I remember.

I think it was three hours ago, after we had been in the hot spring, that Harushita san said.

[I won’t let you do that as long as I’m around.]

She said confidently
If Nagishiro Rin ever touches a woman, she will surely defeat him herself, she said behind her back.
I could see her determination that she would never let any mistake happen in her presence.

That, Harushita san.


Ummm…..I’m not Pochi, I’m a human, not a dog.
And you have such a simple sense of naming your pet Pochi, Harushita san. …… Well, that’s OK.

What is important now.
Why is this happening?


——– I don’t get it either.

“How did this happen?…”

I spilled my mumblings into the pitch-dark room. But no one seems to be listening, and the words melt away into the darkness.
Suuuuu, suuuu. Perhaps this is Mirei and Shizuku. They seem to be completely asleep.

Now, what happened? I’m still not ready to accept reality in any way, so I try to remember what happened before I went to bed.

The room had twin beds about the size of a double, and there was plenty of room for the three women to sleep in the beds.
Just to be safe, I asked the staff to put the twin beds together, and that is where Harushita san and the others must have slept. “The beds were so soft and comfortable,” Shizuku san said as she lay down on the floor.
After that, I remember seeing the three of them lying in a river just before lights out.

I, on the other hand, had my futon brought out and laid down on the floor away from the bed.
I was very grateful to the people at the Inn for their kindness and service, saying it was an apology for the lack of room. It’s hard to sleep on a couch, you know.

Well, so at first I was nervous about sleeping in the same room as Harushita san and the others, but after the lights went out, I easily heard no more noise, so I was able to calm down and sleep slowly too.
It seemed that I was the only one who was nervous, and the girls were probably more weighted down by tiredness.

Anyway, the lights went out and shortly after I fell asleep too.

It should have been …….

I felt something unfamiliar on my body and woke up to find Harushita san sleeping in front of me.
That is how I came to be in the state I was in earlier.
If I were to describe it more concretely, Harushita san had somehow entered my futon, mistaking me for a pet or something, and was holding me like a pillow.

–I mean it’s kind of painful!? What do Harushita san’s dogs always feel when they spend the night?

Her arm is around my back, and my kryptonite is just entering Harushita san’s soft zone, which is not good.

I call out to her in a small voice.

“Oh, um, ……. Harushita san ……?”
“Mnya mnya …….”

She seems to be having a pretty good dream.
Her usual iron mask is easily peeled off, and she is sleeping with a smug look on her face. She looks very satisfied.


I can’t bear to forcibly wake up someone who is sleeping so happily.
But that doesn’t mean I can go back to sleep like this. I would rather get up.

“Let’s try to escape first.”

It would be closer to getting out if I raised my body, but if I did so, I might possibly kick Harushita san in the face with my foot.
There is a risk of waking her up, and if she gets a scratch on her beautiful face, it would be a big problem.

So, I try to escape down there.

I wriggled and moved back a little by little, a little by little, until finally I came to a point where my face was in line with hers.
In the darkness, Harushita san softly tickled my face.

I took a break there.
I exhaled and saw Harushita san’s face at a position where we may or may not bump into each other.


I gasped for air. I’m lucky I didn’t bounce for nothing thanks to the tension.
If she woke up in this state now, I would be beheaded….
You’re not going to wake up or anything, are you ……?


A breath leaks out, which directly stimulates my eardrums.
I shiver at the sound of her lustrous breath, but am relieved to see that she was not awake.

But the restraints on my body became even tighter, and I was stuck like a stone.

Staring blankly at the ceiling, I counted prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7, …….

“Eh, wait!?”

Even though I was dismissing her annoyance, Harushita san attacked me further without even noticing me.
When I thought she let go of my arms from her embrace, she now put her face on my chest.

But, on the contrary, it means that the restraints until a while ago have been lifted! This is my chance!!

“Okay, now…”

Pochi tries to escape from the house, but he is guarded tightly by her legs. This is probably how Pochi always tries to escape from Harushita san’s house. The countermeasure was perfect.

Not that–! Harushita-san’s bare feet are tangled up with mine !!

Slick and slightly muscular.
Her legs are a little cold and supple, but they grab me and don’t let go.
And it rubs against me in vain. Is it cold?

And what’s worse, she is sleeping with my breastplate as a pillow, looking relaxed, even though she has put so much effort into her lower body.
Hey, please stop that angelic sleeping face. I can’t wake you up.

So, to summarize.

“So the escape just got even harder. ……”

It is no longer possible to escape. Mission Impossible, I’m told, is the only way to give up.
Since when did I become an undercover spy?

And as I am wondering what I should do, Harushita san is chasing after me.

“Hey, Harushita san!?”

Harushita san, who is on my left side, has both of her legs entangled with one of my right legs.
And from there, she started to rub her body against my leg.
What is it?! Is she possibly a cat⁉ Or is she a very friendly cat?!

It would be fine if she were a cat, but unfortunately, I was dealing with a human being. And a beautiful girl at that.
As one would expect, no man would react in any way.

“well, I can’t do this anymore!”

Sensing that I was in danger, I forcibly removed Harushita san from the futon.
Then I deftly lifted her up and placed her between Mirei and Shizuku.
Of course, my intention was to consider one of them as Pochi.

“Haaa, Haaa…”

Tired of all the things I was doing, I adjusted the futon again and lay down.

The biggest bomb of the day was unexpectedly Harushita san.

Thus, after a day of work, we were able to return to our respective jobs after a successful vacation.
By the way, after that, I was too tired to sleep because Harushita san’s scent was firmly on my futon.
Because, hey, I felt like Harushita san was next to me ……. The problem would be that her body heat was still there, strangely enough.

As a result, I had a blast sleeping on the bus and Shinkansen on the way home.
Harushita san, who had a good sleep at the expense of my sleep, was back to her usual calm demeanor, chatting and laughing with Mirei and the others.

-like a perk, like a bummer. It was a petit trip that ended with such a feeling.

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