I look for clothes, nervous about my suddenly decided holiday plans.

–black, black, gray, black, brown.

Here’s where a few years’ worth of my orientation hit me from the closet.
I look at …… for bright colors, not a single one.

I have a full line of hats that politely cover my head.
To be honest, I’m quite tempted …… to go out on the town.
But choosing this one today is a no-no.

“I had no choice but to dress up with what I had.”

I managed to dress myself in a bright shirt and a slightly saturated outer garment.

As I was waiting in my room, the chime rang unobtrusively.
Since we are neighbors, it is not the same as going out of our way to meet at the rendezvous point.

I opened the front door and the person I was waiting for appeared.

“G-good morning. ……”

For a moment, I forgot to reply.

The figure of Saara in front of me.
She was dressed beautifully in bright spring clothes, with a white base and elegant top and bottom.
Honestly, I have the impression that this is seriously some princess.
Saara, too, is frozen looking at me,……, and I can’t let her wait here.

“Ah, sorry, Come inside the house.”

It wasn’t even before the store opened and I invited her inside the house.
She stands in the room, staring at me …….

“Saara…umm I was surprised at how well it suited you. No wonder you’re treated like a princess at school. You look amazing.”

She wanted me to say something, but when I did, Saara looked away and crossed her fingers.
Woah …… that’s a hell of a girl to make that move too.

“T-t-t-t-t-t-thank you ……”
“You’re too nervous, you’re used to being told that.”
“That’s different from this, I mean, this is the first time I’ve ever worn this dress. ……”

New clothes …… means I’m the first to see Princess Saara in this coordinated outfit.
It’s a real eye-opener and a perk.

“Ummm, Sora looks really cool too. I was so surprised.”
“You don’t have to compliment me, I’ve realized once again that the contents of my closet are all very plain.”
“Where where, Can I look in there?”

When I showed her the inside of the closet at her request, she said, “Uwaa”
Well yeah

“It’s so black. Is it because the CEO of a venture company always wears the same clothes?”
“I wish it were such a noble reason, but alas, it is not. It’s simply because I wanted to avoid being seen.”
“Well, …… whatever.”

Vaguely muddling through, I start making breakfast.
In my haste, Saara tried to do something about it, but I quickly took out the dry ingredients and opened the package, so her opinion was silenced.
Now …… well, I guess I managed to fake it.

So we take the train out to the city, and, after all, Saara is an eye-catcher.
Any man would turn around and look in Saara’s direction and be surprised ……when they looks at me and my clothes, and says, “Eh?” reaction and look away.
I’m sorry I’m not Beauty and the Beast, but Beauty and the Mob.

“Oops, Saara. Stay by the wall.”

I am sure that Saara also suffers from molestation. They say they go for mature people rather than for beautiful women, and Saara is a princess with a mature look.

“Maybe you are protecting me?”
“Even if nothing else. It’s better to prevent it from happening.”
“Thanks …….”

There are some people who wander into the station and bump into you these days, and there are a lot of disturbing stories.
Well, as expected, it would not be worth coming along if I did not do this much for her.

The store we were looking for was a few minutes’ walk from the station.
It is a popular, slightly maniacal store where many local products are displayed like an exhibition hall.

“So this is the place! Wow, this will be helpful.”

Together with Saara, we strolled through a store that was a bit reserved for high school students to enter.
There were rows of dried dried sardines and kelp, rows of bottled seasonings that the uninitiated could not distinguish, food products with names they had never heard of, and other …… various items lined up in a narrow space.

“Wow,…… I don’t know anything about that.”
“I’m sure it’s a really good price, Well, the prices are really high, but unless I see something at first glance and think, [I want it!] I search for and buy items close to the one I’m looking for.”
“I see.”

I was looking at various places with Saara and …… suddenly Saara hid behind me.
As it is, she clung to my not-so-thickly-clad backside with a tight fist.

……This is ……!

“W-What’s wrong with you, Saara? ……Suddenly ……!”

My back is in close contact with …… Saara’s body.
It’s the kind of back you don’t normally think of as that sensitive, but more than enough tactile sensations on my back tell me that it’s ‘uneven’.
T-This, I can’t stay calm ……!

Really, what’s up with the sudden ……, I thought, as Saara’s trembling finger pointed forward.

“…… T-that …… that’s impossible …….”

Saara pointed to …….

“Ah, I see,…… locust tsukudani.”
“D-don’t tell me, I can just imagine the name ……!”

Princess Saara is a perfect superhero who loves all things Japanese and has no weakness in any subject.
Apparently, she was not good at insects in general.

Come to think of it, I think she used to hide behind me and shudder as she watched a jumping grasshopper when she was a child.
Insects are still a no-no, huh? I’ll keep that in mind.

“All right, let’s move.”
“Yeah …… please ……”

From there, I moved slowly to a position where the merchandise was out of sight.


Mainly, the stares from the male customers pierced me terribly and painfully. ……
It took me a long time to move away from the place, because it was hard to move due to the firm hold close to Saara, who is relatively tall and strong.
It’s a force majeure, forgive me. I think it’s too much of a perk, to be frank.

“Uuuu, sorry.”
“No, that’s okay. I should have told you up front, and…”
“It’s a relief to know that even the most capable of women, Saara, has her weaknesses.”
“Mouu… you’re teasing me”

Saara laughs while protesting in embarrassment.
I was relieved that she didn’t seem that angry.

“Uh, but…”
“I want the kikurage shibazuke, the asari shigure, and the wakame seaweed. ……”

I nodded at Saara’s request, who had been checking out the items in the same section, and I picked up the items for her.
When I handed her the items, she thanked me excessively and laughed.

At first I wondered what was going to happen, but it turned out to be a fun shopping trip as I got to see a fresh side of Saara that goes back a long way.

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