Lunch break was coming to an end and I parted ways with Azuma senpai. I couldn’t hear her inner voice the whole time, but that’s normal. I think it’s rather quiet that way, and I might not have to think about anything else.

However, assuming that the number above the head is a likeability, what is the relationship between that number and the inner voice? I assume that above a certain number the voices become audible, but I don’t have enough samples yet.

When I return to the classroom, Takuma and Misaka san greet me with smiles.

[Fujisaki kun, you’re back. Haa……I’m happy just to be in the same space with you……. I feel like I’m going to cry just by seeing you…….]

While I was confused by Misaka san’s inner voice, it was Takuma who called out to me.

In terms of appearance, Takuma is a tall, handsome man with well-tanned, healthy skin and short hair. In a sense, it is a miracle that such a popular guy is a friend of a simple person like me. I met him after entering high school, and we became friends while helping out with the bake sale at last year’s school festival.

“Hey, Touya. You’re back at last. What’s your errand? You got a girlfriend? If so, you should introduce her to me too. You’re so reserved.”

“It’s not a girlfriend or anything……”

It wasn’t, but the person I was with was a woman. I thought about telling him who I was meeting with since there was no need to hide it, but…

“Sniff sniff. Hm? It kind of smells like a woman’s……”

Misaka san said something strange. It’s just a joke, right……?

[……This smell, Azuma senpai from the manga club and the advisor, Misaki-sensei. Azuma senpai doesn’t seem to have any special feelings towards Fujisaki kun, and Misaki sensei is a teacher, so I guess it’s okay. Yeah, I’m sure. Fujisaki kun is mine…….”

“Haha. If it’s Kanade, she might even be able to tell who Touya has been meeting with just by smell !”

“No way. It’s just a joke. There’s no way she knows.”

[Well, it’s weird to be a girl who can tell who you’ve met by the scent left behind……. I can’t tell him the truth very well…..]

Wait a minute ! If that’s true, the Misaka san not only has the ability of an esper level !?

While I was astonished to learn the truth, Takuma, who knew nothing about it, was only being nonchalant.

“If it’s true, I can’t carelessly cheat on her. Of course I don’t, and I have no plans to. So, who did Touya meet after all? Don’t tell me, is it someone you can’t tell us about?”

“……No, no. I just stopped by the manga club room. So, while I was eating, I had a little talk with Azuma senpai and Misaki sensei.”

“Oh, were you targeting Azuma senpai? If so, just say so. I’ll cooperate as much as I can, okay?”

At Takuma’s point, I felt a murderous intent appear in Misaka san’s eyes for a moment. That quickly disappeared, and she asked me with a gentle smile.

[Now that I think about it, why did Fujisaki kun go out of his way to meet those two? Why did he leave us behind to go there? Fujisaki kun……don’t tell me you have feelings for one of them,……? I won’t allow that, you know……?]

“Ah, erm, um……I just happened to see them, it’s just that Azuma senpai asked me to model my hands for some manga material. It was just a coincidence that Sensei came.”

[That’s a lie !]

“……I see. Fujisaki kun, you’re so kind. Also, Azuma senpai is so cool for having something to be crazy about.”

You clearly doubted me just now !? Misaka san, you saw through my lie in an instant !? And yet, why are you smiling so calmly !?

I can’t help but smile subtly. If I hadn’t heard her inner voice, Misaka san would simply be a pleasant girl, but in the current situation, she is a tricky person who perfectly disguises her facial expressions.

Her feelings for Takuma seem to have cooled off to some extent, but she seems determined to get me even though she has a boyfriend, and she may be scarier than I thought…….

“I-I respect Azuma senpai too.”

“It’s wonderful to have someone close to you who you respect. I’m jealous.”

[I wonder if it’s really just respect. Aren’t you choosing your words to cover up your romantic feelings?]

“…..Well, so I, you know, nothing special is happening with me and Senpai. Yeah.”

“I see. But if you’re interested in Azuma senpai, you can talk to me about it.”

“….Ah, yeah. If that happens, I’ll talk to you about it.”

[If something like that happens, I’ll have to do everything in my power to prevent it… So that he won’t realize that I’m interfering, I’ll lead him in a direction that won’t go well. It’s hard, but……I can do it. Because I like Fujisaki kun.]

Putting aside Azuma senpai, I’m afraid of Misaka san……. I can’t help but smile bitterly at Misaka san’s inner voice.

I’m happy that she’s half-confessing to me, but I feel that she’s more malicious than I thought she would be……. Maybe I would have been happier not knowing this side of her.

The chimes are ringing and classes are starting. Takuma returned to his seat and Misaka san also looked forward. However, it seems that she is not so much aware of the class in her mind.

[I like Fujisaki kun……but I can’t do anything about it while I’m Takuma’s girlfriend. I mean, I definitely don’t want to be a woman who thinks like this behind the scenes while being lovey-dovey with Takuma on the surface……. What should I do?

Well, if I feel like this, I should break up with Takuma as soon as possible and confess my feelings to Fujisaki kun when I’ve cleared up my relationship. But even if I did that, does it make Fujisaki kun want to go out with me? Can he be friends with his friend’s ex-girlfriend? I’m sure he will reject me because I’m Takuma’s girlfriend.

I don’t know what the people in my class will say about me…… I wonder if they’ll say I’m a call girl or something…… It might be my fault, so it can’t be helped, but I don’t feel comfortable bringing Fujisaki kun into the mix…….

Even if I take action now, I will probably lose both Takuma and Fujisaki kun, and I will be looked at strangely in class as well……. It feels like I’m losing everything. If that’s the case, I should still continue the current relationship, slowly approach Fujisaki kun to make him like me, break up with Takuma when the time is right, and go out with Fujisaki kun……. Even if I lose the others in the class, I’ll be happy with Fujisaki kun…… I can’t be Fujisaki kun’s girlfriend if I’m thinking about all these stupid things…… First of all, break up with Takuma, and everything will start from there……. I’m not sure if Takuma will listen to me though. I can tell he likes me a lot.

Ah, [I want to break up with Takuma, but what should I do?] I think I should ask Fujisaki kun about it. While asking for advice, I can slowly make him aware of me……. This would be a rather natural way to break up and get closer to Fujisaki kun…….right? Yeah. Let’s go with this for now.]

I thought Misaka san was the more innocent type, but apparently she’s even more cunning than I expected.

Well, everyone has that side to them, and there is nothing wrong with that. There are probably very few people who can live honestly and uprightly. It is just a matter of thinking that Misaka san was also a human being.

I’m not disillusioned with Misaka san, but I’m very concerned about the fact that she’s going to be asking me for some very troublesome advice. Takuma still loves Misaka san and will not easily agree to part with her.

That said, I don’t think I want Misaka san to force herself to go out with Takuma. I will try to cooperate with Misaka san.

Takuma might cry……. I want to avoid any complications, but that may be difficult too. I’m at a loss……

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