In the morning, I got off the train and stretched wide.

There are a few students from our school there, despite the time of day, probably because it’s during the cultural festival.

(…… a little too early)

I check the time, and sigh that I’ve come too early, which I knew from the moment I got on the train.

My class isn’t told to come early, and at this time of the day, Sakurae probably hasn’t arrived yet.

Yes, I’m supposed to go to school with Sakurae from the station.

I’ve fulfilled Sakurae’s request that if we’re going home together, we’ll also go to school together.

However, I came by train two trains earlier than the time I promised Sakurae.

In terms of time, it’s half an hour earlier, but today I’m kind of restless for a different reason than because it’s a cultural festival.

I went through the ticket gate, thinking that I should just inform Sakurae that I had arrived for the time being.

“…. Oh, good morning, Shota-kun. You’re early.”


Sakurae, who was leaning against a pillar right after exiting the ticket gate, notices me and approaches me happily.

I was taken aback by the fact that Sakurae, who I thought wasn’t there, was there, partly because of my unsteady head that morning.

“Why are you here, ……?”

“Eh? Because, we promised, didn’t we?”

In response to my question, Sakurae tilts her head in shock.

I said to Sakurae with dismay.

“Certainly, we made a promise. But that’s in half an hour.”

“Ah ……, fufu. Because it was like a dream to be able to go to school with Shota-kun, I came early.”

[I’m very happy that you really came,] said Sakurae, her face relaxing even more.

I pinch Sakurae’s squishy cheeks.

“?Hyohahunn….., Hihaii…….”

‘You ……, do you realise you’re being targeted?

Waiting at the station alone, what’s the point of me trying to work with you?

I’m glad that nothing seems to have happened, but I feel bad thinking about what Tachibana might have set up.

Unable to bear the pain, Sakurae closed her eyes tightly, so I let go of her, and Sakurae rubbed her cheek with teary eyes.

“I’m sorry ……”

“Be careful.”

To Sakurae, who looked remorseful, I overflowed with ‘Well, I’m glad nothing happened’.

Sakurae heard it well, and came close to the body as if to sweeten it.

“Thank you for worrying about me.”

“…. If you feel that way, you really should be careful.”

“Yeah, I won’t stay away from Shota-kun all day today, so I’ll be fine. Let’s have lots of fun.”

I feel like she lacks a sense of crisis, but I change my mind and think that if she’s with me, she’ll be okay.

“That’s right. ….It’s a festival, and you have to remember to have fun.”

“Fufu, yes.”

I didn’t realise I’d made it sound like I was looking forward to spending time with Sakurae, but she seemed to know that and smiled happily.

After arriving at school and talking with Sakurae for a while about where she wanted to go during break time, little by little her classmates start to arrive at school.

Maybe it was the same yesterday, but I feel like everyone is in the mood for the festival, or they are coming early.

“Good morning, Sana. Ah, Kokonoe-kun, too.”

“Good morning.”

“Yeah, good morning.”

The girls that Sakurae is friends with, other than Takagi, also call out to me as they greet Sakurae.

Somehow, this school festival may have helped me get used to the class a little bit.

Even though some people from Sakurae’s group gathered, Sakurae didn’t move from my side today.

Before I could say to Sakurae, “Do we have to go?” several people came over from the other side and spoke to Sakurae.

“Sana, are you going round with Kokonoe-kun today?”

“Yeah. ‘I’ll be with Shota-kun all day, sorry?”

Sakurae probably apologized for not being able to go around with them, but her expression didn’t show any apologies at all.

As I was smiling bitterly at Sakurae, I noticed a female student who was looking at me.

“…. something wrong?”

“Eh? Nah, it’s nothing. ……”

Perhaps because that girl slurred her words, Sakurae’s gaze became just a little sharper.

I sensed this and decided that it would be better to have her properly explain the reason.

“If there’s something going on, why don’t you tell me?”

I ask, being careful not to give the impression that I’m accusing her as much as possible.

The girl student looked uncomfortable saying it, but said it a little shyly.

“Well, Kokonoe-kun, when you look at Sana, you have very kind eyes. ……”


I made a bitter face, wishing I hadn’t asked, and Sakurae, on the contrary, said, ‘Right?’ She looked happy and relaxed her expression.

“It’s true, Kokonoe-kun, when Sana is your partner, you feel differently about her, don’t you?”

“…. that’s not true.”

Everyone, including Sakurae, looked at me with warm eyes, probably to hide their embarrassment.

I couldn’t stand it and got up from my seat.

“I’m going to …… go to the restroom.”

“Yeah, take care.”

Sakurae didn’t stop me and just saw me off with a smile.

…I didn’t want to know what the excited-looking group were talking about after I got up.

“Huh. ……”

I left the bathroom and walked heavily down the corridor back to the classroom.

It is hard to go back to the classroom when you think that the topic of conversation is still going on in the classroom.

I thought that if the executive committee members were there, I would ask if there was anything I could do to help, and if Kikuchi was there, it would be a good idea for the two of us to stay out until that time.

Then I passed a smaller figure.

I was so busy thinking that I didn’t look ahead properly, so I just barely avoided the spot where I was about to get hit.

“Oops, my bad …….”

When I reflexively apologised, the figure stopped and stared at me.

(Kobayashi ……?)

I noticed who the figure was and I stopped in my tracks.

I haven’t spoken to Kobayashi once since Takagi told me what had happened.

Although she came to school, she joined the cooking group to avoid us, and I don’t really know how she has been spending her time since the preparation for the festival.

She didn’t skip school, but I got the impression that she just did what she was told to do in a casual manner.

I wasn’t even going to talk to her after she did that, and Takagi said something like, since she’s been identified as a traitor, we’ll have to leave her alone. ……

(Does this face mean she hasn’t learnt his lesson yet ….?)

I don’t want to think about it, but Kobayashi may still have me in her sights.

When I thought so, Kobayashi turned his back on me without saying anything.

I was relieved by that and tried to go back myself, but Kobayashi turned around and said.

“…. I will never let you do what you want!”

Saying this in a voice filled with hatred, Kobayashi walks away.

(Don’t do anything strange when I’m full of Tachibana. ……)

I couldn’t help thinking.

(……So, come to think of it, there’s no contact from Tomoki either.)

I unblocked him, but I didn’t send him anything from my side, so he might not have noticed.

(When I return to the classroom, I’ll send him something.)

I prayed for Tomoki’s safety to distract me from Kobayashi.

“….. Yeah, they’re both here. Sana seems to have completely trusted that guy.”

[Yeah ……, poor thing. I wonder if she doesn’t realise that she’s being played.]

“Sana is pure, it can’t be helped. …… that’s where he took advantage of her.”

[That’s right. So is there any change to the time the two are at the shop?]

“They’re supposed to start at lunchtime as planned, and the last one is supposed to be with everyone who can come, so I think they’ll come to that too.”

[….. I see, okay.]

“Hey, how do you want me to get him out?”

[Well, for example ……]

Rio and I had a series of in-depth discussions.

At last. Finally, I can help my friend.

If Rio’s plan is successful, it seems that not only Sana but everyone will be able to be freed from his plan.

If …… Serika also realises that she has been deceived, she will apologise properly.

Then, I’m sure I’ll be able to get those happy days back.

That’s why I’ll do my best.

Please watch me, Sana!

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*sigh* really annoying. This type of delusional hero of justice.