I, Suzuka Sato, like to collect information about the school.
I like to know everything about other people’s love stories, and I want to know about someone’s successes and failures.

The knowledge I gain will surely be useful to me.
Knowing is better than not knowing, and doing is better than not doing.
I am the type of tuna that will die if I don’t keep moving.

The most popular topic of conversation for me right now is this person.
Saara Ayado, the perfect superhuman high school girl who transferred to our Kirika Academy.
–Saara, my best friend!

Saara chi turned everyone around at the school building tour. She has amazing good looks, hair like a commercial, and a beautiful walking figure. And then there was the super play at the trial session.
The last one, in particular, was recorded by a number of students and went viral.
By the time word got out, her excellent performance in class had spread, and she was given the title of “princess” for her appearance.
I guess, as a student, “Idol of the school!” but in Saara’s case, she is a complete princess.

“I wonder if there is such a person.”

As I repeatedly watch the video that came down the stream in question, I am reminded of Saara chi

Our princess is kind and cheerful to all girls, but she takes a step back from boys.
It is not that she is not kind, but she does not go out of her way to talk to them, and she basically refuses any confessions or invitations to hang out with them.
She doesn’t stand on a high pedestal, but even if they try to touch her, she is too high to reach. Is that how it is?
She’s the center of the conversation, but there doesn’t seem to be any love stories. The rush of confessions will soon be over.

Well, I guess I won’t be bored this year if I stay with Saara and others?
At that time, I was still only thinking that much.

“I had no idea there was such a dark horse out there.”

There is one person who has clearly changed in my mind with the visit of Saara chi
That person is Sora Iida.

His name is fresh and cool, but I had always thought of him as a sloppy, unrefined boy.
He had a muscular body but did not play any sports, and was a ghost member of the cooking club.
He had no interesting stories to tell, and he was not an interesting character to watch.
He didn’t seem to be interested in Saara, and I thought he didn’t seem to have much to say to me either.

This Iida-kun moves only when he is involved with Saara-chi.
Whether it is a senior who has a bad reputation or a junior who comes to class, he will protect Saara-chi if the person is a nuisance to Saara-chi.
The moment I recognized that, this genius Suzuka-chan realized.
Saara-chi was looking at Iida-kun at a fairly high frequency.

Ah, these guys are made for each other!

Well, I became convinced because I happened to find them on a holiday date when I was working part-time.
That defensive Saara chi is conversing naturally with the boys, and more importantly, her expression is definitely bright. Even I had never seen that before.
Her expression changes from one moment to the next, and she even looks innocent and childish.
If she had been shown in this pose at the school, she would have been an idol, not a princess.

But that’s not all.
Iida kun’s facial expressions are incredibly rich.
It’s not that he’s expressionless in the classroom either, but he’s more of a muscular, scary character, isn’t he?
Now Iida kun is smiling, cowering his shoulders,…… and looking somewhat mature, but when he uses a knife to cut up his famous pizza, he has a very gentle face.
It’s super nice. ……Too many hidden stocks, Iida-kun, only Saara-chi was doing insider trading, right?
I honestly thought he was expressive because he was “the lucky guy who gets to date Saara chi”, but my gut tells me it’s the other way around. My intuition was telling me that it was the other way around.

I boldly go into the conversation and try to liven them up.
To my surprise here, Iida-kun didn’t tell me that he had rebuked the junior at all.
What I can learn from this. He didn’t think it necessary to go out of his way to tell Saara-chi about his exploits.
That’s why I thought. That’s why Saara chi chose Iida-kun.

Above all.

“Thank you, Sora kun”

Sora kun!
I love it, Sora-kun! That’s such a cute way to call someone!
I want to call him that too!

I tried to call him that, but I immediately got a ‘no’ chat.

Now, with my interest fixed on the Iida-Ayado pair, I decided to observe them plenty!
I also got to talk a lot with the biggest girl in the class, Yuki Nagase.

Yuki is a big girl, but an indoor modest girl! She has a surprising amount of cuteness in her that I’m surprised she doesn’t have a lovey-dovey story to tell.
When I talked to her, I was surprised to find out that she reads manga apps about young ladies who play baddies. She seems to be able to talk about some pretty deep topics, and I’m happy to have made an unexpected friend.

When the three of us went out on a holiday together, we found Iida-kun, Seiichi Odawara, and Shun Hayama, two of his recent classmates with whom he is very close.
They were a little jumpy about the presence of Saara, but when I thought that they had “Sora-kun” over there, I said yes.
I think that without him, it would have been a no-no. I think that Iida-kun’s presence is very important for Saara-chi.

Odawara-kun was new to me.
There are many moments when I think boys are too proud, but he is having fun while exposing his insanely bad skills.
For me, he is very likable.
On the other hand, Hayama-kun is quite good at all kinds of games, and he is the type of person who gets frustrated when he doesn’t win even if he gets a decent score.
It is a wonder that these two are friends.

At lunch, we had a toast together with Odawara-kun, who has a great sense of mixing things up.
Later, I was really scolded by Saara chi

It was here that I realized the possibility of a terrible secret.
It all started when Iida-kun said

“Chikuzen-ni, isn’t it?”

I eat at the school cafeteria with Saara-chi and Yuki-chan.
Exchanging side dishes with Saara chi is one of my favorite things to do during the day.

Chikuzen-ni is a side dish that Saara-chi refused to exchange.
In the conversation between the two boys, the topic of “I wanted to eat eggplant too” came up.
I believe it was eggplant that Saara chi gave me that day, saying, “This is fine.”
I remember that it was really delicious.

When I remembered that

“It’s dashimaki tamago, isn’t it?”

The next dish that Iida-kun served was one that was not in Saara-chi’s lunch box.

When the name of the dish was mentioned, Saara looked at Iida-kun.
Iida kun also looked at Saara chi and gave a small nod.
When Saara chi was nodding her head in a frantic, detailed manner, Iida-kun gave a small giggle.


I’m not sure if it’s possible.

These two people share the same lunch box. ……?

Yuki-chi doesn’t seem to hear me on the diagonal of Iida-kun, and the girls’ group didn’t talk about the contents of Saara-chi’s lunch, so I’m probably the only one who noticed.
Don’t tell me they live together? As expected, that would be impossible for the teachers not to find out at this point, considering the deliveries, etc. ……
I’ll try to find out later, right?
I’m not sure if it’s a good line to ask, so I’ll back off when I get the NG.
I’m already a good friend who loves Saara chi.

And so, Suzuka’s life at the school is a rosy life of onlookers.
It’s really fun to see the relationship between people. Please give me pleasure.

Although …….
I am not optimistic about the situation these days.

In the days since then, for some reason, Odawara-kun has become more and more brusque.
He is a very cheerful character, so it is worrisome that he seems to have suddenly lost his cover.

One more person.
Saika Yamamoto, who has a strong presence in the class, though not as strong as Saara.
She seems to be a little too busy looking at Iida-kun, crossing her arms, sighing, and so on.
I don’t like to get involved with that side of things, but I’ll look into it a little bit.

It’s supposed to be fun.
I’m going to work so that I can have a good time this year.

(TL/N : I just found out Saika Yamamoto is a girl…)

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