Saara and Nagase san’s relationship eventually became good friends.
It was a problem that should have ended there, but …….

“Hey, hey,…… I’m on Ayado-san’s side, so…….”

For some reason, boys started appearing to Saara to get involved in this way.
That’s …… right, the guy who accused Nagase-san in the gymnasium.

In contrast, Saara raised an eyebrow at his words.
Incidentally, Nagase-san is standing next to her.

“If you feel bad about it, I hope you apologize to Yuki chan”
“T-that’s fine, I ……”

Yuki chan is Nagase san’s first name.
They’ve become totally friendly, the two-top pair of the girls’ height.

In contrast, the boys seemed unconvinced.

“That’s …… but that was Nagase-san.”
“It wasn’t her fault, was it? I feel sorry for her.”
“….. Well, Nagase, I’m sorry. I’m on Ayado san’s side, anyway.”

A short apology and a uselessly long appeal to Saara.
Nagase san waved a small hand and said, “I don’t mind,” but Saara was very much concerned.
As her classmate awkwardly returned to her desk, Saara rubbed her brow and let out a sigh as if to stretch out the wrinkles.

“Haa~……. I thought it would still be better when I became a high school student, but this is my third.”
“Saara-san, you are in a lot of trouble …….”

It was a strange thing to think about what had happened, but it was totally a relationship diagram with Nagase-san comforting Saara.
As far as I can see, they really get along well.

However, I think Nagase-san’s own case has already been resolved because of the two of them getting along and another reason.
One of those reasons came into the conversation.

“The duo is as big as ever! The cute little Suzuka-chan in between looks like the pathetic Gray being taken away!”
“Gray ……?”
“Mouu Shuzuka chan, It’s not getting through to Yuki chan…… about the alien Gray, do you know?”

Sato-san stood by Nagase-san’s side.
Sato-san, who seems to have no one to her right when it comes to the way she looks at people, has become actively involved with Nagase-san as well.

“Yuki chi, if you think the other party is wrong, you can tell them off, and if you want, you can talk to one of the teachers about it.”

“No, that’s not good. Thanks to Saara-san, I’m not in trouble.”
“I’m not so sure, but at your height, I’d rather be intimidate.”
“I don’t want to intimidate you……”

The more I listened to her, the more I realized that Nagase-san is a calm person.
These people would never like to fight.
Really, all that’s left is if the boys don’t make strange appeals. ……

When I went out into the hallway as usual at recess, a male classmate chased after me.

“Hey, Iida. Can you stay a little while after school? I need to talk to you. I won’t take up too much of your time.”
“I don’t mind, but what?”
“I’ll tell you…… when the time comes.”

The guy who spoke to me, while paying attention to the class, was …… the guy who was talking to Saara today.
In the gym, it’s the classmate who accused Nagase san.
I don’t have a very good feeling about it, but I can’t …… refuse him.

He was looking at the class, probably because Saara was staring at us with an expressionless face.
Yes, at a time like this–.

After school, I stayed in the classroom and a classmate came to me.
“Is Nagase your true love, Iida?”

The question started out so unexpectedly that I unintentionally reacted strangely.

“What made you think that?”
“No, because Iida took Nagase’s side. Why did you do that?”
“I rather don’t know why you’re so worked up about it. …”
“Because of Iida’s taking Nagase’s side, Ayado-san is cold toward you. It was my chance. ……”

Ah …… I see.
You thought it was a chance to appeal yourself to stand on the side of Saara and accuse Nagase-san at that time.
If you could have made Nagase look bad, you would have made more progress with her by now.

……Sorry, Sato.
I was certainly wrong about the other boys.

I don’t need to give this guy the information that Saara was actually in trouble, etc.

“I don’t think you calculated that far ahead and made a conspicuous appeal only to yourself to get Ayado-san to like you?”
“Why would you say that, ……?”
“I’m sure you calculated it and helped her because you’re aiming for her, and even now you’re talking to her strangely a lot and acting like you’re totally friends just because you’re sitting next to her.”
“I don’t think the situation was that calculative. ……”

I continue with dismay, “Generally speaking.”

“If you’re helping someone because it’s your true love or for some other reason, you’re spinning your wheels. If it’s someone who needs to be helped, I will help them.”
“Iida, then, would you be on the side of condemnation if Ayado-san did something wrong? For his true love, he would defend her, wouldn’t he?”

I answered his sophomoric rhetoric with a little regret for having prepared …… in advance.

“I don’t think Ayado-san would do such a thing, but if she did something really bad, I would urge her to reflect and be angry. However, if the person who is remorseful has been accused repeatedly, I will always stay by her side until the end. And so on.”

My classmate let out a sigh with a slightly emotionally unreadable expression on his face and crossed his arms silently as he looked at me with narrowed …… eyes.
I knew it was coming, but I didn’t have very good feelings about it.

I was just thinking about what I was going to say next – when the classroom door rattled open.

“Oh, Iida-kun?”

There was Saara, holding a bag.

“What’s the matter, Ayado san?”
“Do you have a pen case in your desk?”
“Pen case ……?”

A transparent pen case with pencils with caps and the ballpoint pens I recommended earlier, all neatly organized.
I handed the pen case, which had stickers on it to make the rugged design prettier, to Saara.

“What were you doing, by the way?”
“A little talk. Well, I’ve already confirmed with the first exchange …… well, is okay with you, right? I’ll give further details if you still want to do that.”
“No, no, I’m not here for anything! I’m done talking!”
“Are you guys good friends? Not so bad, right?”
“Well, ……, that’s, uh, …… already, isn’t it?”

The boy, completely poisoned by the appearance of his true love, laughed goofily and backed away.
Saara responded with a disinterested, “That’s fine then,” and left the classroom with me.

After school, the hallway was deserted due to club activities.
When no one was around, I looked back at her.

“I’m sorry, maybe I was late coming in.”
“No, it was rather just right, thank God.”

It was no coincidence that Saara came into the classroom.
I had informed her of this in advance via chat.

That day, Saara said she would be on my side.
I felt that if I didn’t contact Saara, who had been watching us talking in the hallway today, I would be causing her to worry as a result of my attempt to avoid worrying her.
It wasn’t so much that I needed help, but rather that not relying on it would be disloyal to Saara.
Besides, I am sure it was really reassuring to know that she was actually there.

“I hope it all works out.”
“I think it’s going to be okay. I think Saara’s last words did the trick.”

I didn’t want him to approach me strangely, but if he did, it wouldn’t matter because he would be full of ulterior motives.
First of all, I knew that he had a lot of ulterior motives.

“By the way…”

I was thinking, “By the way,” when Saara crossed her arms and leaned in close to me.
Close close close ……!

“I’m going to be on Sora kun’s side until the end, but you’ll be on my side until the end too, right?”

She laughs mischievously and brings her face close enough to catch her breath.
Aaah mou, of course she heard me…!
The hurdle is very different between saying it there and affirming it here.

“In the meantime, well,……, let’s just say it’s true.”
“Hehehe …… of course I knew that Sora-kun is always on my side.”

I’m a little uncomfortable when people say, “I know you,” as if they are completely aware of my inner life.

“The kind of ally who gets angry when you do something wrong.”
“That’s the kind of ally I’m happy to have.”

Uu…I can’t argue with this one…….
While desperately averting my face from Saara, who was sticking close to me, I saw her off with a smile as she headed off to club activities.
I don’t know if anyone saw us at all,…….

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