position.

“……Well, that’s no wonder.”

Even if you come close, such a big prize can’t be taken off by a little thing.

She tilted her head a little regretfully as she looked at the stuffed animal that had rolled away.

And then she left the place.

“……She almost got it, though.”

After she was gone, I stood in front of the stuffed panda I saw earlier.

Looking closely, I see that the distance to the hole is almost there.

If she did it once more, there’s a prize right where she can grab it.

“…I think I can get this.”

Thanks to Senpai, the prize was in a good position.

But I’m a little uncomfortable playing this as it is because I feel like I’m kind of playing high-stakes.

Someone else is going to do the same thing anyway.

If that’s the case, there’s no reason for anyone to complain if I do it.

“Let’s try this.”

It’s not that I want it.

But it’s the only thing I can get right now.

I put in 100 yen and aimed at the stuffed panda that had just fallen over.

The panda was lifted up, just like before.

And then,

“Ah, it fell down.”

It came off with a single shot.

I picked up the stuffed animal that had rolled out of the big hole and found it to be quite large.

It was a little embarrassing to get on the train with it in my hand.

But I felt it would be a shame to return the stuffed animal I had taken, so I asked the clerk for a large bag, put the stuffed animal in it, and left the store.

“Good grief, I spent money on things I don’t need.”

If I had a sister, she might be happy if I gave this to her.

But I’m an only child, so I have no one to give it to.

Or rather, I don’t know what my mother would say if I kept such a thing in my room.

Maybe I’ll sell it on Mericari next time.

“……Well, it seems that Hyori senpai wanted this.”

On the way to the station, the image of Senpai from earlier suddenly popped into my head.

She always seemed emotionless, but I felt like she looked regretful.

Of course, this is just my own imagination.

It’s hard to understand people’s feelings, but it’s impossible to understand someone just because I saw them a few time.

But somehow, I felt that way.

Lonely or frustrated.

“…..But, it’s creepy to be handed a stuffed animal by someone you don’t know.”

While waiting for the train at the station platform, I looked around for Hyori senpai.

However, if I were to show up and suddenly come to give her a stuffed animal, people would definitely think I was a stalker or something.

I’m going to take it home and sell it on the Internet.


The train on the way home was unusually empty.

I sat down without fighting with anyone and put a big bag of stuffed animals next to me.

A stuffed panda peeked out from the bag.

I’m still embarrassed. 

I feel like a high school boy in pain.

It’s a good thing there are so few people here.


Someone moved from the next car.

Again, it’s Hyori senpai.

Well, since we were at the same arcade earlier, it wouldn’t be strange if the train time overlapped.

It’s a little awkward.

I can’t help but worry about what people will think if they see this stuffed animal.

Of course, it’s more likely that she won’t even look at me, so I guess I’m just being overly self-conscious to feel awkward like this.


I remained silent and turned over to avoid looking at her.

I was staring at the slightly hazy floor, hoping that it would be enough to go unnoticed.

She sat down next to me.

Then, she and I held the stuffed animal between us.


I, of course, remained silent.

Or rather, why did she bother to sit here when all the other seats were empty?

As expected, is she trying to say something to me…..


But she also didn’t speak to me or even look at me.

The train is taking us to Akaitohama, with both of us staring straight ahead.

Even in the heavy and awkward air, there is a fluffy sweet scent wafting from her.

I wasn’t even going to look, but the smell was so good that I looked at her with a sideways glance and saw her staring at a stuffed panda, looking a little sad.

I knew she wanted this.

But I’m sure someone like her wouldn’t be insane enough to ask for something from someone she has no connection with.

Even I wouldn’t do something as insane as suddenly handing a stuffed animal to a girl I’ve never really talked to before.

If I did……right, I’d probably do it anonymously.

I wonder if this is how the girl who gave me the lunchbox was feeling.

It would have been heavy for her to give me a lunch box when we first met, so I guess that’s why she gave it to me that way.

But I’m standing next to her now.

If I casually left her a stuffed animal, she would probably think I left it behind.


I looked at her again to see if I could give it to her after all, but she was still staring at the panda the whole time.

Seeing her like that, my heart shook again.

And even though I knew it must be annoying, I said in a small voice.

“Um……if you don’t mind, would you like this one?

It’s like I was talking to the floor.

But it seems that my selfish murmur reached her.

“……Is it okay?”

She replied.

At the same time, the train seemed to shake a little, then slowed down and arrived at Akaitohama station.

“H-here you go, then.”

As soon as the doors opened, I got out of the train first, as if to escape.

I did not see what she did with the stuffed animal after that.

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