“That time, I believe, it was in the second year of elementary school?”

“Yeah. You protected me when everyone made fun of me.”

“Ah, what was it? I think you shit your pants.

“Oh, I don’t know! You don’t have to look back!

“! You don’t have to remember it !”

Even though she was looking at me with resentful eyes, her face was turning red.

Perhaps because Maki reacted in a girly way, I felt that the serious atmosphere became a little softer.

“……Well, but it’s true. When I was in the second grade, people used to make fun of me and avoid me because of it.”

I didn’t ask her why, and I have no intention of asking her, but I can kind of guess.

In elementary school, especially in the lower grades, there was a sort of shameful atmosphere about pooping in the bathroom.

Besides, it was during class when Maki had a stomach ache, which was unfortunate.

This is not limited to elementary school, but it takes courage to try to go to the restroom during class, probably because of the eyes of those around you.

After weighing the two options between going to the toilet in shame and holding back during class, she probably chose to endure the situation.

And as a result, she shit herself.

“…….I know it must have been hard for you.”

“Yeah. I’m a girl, and it was really hard to be ridiculed. I cried at home every day. …….But Kento protected me. I hated school so much, but I could do my best because Kento was there.”

At the time, I remember seeing Maki in pain and being driven by a sense of mission, [I have to protect her.]

“But because of me, Kento got hated. I’m really sorry…….”

“Don’t mind it. It doesn’t matter if I can protect you.”

I would challenge the boys who made fun of her to fights and slap the girls.

I was doing this repeatedly, so it was inevitable that I would be hated by everyone around me.

But I don’t regret it at all now or in the past. In fact, I’m proud to have been able to protect my childhood friend.

Perhaps satisfied with my answer, Maki turned to me with a big smile.

“I’ve been following you since then. At first, I was clinging to you out of a desire not to be ridiculed, but as I was protected by you over and over again, before I knew it, I became dependent on him and fell in love with you. I was obsessed with Kento.”


“……Kento made me this kind of woman, you know? You made me into a woman who can’t live without you. So will you take responsibility for that? And accept me?”

Maki suddenly moved her hands. Her hand moves from my cheek to my chest, then to my stomach, then to my bladder, and then she tries to touch my—

“Onii chan ! I was able to talk a lot with Maria senpai, so we’re…..all…….”



Please don’t make me sit on my knees……

In front of my eyes was an angry Hikari. And Maria senpai.

When I looked to the side, I saw Maki sitting up straight just like me.

“Hey, why me too?”

As for Maki, I understand why. She was seen pushing me down and trying to touch my crotch. She was caught red-handed.

“Kento, you look very excited ! ……A-and also….i-it was getting big………”

Maria senpai pointed out to me in embarrassment.

Yeah. ……I’m going to have to apologize for this one.

“…….I’m sorry, I’m just a high school boy after all, ……and I got excited without realizing it.”

Desperately appeals for remorse in polite language.

I glanced to the side and saw that Hikari was lecturing Maki.

So Hikari is in charge of Maki and Maria senpai is in charge of me.

“Kento ! Don’t look anywhere else !”

I immediately returned my gaze from Maki and Hikari to Maria senpai.

“I-I’m sorry…….”

“I won’t forgive you ! As a punishment, you have to go on a date with me next time !”

……Hm? Isn’t Maria senpai acting out of self-interest?

“You got it !”

“Y-yes !”

I agreed to it on the spur of the moment, but I can’t deny the feeling that Maria senpai had manipulated me into doing what she wanted. Besides–

“Onii chan ! What do you mean you’re going on a date with Maria senpai !?”

I knew this was going to happen.

“M-my bad. I think I’l–“You have to go on a date with me too !”

Hm? Is it okay to go on a date with her? I thought she’d try to stop me since it’s Hikari……

“You’ll go on a date with me, too?”


For some reason, I ended up going on a date with three people.

“Maria senpai, please keep our agreement.”

“Of course.”

Hm? What’s the deal?

“What’s the arrangement?”

Maki wondered.

“I’ll send you a message later, Maki chan.”

“Eh? You’re not going to tell me?”:

I feel like I’m being excluded from the group.

“I’m not going to tell Onii chan about it, even though it’s an arrangement regarding you. ……No, I could tell you, but I’d be embarrassed.”

“I-I understand.”

I can’t ask her anymore when she says this.

“I’m leaving now.”

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost 3 o’clock.

“Maria senpai, are you leaving already?”

“I really want to stay a little longer, but I have a lesson to learn.”

I remember that she originally said on the message app that she could only play until 3:00.

I told her to keep up with her lessons, and she said, [See you later] and walked away.

“What about you, Maki?”

“Of course I’ll still be here, okay?”

“I know you’re planning to attack Onii chan again, right, Maki chan ! You should go home and reflect on what you did today !”

“Ugh……okay…..I’m going home, Kento.”

“O-okay. See you.”

Maki seemed to be feeling a little guilty as well, as she obediently followed Hikari’s words and headed home.

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And thus an alliance was formed

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I guess it’s some kind of war agreement?