“Ehehe…..I came.”

There was Maki, staring up at me.

No, what the. And especially when Maria senpai was here.

…Justgo home for today. Yeah, let’s do that. If Maki is here, chaos is inevitable.

“Maki, we can’t today because Maria senpai is here. I’ll make it up to you next time, so can you give up for today?”

When I urged Maki to leave, she smiled and said—

“I can’t♪”

Unexpectedly, she refused.

It seemed like the two people watching from behind couldn’t stand it either.

“Maki chan, it’s troubling if you say that. This is my and Onii chan’s house.”

“Sudo san? Isn’t that a little outrageous?”

The two of them couldn’t help but raise their voices.

But Maki didn’t seem to mind at all.

“How could I let the man I love have another woman over to his house?”

She tilts her head as if it were a matter of course.

“Wha !”

When someone shows such a straight favor to you, it’s hard to tell them to go home……

But that’s just for me.

The two of them are just pouring fuel on the fire.

“Hmph ! I don’t care about you, Maki chan !”

“…..I have no intention of getting along with you if you’re my love rival.”

Both of them expressed their refusal.

……I mean, it’s been a while since I heard Maria senpai’s ladylike tone.

As I was thinking about this, I felt my sleeve being pulled.

I took one look and saw Maki looking me up and down.

“The two of them rejected me, but Kento will have fun with me, right?”

……Indeed, I had only invited Maria senpai at Hikari’s request, and now I’m free.

The bottom line is that if I play with Maki, everything will come full circle.

Hikari can talk with Maria senpai and I can play with Maki in my spare time.

Win-win, right?

“Then, how about we play some games in my room? I’ll be playing with Maki, so you two can take your time and have a chat.

Just as I was about to go up the stairs to my room after saying that.

“Onii chan ! You can’t do that !”

Hikari grabbed me firmly by the arm.

It also looks like she’s in a bit of a hurry.

“W-what’s going on? You have something to say to Maria senpai, don’t you?”

“I-I have ! But you can’t be alone in the room with her !”

“Hm? Neither Hikaru-chan nor Maria-senpai will be my partner, right? That’s why I wanted Kento to play with me. but for you to even try to take Kento away from me, that’s tyrannical.”

“How dare you……you’re aiming for Onii chan in the first place……”

“What you did….is a complete set-up.”

The two of them are glaring at Maki, but Maki is smiling as if she is proud of her victory.

“Then shall we go?”


There was some wrangling, but Maki seemed to have the upper hand.

I was a little concerned about how Hikari and Maria senpai were doing and glanced at them from the side, but decided to stop there and follow Maki.


“Kento, you’re too weak~”


Humiliation. She’s totally mocking me.

I decided to play a competitive game with Maki in my room, and the result was 0-6.

We are childhood friends and I have played hundreds of games with Maki. And I have won only about 20% of them.

I have my own console game, but for some reason, Maki is better than me.

……I knew it. I already knew that. Anyway, I’m going to get beaten up by Maki again this time.

But since we’ve been on bad terms lately, Maki should have had a blank period of time since she didn’t have a gaming console.

And yet…….

“I’m going to stop playing games.”

“Oh〜, Kento sulked.”

I’m sitting on the floor grasping one’s knees. If you look at it from the outside, it might look like a horribly funny image of a high school student who is sulking after being beaten to a pulp in a game.

“Then I’m reading manga, okay?”

Maki dives into my bed and starts reading manga.

The sight of Maki is extremely unprotected.

“Don’t flap your legs, I can see your panites.”

“I don’t care, it’s Kento.”


I tried to warn her, but she wouldn’t listen to me at all.

“Maki. I seriously warn you, don’t show such an unprotected appearance in front of a man. You might be attacked in the worst case scenario.”

When I warned her in a strong tone, she stopped reading the manga and turned around to face me.

“Kento. You must think I’m some kind of a lascivious woman or something. The only time I show myself in such a vulnerable position is in front of Kento. …..I don’t mind being attacked by you.”

While looking away, hse stared at me with red cheeks.

……Is that what you mean? ……Are you telling me to attack you?

Should I dive on top of her?

…They say it’s a shame for a man not to eat a set meal. 

When I made up my mind and was about to attack.

Suddenly, the faces of Hikari and Maria senpai appeared in my head.

……That’s right. I feel bad for Hikari and Maria senpai.

It would be a betrayal of their goodwill to continue to give in to my sexual desires.

“Maki. I’m happy about your feelings, but I can’t hold you now that there’s someone else who expressed their love for me.”

Ah, I said it.

I was somewhat regretting my decision.

Don !

I thought I heard a sudden sound of something slamming into me, and I was pushed down by Maki.

I instantly understood that it was me who was attacked.

“H-hey. What are you doing–

Suddenly, a drop of water fell on my cheek.

I saw Maki in front of me with tears in the corners of her eyes.

“…..Am I…….losing that much charm…….”

As if she had given up on something, her voice sounded gloomy as she cried and laughed.

“That’s not true. Maki is quite attractive—“Then why not ! Why won’t you attack me !”

The enraged Maki looked terribly distressed.

After a few moments of silence, Maki began to speak.

“……I knew it. I knew that Ken chan, who likes me, was no longer here. I’ve been told that a much more attractive girl than me has confessed their love for you, and that my presence is fading away.

…..That’s……why !”

“…Are you saying that you tried to connect me with your body?”


Just a few moments of silence. It signified affirmation.

“……Yes, that’s right. It’s okay to be a woman of convenience. It’s okay if it’s just a physical relationship. But if you let me stay by your side, that’s all I need to be happy.”

She stares at me with stagnant eyes that don’t have a glimmer of light in them.

“Maki, I might be able to use you to my advantage and then throw you away.”

“……I don’t want to be thrown away. But if I could be your girlfriend……or wife, that would be the best, but if that can’t happen, then I’m fine with being the one that you can play with. As long as you look at me in any way, that’s fine.”

……What a mixed feelings.

The joy of being loved so much by Maki.

The awe of her determination, which could be described as insanity.

Two emotions were stirring in my chest, and I couldn’t understand why.

……I can tell you this, though.

“Maki. That kind of self-disparaging attitude is wrong.”

I looked Maki in the eye and told her earnestly.

However, it didn’t seem to resonate with her.


As if to brush off my words, Maki smiled.

“There’s nothing wrong. Yes, nothing is wrong. I’ve been thinking about it ever since you saved my life that time. There’s no way I’m wrong.”

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