After Maria senpai’s confession, all the members of the student council, including Yuri senpai, who entered the student council room with a blank expression on her face, finished their work.

During work, I would stare back at Maria senpai who was glancing at me, and Maria senpai would turn red and look away, and so on.

If it had been me before, I would have made the foolish mistake of thinking that Maria senpai had something she wanted to tell me, but now that she has confessed her feelings to me, I can understand her emotions.

–Can’t help but curious about the person I like–

I couldn’t keep my cool when I understood that, and I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t do my job properly.


“I’m home.”

It’s been another really intense day……

“Welcome home ! Onii chan ! I love you !”


I never thought Maria senpai would confess her love to me…….


I came back to myself at the sound of Hikari’s husky voice.

“Why are you ignoring me?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was in a daze.”

“Liar…..I know you were ignoring me. you’ve made up with Maki chan, so you don’t care about me anymore, do you?”

“N-no. How could I possibly think that my precious sister is unimportant?”

I made an excuse for Hikari’s sudden hysteric outburst while being perplexed.

“Right. I’m just a precious little sister after all….of course a beautiful childhood friend is better than your own sister……I knew that…..I knew that, but !”

My excuses seemed to add fuel to the fire, and when I thought Hikari had tears filling the corners of her eyes, she ran back to her room.

“What in the world…..”

I’ve always felt that Hikari has a tendency to be very paranoid, but this is the first time she’s gone this far out of control.

I was shocked and dumbfounded by HIkari’s changes.

“Let’s give it some time…..”

If I give it some time, Hikari will cool down a little.


“Hikari, can you let me in the room for a while?”

It was past eight o’clock.

It has been a little more than two hours since then.

Hikari has been holed up in her room without eating during that time, and has remained silent when I’ve tried to talk to her.

Hikari’s room is securely locked, so all I can do is ask her to open the door.

“Let’s talk about it. Can you open the door?”

I called out again, but there was no response.

I was about to give up and turn on my heel,

I heard a clunk.

“Onii chan…….”

When Hikari finally came out of her room, her eyes were bright red and swollen.

“Let’s go to the living room.”

When we arrived in the living room, Hikari and I sat down facing each other.

“……Have you cooled down?”


“Hikari, first of all, let me tell you that I never, ever, would not care about you.”


Hikari asks me with a worried expression.

“Of course…also, I’m sorry that I seemed to ignore you earlier. I’ve had a lot on my mind today.”

I say that and bow my head.

“So you didn’t really ignore me because I was bothering you…..?”

Hikari asked again, as if to say confirm.

I could tell that it was unbearable for her if I was bothered by her.

“Yeah, I swear to God.”

Since I had sworn to God, I thought that Hikari would give me peace of mind.


Hikaru was so moved that she began to cry again.

However, these tears are definitely not tears of sadness.

“I was……worried that Onii chan might have abandoned me,…..and I was dying of anxiety,……and once I got anxious, I couldn’t stop, I thought….that Onii chan really doesn’t want his sister to like him, or…..that he doesn’t like a forceful girl like me…..or so I thought.”

Hikari’s monologue-like lines clearly expressed her anxiety because she had fallen in love with me, her own brother.

“Hikari, I would never abandon you, okay? You’re too good for me. I think it’s more likely that I’ll be the one to be abandoned. …..I’ve told you before that I see Hikari as a woman,…..sometimes. So there’s no way I’d feel uncomfortable with Hikari liking me.”

When I told Hikari my true feelings, I felt that her expression cleared up somewhat.

“I’m happy…… just to hear Onii chan say that makes my heart flutter ! Even though…..I kind of disapprove of the [sometimes] part.”

Hikari beamed as she said that.

I’m glad her mood seems to be better.

“Ah ! By the way, you said something happened today, what happened?”

“Ah, actually, I was confessed to today–


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7 months ago

Hikari is now officially a full fledged yandere

2 months ago

You idiot! You were not supposed to tell her that!