“Sorry to keep you waiting, two lunch sets.”

After being stymied throughout by a single juice, I thought I was already full, but then lunch arrived.

A hamburger set.

The sound of the grill grilling and the smell of the sauce burning whetted my appetite, and the stewed carrots on the side looked very sweet.

“Hee, it looks delicious. Shall we eat it right away?”

“Yes, let’s eat.”

With knife and fork in hand, I awkwardly cut the meat into bite-size pieces and snapped them off.

The juices that fill the mouth are very sweet.

The sauce also has a slightly unique taste, with just the right amount of acidity.

“It’s good, isn’t it? I think I like it.”

“Yeah, it’s delicious.”

“Yes, it is. I like the taste here. I might even go here for a while.”

“…… no.”





A few minutes ago, Senpai, who had been eating with a knife and fork in a very neat manner, cut the hamburger steak with a clattering sound and ate it with a fork, stabbing it roughly with the fork and then eating it with a buzz.

She glares at me a little.

Then she eats the hamburger again, mouth agape.

“Oh, um, …… it wasn’t very tasty?”

“…… I’m making hamburgers for dinner tonight.”

“Eh, I’m eating it right now though?”

“Don’t you want to eat mine?”

“I-it’s not like that, but…”


“…… No, I want to try it.”


The expression of anguish softens a little.

Perhaps she has a rivalry with the taste of this restaurant.

But, in other words, it means that Senpai is going to make me a meal today too so that’s good.

“Thank you for the food.”

“Yes. Sagara-kun, take the glass.”


When she finished eating, she began to collect the two straws she had put in her juice, wrapped them in a handkerchief and put them in her bag.

“Eh, what are you doing?”

“Because I don’t want the male waiter to lick them.”

“I-I don’t think they would.”

“I don’t trust men.”

Senpai quickly gets up from her seat and heads straight for the bathroom.
And for some reason, she turns around and goes back.

“Sagara-kun, come here.”

“Eh, if you want to use the bathroom, it’s right over there.”

“I don’t like it if you don’t come …….”

“Y, yes.”

For some reason, I decided to follow her to the toilet.

The two of us left our seats and went to the back of the place marked as the restroom, and senpai went into the multipurpose restroom between the men’s and women’s restrooms,

“Stay here.”

and closes the door.

 Why? s soon as I think a voice comes from inside.

“Sagara-kun, are you there?”

“Y-Yes. I’m here.”

“Yes, thank goodness.”

Is she lonely or scared?

But it’s awkward.

I can’t hear the noises inside, and the other customers look at me with eyes wondering what I’m doing.

As I shook my leg restlessly, the door rattled open and senpai came out.

“…., were you there properly?”

“Y-yeah. Toilet, are you scared?”

“I’m scared of being gone.”

“Gone’? Hahaha. I’m not going anywhere without you.”

“Are you sure….?”

“Yes. Shall we leave for now?”

It still felt awkward, though, as the store staff looked at me strangely as I and my companion came out of the restroom.

Even as I was paying, senpai kept staring at the young clerk at the cash register, and somehow felt like I should leave the store quickly, so I left the money behind and ran out of the store.

“It was delicious, wasn’t it?”

“…. yeah.”

“Are you full?”

“…. mmm.”

As I left the store and walked down the shopping street, senpai rubbed her stomach and made a worried face.

Are you still hungry?

Does that mean you want dessert?

“Senpai, would you like some soft ice cream then?”

“Is there a good place?”

“I asked my friend about it the other day, and apparently there’s a place just in front of the station that serves it.”

“Is your friend a girl?”

“N-no. He’s a man.”

“I see. Yes, I’ll go there.”

When I left the shopping street through the crowds, there was a queue in front of the station.

In front of the mobile sales van, there was a large sign that read “Special Vanilla Soft Drinks,” and customers seemed to be lining up to buy it.

“That’s it, isn’t it? That’s a lot of people.”

“But I bet it’s delicious.”

“Are you okay with waiting in line?”

“I’m fine. But…”

Gently, she pinches my sleeve, then takes the umbrella from me and opens it.

“Umbrella, come in with me.”


To stand in line with a parasol is quite a conspicuous act.

The male customer in front of me also looks at me, looking like I’m bothering him a little.

But when he turned around, he didn’t say anything, probably because there was a surprisingly beautiful woman there.

After that, he started glancing at me.

“….. after all, an umbrella stands out on a sunny day.”

“But look, if you do this.”

If you tilt the umbrella forward a little, of course you can’t see what’s in front of you.

“Because you can hide.”

“But you can’t see anything in front of you with this umbrella. I’ll hold the umbrella.”

“You’re so kind, …….”

“no. Umbrellas are quite heavy.”

“Kyuun. ……”


While standing in line, senpai was silent the whole time.

Sometimes she looked at me as if she wanted to say something, but she didn’t say anything.

She put her finger on her lips, touched her stomach, crossed her hands in front of her body and fidgeted.

Every gesture is so cute.

It’s like a dream to walk around with someone like her.

The fact that she’s a bit distrustful of men also highlights her neatness.

She’s so pure, isn’t she?

When I’m relaxed looking at the beautiful senpai standing next to me, it’s soon our turn to order.

“Ah, it’s finally here. Senpai, what would you like?”

“The recommendation is fine. Sagara-kun?”

“Hmm, in that case, I’ll have one vanilla and one chocolate.”

I quickly placed my order, received two soft-serve ice creams, and sat down on a nearby bench.

senpai must have also been tired from standing in the line.

After sitting down slowly, she took a sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry, I invited you to a crowded place.”

“No, it’s fine. This looks delicious.”

“Yes. Which flavour do you prefer?”

“…… Sagara-kun, have some chocolate.”

“Okay. then.”

Scooping with the small wooden spoon that was provided, I took a bite of the chocolate flavour.

The sun is a little strong today, and the cool feeling in my mouth brings down the heat in my body.

“Phew, it’s delicious.”

“Pero …… yeah, sweet.”

Holding the cone with both hands, she takes a bite of the vanilla flavour, tongue out in a reserved manner.

But she licks it directly.

I’ve gone to the trouble of giving her a spoon so that we can share it. …… Well, okay.



“Can you hold an umbrella for me?”

“Eh, is it hot?”

“Yeah. Umbrella.”


I’m sitting on the bench, and when I unfold the black umbrella, one of my hands is blocked.

I can’t use the spoon I use to eat soft serve ice cream with my other hand.

“Well, with this, I have to put it on my mouth.”

“That’s fine, just leave it. I’ve already put my mouth on it.”

“Okay. I’ll take the chocolate then.”

The chocolate didn’t seem to interest her, so I decided to take this one by myself.

With the umbrella in place, I licked the melting soft-serve ice cream while trying not to let it fall off, and senpai holding the soft-serve vanilla ice cream, which had become completely round, looked at me.

“Hey, Sagara-kun.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Let’s trade?”

“Eh, now? No, that is indeed …….”

I didn’t intend to share it with senpai either, and I licked it around quite selfishly.

I feel reluctant to hand over something like that.

“If you want, I’ll go buy you a new one?”

“No, I don’t want it. That’s what I want.”

“B-but this…”

“You don’t want to give it to me?”

That’s not what I meant.

“Well, give it to me then?”

“…… Yes.”

Reluctantly handing over my chocolate-flavoured one, Senpai licks it without hesitation, her cheeks red with happiness.

Be bolder than before, licking deeply as if scooping up the cream with her tongue.

“Sagara-kun’s, delicious.”

I felt that her gestures and expression as she looked at me and said such a thing were too indecent.

I froze while holding the vanilla flavor she gave me instead.

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