After having lunch with Kento.

I came home around evening and was killing time until dinner.

Around six o’clock, Iyoki-san came to my house.

“Hello, Iriake-kun. I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Please come in.”

She went up to my house and went straight to the kitchen.

Iyoki-san is a good cook, and she cooks dinner for me whenever she can.

“Somehow, I sorry”

“Don’t worry about it! If I cook for both of us, we end up saving money on dinner, and I even save myself a lot of money.”

“Yeah, but you cook for me every day. ……”

“Fufu, that’s fine. I enjoy cooking for Iriake-kun. It’s all for my benefit.”

“Iyoki-san ……”

What a nice word of thanks I am getting.

Is it okay if I don’t pay for it? It’s not like I’m paying for it or anything!

“Iriake-kun, please wait. I’ll make it right away.”


I replied cheerfully and decided to wait quietly.

In the next hour or so, Iyoki-san made dinner.

Today’s dish was ginger yaki. It came with miso soup and salad, and one could have been forgiven for thinking it was a set meal at a teishoku-ya (set meal restaurant).

“Then, Itadakimasu”


The two of us eat dinner side by side.

We used to sit opposite each other and eat, but now we find ourselves sitting side by side, pecking at our chopsticks.

“Hmm, Well done!”

Smiling innocently, Iyoki-san has a beautiful posture.

She sits upright on the floor and eats with an exemplary posture.

Every movement she makes is beautiful, and I couldn’t help but notice that she is beautiful in every way, not just in her appearance.

Suddenly, she noticed my gaze and leaned in close to me, her cheeks flushed and her shoulders were leaning in close.

Iyoki-san moves her chopsticks forward as if she is in close proximity to me.

“Iyoki san? This is hard to eat……”

“It’s better this way, right?”

“I-I see. ……”

Once she said that, I couldn’t say anything back to her.

Even so, I feel like Iyoki san likes physical contact a lot these days. 

But Iyoki san doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, in fact, she seems a bit happy about it.

I really don’t understand her.

While diverting my attention from the side that is in contact with Iyoki-san, I recall what kento said to me today, “Oh, by the way.”

[Sae-sama is a yandere.]

I had never noticed it before, but there are a few things that come to mind.

But if Kento’s opinion is correct, it means that Iyoki-san has feelings for me.

That’s the only thing I can’t agree with.

……I can’t help it. Shall I try what Kento told me?

It may take some courage, but I have no choice but to do it in order to get rid of this feeling of unease.

I made up my mind and asked her.

“Um, Iyoki-san…”

“What is it?”

“Well, …… I don’t have any deep meaning or anything, but what would you think if I was with a girl other than you, Iyoki-san?”

A moment after hearing that.

The chopsticks fell to the floor with a thud.

When I looked at Iyoki san, her face went rigid and she was staring at me as if time had stopped.

“Iriake-kun, with girl,……”

If Iyoki-san is a Yandere, Kento said she would overreact to my comment.

Well, what will happen?

“Well, that’s just if, isn’t it? Right?”

“Y-Yes, that’s right.”

“I see…Y-yes, that’s right! That’s if, isn’t it? Haa~ I’m so glad.”

Her expression returned to her usual Iyoki san.

What the heck, that’s not what Kento said.

This is just me saying something embarrassing.

“Well, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for saying such a strange thing all of a sudden.”

“It’s okay! I was a little surprised.”

“Of course.”

I would have been surprised to hear such a thing from someone who would never say such a thing to me.

I was really out of my mind.

“Ah, by the way, to answer your question earlier…”


“I’m hating it to death.”


“I don’t like the idea of you being with a girl other than me. I hate it to death. I honestly don’t know myself what I would do if I saw such a scene. But I am sure that I would do something terrible.”

“I-Iyoki san……?”

“I don’t like it anyway. Now, that was, of course, hypothetical, right? Isn’t that right?”

The black eyes of Iyoki-san stare at me.

This is the eyes.

It was these eyes that made me instinctively feel danger from Iyoki-san.

I felt an unusual degree of obsession in the depths of her eyes.

I felt as if my appearance would be distorted by the intense gaze.

For a few seconds, I couldn’t get the words out of my throat.

Finally, I managed to speak with a single “ah” sound.

“Y-Yes, that’s right.”

“Fufu, then I’m glad. But please don’t talk hypothetically from now on, okay? I’m afraid I’m going to get out of control with just that. okay?”


“Fufu, you are a good boy, Iriake-kun.”

Iyoki-san is in a good mood.

It seemed as if things were going as usual, but my heart was buzzing.

It was because I was convinced of one thing.

It was those eyes, those seductive, unusual, absorbing eyes that were the deciding factor.

Iyoki-san is a yandere.

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7 months ago

Holy crap a protag that actually figures it out?!?

7 months ago

Yep, now you realised it. Go live a happy life with a yandere!

7 months ago

Lets fuckiiiknnn. Ngkogornekdnkfgmdm

3 months ago

Bout damn time you figured it out you dense mofo. I am sure if Kenny ma boi hadn’t told him that she is a yandere, this dumb MC would have not doubted her even if she had tied him with leashes and not letting him out……..

2 months ago

That’s a plus.