(Ah, it hurts. …….)

On my day off after I got away from Sakurae.

I was stuck in my bed in my room.

Because my headache, which had recently calmed down, became worse to match the change of Sakurae’s …….

The reason for the recurrence is definitely Sakurae.

(Damn, what the heck…)

Sakurae made me remember my past trauma.

When I close my eyelids, I can see Sakurae laughing at me and them.

I know it’s a half hearted, half hearted feeling towards Sakurae.

Still, …….

(It doesn’t matter anymore,……! If I didn’t get involved with Sakurae, I’m sure things would settle down again. ……)

I, alone, have made up my mind once again to part ways with Sakurae.

–I was still unaware of Sakurae Sana’s true nature at this time.

At the beginning of the week, Sakurae’s behavior in class was the same.

I had feared that she would appear depressed, but she was smiling and chatting with the students surrounded by her.

I was relieved, but just to be safe, I asked the guy in the next class to take over library duty for the rest of the week.

He seems to have a bit of a thing for Sakurae, and agrees to do it without a sour look on his face.

I was grateful for that, and thought it might be a good idea to ask him to take over for me this time.

(Good, it’s settled down. …….)

After a week without incident and without any contact with Sakurae, the headaches gradually subsided.

I was relieved that the headache was not as bad as it had been, and I reaffirmed that it was better not to have anything to do with Sakurae if it was going to bring up that past trauma.

It was on Tuesday, the day before I was supposed to be on library duty, that I was reminded that I had been naive in thinking that I was safe.

“Eh? Not this week?”

During lunch break, I went to the guy I always ask to be on duty on Thursday to ask him to take my place tomorrow.

I was surprised and asked him back, since he had been willing to do it up until last week.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, but it’s just so awkward being on duty with Sakurae-san.”

Awkward with Sakurae ……?

For a moment, I wondered if he had confessed to her and have been dumped, but then he told me a completely different reason.

“She’s been reading a book all the time, and when I talk to her, she doesn’t answer, and she stares at me even when I don’t do anything, so the atmosphere is the worst. It didn’t happen last time…”

(Um, Sakurae…..?)

I couldn’t imagine Sakurae like what this guy was talking about.

I’ve never seen her look like that when she’s in class or on book duty with me.

Moreover, she wasn’t like that before she was rejected by me. ……?

With an unexplained feeling, I tried to go back to my class because I had no choice but to be told so.

“…… Shota-kun, what are you doing?”


I was on my way back to my class when I ran into Sakurae in the hallway.

I felt a shiver run down my spine as Sakurae smiled at me as if nothing had happened the other day.

(Why are you talking to me with a face like that….!)

If I only look at the expression on her face, I get the feeling that something unsubtle and unbearable is hiding there, even though she is smiling kindly and charitably.

Worse still, Sakurae was not alone.

“Huh? Sana is close with Kokonoe-kun?”

From next to Sakurae, a girl who seemed to be particularly close to her in class interrupted.

To which Sakurae replies as a matter of course.

“Yes,. I’m on library duty with you, right?”


I was not able to push her away under the circumstances, so I went along with Sakurae.

After hearing my answer, the girl said, “Hee, I see” she replied, not really interested.

“I’m going back…….”

I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, so I walked past the two of them.

But Sakurae stopped me.

“Oh, wait a minute. Shota-kun”

I couldn’t ignore that, so I stopped walking and turned back to Sakurae and the others.

Then, Sakurae gave me a very natural smile and said

“I need to talk to you about the library board, can you stay after school?”


I knew that this was definitely not about the library board.

But Sakurae was with her friends, and since it was lunchtime, many students were out in the corridor.

Because It was public, I couldn’t say no to it.

(This girl knows what she’s doing, ……!)

Sakurae is tilting her head, looking like she’s not thinking anything of it.

I was not in a situation where I could delay my reply too much.

“……Okay, I’ll stay behind.”

“Yes, please. Don’t forget …….”

This time I went back to the classroom, thinking about Sakurae, who nodded in satisfaction at my reply.

(What is Sakurae thinking? Is she getting back at me?)

Her attitude on book duty with someone other than me, and her aggressiveness …… in contacting me without regard to the public eye earlier.

I spent the rest of the afternoon pondering Sakurae’s intentions, but I couldn’t come to a conclusion with this much information.

“Thank god, you stayed behind.”


After school, Sakurae saw me come into the classroom and said that with a relieved expression on her face.

