“…………, I’ve been waiting for you.”
“R-Rinne chan!?”

Why is Rinne, who is not supposed to be good at getting up in the morning, in front of our house at this hour and already in her school uniform!

Misuzu and I were speechless at the unexpected situation.

“What did you mean by that message yesterday?”
“Yesterday’s message?”

……Ah, I’m not going to school with her anymore. I’m going to school with Kitajima san.

Is that the message?

I look Rinne in the eye and say

“I don’t know what you meant, but that’s exactly what the message said.”
“Hey, why are you talking about not going to school with me? That’s crazy! We’ve been going to school together for years!”

I looked at Rinne with cold eyes as she hysterically shouted

“I’m your ‘little brother,’ aren’t I?”
“….Eh……….Yes, you are! I’m your family member, you’re my little brother! I’m sorry I called you ‘bad’ yesterday! You’re the best brother there is!”

Haha…… what the hell is she talking about……

It wasn’t the part where you called me ‘bad at it’ that made me cry.
You didn’t even …… understand that. ……

I tell Rinne, who doesn’t understand anything about me.

“You’re already a high school student, it’s time to leave your brother. Rinne, ‘big sister’.”

I said and walked past Rinne to my bike.

“W-Wait a minute!”
“No way. If I take any longer, I’ll make Kitajima san wait.”

With a clank, I unlocked the bicycle and stepped over the bike.

I unlocked my bicycle and got on it.

“I’m off then, Misuzu.”
“Yeah, take care !!”

After saying morning greetings to Misuzu, I broke off the conversation with Rinne and started to ride my bicycle.

It was raining last night, but it seemed to have stopped in the morning.
There were puddles on the road, so I took care of them and rode to the station.

My body, which had slept well thanks to Misuzu, was obviously in better shape than it had been yesterday.

For ten years. I had been dumped twice by Rinne, for whom I had had a one-sided love.

But I decided not to let it bother me anymore.
There will be times when I look back.
But that’s in the past.
Let’s look firmly at the “now” and move on.

I’m going to fall in love with Kitajima Towa dan from today.

I will do my best to make it a happy ending.

With this in mind, I rode my bicycle to the station.

After 20 minutes of riding my bicycle

I arrived at the nearest station.

The time was 7:50. I couldn’t see Kitajima san at the exit of the station yet, but I was relieved.

I was glad. I didn’t want to keep her waiting.

Then, a little later, a beautiful girl in uniform walked up from the top of the stairs.

“Good morning, Kitajima san.”
“Good morning, Sakurai kun. Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

I greeted Kitajima-san with a morning greeting, and she returned the greeting a little apologetically.

“Ahaha. Don’t worry about it. I’m hardly waiting for you. Besides, I didn’t want to keep you waiting.”

I said with a laugh.

“I-I see. Well, I’ll take your word for it.”

She blushed a little and headed to the bicycle parking lot where she keeps her bike for school.

Phew. She’s cute after all, Kitajima san.

I get nervous just talking to her like this.

To be honest. I’ve never talked to any other woman properly before, except for Rinne.

While I was thinking about that…

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m ready when you are.”

Kitajima san arrived with her bicycle.

“Yes, I’m ready to go. Then let’s go.”

I said and headed for the school with her.

I run alongside her, making sure there are no cars in sight.

“About Sunday, I want to go somewhere from Kitajima san’s point of view. Is there anything you’d like to do?”

She pondered for a moment and then asked

“If I may be so selfish, I would like to go shopping with Sakurai kun”

I see. What kind of things is she planning to buy?

“I’ll do some shopping in the morning, and in the afternoon I’d like to visit Sakurai kun at his home, so…”
“Is there something you want to buy?”

In response to my question, Kitajima san laughed softly.

“I would like to ask Sakurai kun to pick out some clothes for our next date. I’m thinking about it.”

What, what’s with this girl, isn’t she too cute!

[I want to have another date with you.]

My face heated up at what I could only assume that

“I-I see. Then it’s a big responsibility, isn’t it?”
“Fufufu I’m planning to go on a date with Sakurai kun, wearing the clothes you like, so…”

When she says this, Kitajima san smiles a little mischievously.
I really think this is the most attractive expression on her face.

“Please dye me your color. Sakurai kun.”

…… Huh, this girl is probably here to stop my heart in the morning, isn’t she?

With this thought in mind, I rode my bicycle a little further back so that she could not see my face, which was probably stained bright red.

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