I didn’t want to talk in public, so I once killed some time in the library and came back to the classroom to meet with Sakurae.

As I had hoped, it was already time for club activities to start, so the only one left in the classroom was Sakurae, and I could hear the athletic club’s running shouts in the distance.

It was better if Sakurae had left, too,…….

“……What do you want?”

I asked, keeping a desk-length distance from Sakurae.

Sakurae smiled and answered

“Don’t be so guarded, okay? I’m on your side, Shota kun. …I just wanted to talk to you properly.”

I’m annoyed by Sakurae’s argument.

“You created a situation where I couldn’t refuse. ”

Sakurae shook her head and denied it.

“It was just a coincidence that we met in the hallway today. But if I don’t talk to you, I can’t tell Shota-kun that I’m on his side. …… Don’t worry, you don’t have to be afraid of me, okay?”


Sakurae smiles with her arms outstretched, as if she were soothing a child who won’t listen.

I felt …… creeped out by such a Sakurae.

Why is …… this girl smiling?

For example, even if it’s from someone you don’t really care for, isn’t it normal to think, “I don’t want to be involved with you anymore” if you’ve been rejected so clearly?

I don’t think it’s strange for someone to be disgusted or upset, especially if it comes from someone they have some level of affection for.

–But the Sakurae in front of me is smiling so calmly that I feel her beauty.

Sakurae, who acts outside of my understanding, it would be unreasonable to say “don’t be alarmed”.

In addition, the words that Sakurae continues to say make my caution jump.

“It was tough, wasn’t it? I get it. Shota-kun is still suffering because of that.”

(Because of that ……?)

I wondered for a moment, but then an event immediately popped into my head.

In response to this, my blood rushed to my head and I yelled at Sakurae.

“Why ……, how do you know about it? Who told you that?!”

When I asked that, Sakurae’s eyes widened and the corners of her mouth turned up even more.

The look of joy on her face sent a chill down my spine.

“…I knew it, there is.”

After Sakurae muttered that, she started to have fun.

“Fufufufu……! I knew it! I knew it! There’s something that torments Shota-kun, isn’t there? That’s why you tried to leave me, isn’t it!”


Sakurae eerily raises an innocent voice that is all too unlike this air.

(Sakurae is ……, was she like this?)

I was stunned by the gap between Sakurae and the quiet, normal Sakurae.

But in the midst of my surprise, I was listening to Sakurae’s words.

I noticed Sakurae’s reaction as if my prediction had come true.

“Did you trick me? …….”

In response to my words, Sakurae stops laughing.

“…… yeah, I’m sorry. I really did notice it, though, you know? I just wanted to be sure.”

Satisfied with the answer she got, Sakurae closed her eyes and held her chest.

“…… What are you going to do when you know something like that?”

She opened her eyes and looked into my eyes and tilted her head in sincere wonder.

“It’s the reason why Shota-kun wants to leave me, right? In other words, if I break it off, I can stay by Shota-kun’s side. It’s …… very important.”

“Y-you …..! You’re out of your mind! I’m not sure why you’re so obsessed with me. Why do you care so much about me? You should just leave me alone and date someone else!”

Sakurae shakes her head.

“The only one who will look at me properly is Shota-kun,…….”

“I don’t think so. There are always people around Sakurae already. …………., there is a charm that attracts others to you.”

I call out to Sakurae to remind her, but Sakurae just smiles sadly.

“All of that was given to me by Shota-kun. …But if Shota-kun is going to leave me because of that, I don’t need that. ”

“Sakurae …….”

I thought the conversation would continue to run parallel between me not wanting to get involved and Sakurae wanting to go into the trauma.

When I was thinking about how to convince Sakurae, I thought, “Huh…” Sakurae exhales.

“If we continue like this, we’ll never come to a mutually satisfactory conclusion, will we? I want Shota-kun to understand that I’m on his side, even if it takes time…..’

“…… I see. So what are you going to do about it?”

Sakurae said, “It can’t be helped.”

“Shota-kun won’t be …… annoyed if I talk to you in front of everyone, will you?”

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8 months ago

I wonder what kind of trauma the MC has. It seems severe. I hope it’s not something stupid

Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
8 months ago
Reply to  Akamii

Probably something about another yandere or something, it’s usually normal to have a crush to the cute schoolmate who was plain, also those bewbs~

2 months ago

Fufu~ blackmailing/threatening XD