I scurry around, open the curtains a bit, and check my surroundings. Good. There is no one nearby.

“Sorry. I’m leaving for now.”
“Just …… stay like this for a little bit. ……”

She grabbed my arm and held me close. I was the one who suddenly hid. I was also feeling sorry for doing this. I should be able to understand what’s going on when I react to other girls in the middle of playing with her.

“Yeah. ……”

There was no harm in being selfish like this.

Then, after about two minutes, I looked around again. After a couple of minutes, I looked around again and saw that no one had changed. I wonder if anyone would see me if I left here now. If anyone saw a young man and woman coming out of the fitting room, they would think that we must be doing something disreputable.

There are people on the street, too, so let’s watch out for them and get out of here. That’s right. Let’s give it some time before we leave.

“I’m gonna leave, and after a little while, you’re gonna get out of here, okay? Got it?”

Hime responded, “hnn…” I don’t know if that’s an approval or not. After that, I was the only one to leave first. After that, Hime came out with a timid look on her face.

I believe Shirono and others went to the food court a short walk away from the apparel store. Since they said they were going to eat, they would either go into one of the restaurants on the ground floor or eat around here.

By the way, we are on the third floor here now. It is the same as the food court where we can eat. Then, if we go in the opposite direction to get away from there, we will never see each other.

But Hime’s behavior was strange. She was fidgety and seemed to be trying to tell me something. I asked her what she wanted to tell me.

“Hime? What’s the matter?”
“To …….”
“I need to go to the toilet……”

I don’t think there’s anything to be embarrassed about. But it’s kind of cute, so I find this amusing.

I quickly paid the bill for the clothes Hime liked and I took her by the hand and took her to the third floor restroom, which is far away from the food court.


“Then, I’ll wait for you.”
“Yes. Please wait for me. D-definitely. You promise you’ll wait for me?”
“Yeah, I’ll wait for you. Don’t worry. Are you saying you can’t do it by yourself?”
“No, no. ……! I just don’t want onii chan to go away….”
“You’re worried. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”
“Are you sure?”

I shook my head once. Handing me the clothes bag she bought at the apparel shop earlier, Hime went into the bathroom with a smile on her face. …to the toilet with a smile. A normal toilet isn’t a place where you smile and look like you’re having fun
I wonder if she was holding back, but Hime was running. Was she that absorbed in her time with me? In a faint hope, I noticed that there was a chair near the restroom for a break.

Let’s take a seat for a while. Unlike the street, it was quiet. No one was around except for an old man sitting on a chair for a rest. In such a condition, I naturally drifted off to sleep. Suddenly, I was gently tapped on the shoulder. Was it Hime?

I looked up. But it was not Hime, it was a completely different person.

“What a coincidence that we meet at a place like this. What are you doing, Takkun?”

Shiro, Shirono ……! W-Why……?

“Hey. What are you doing?”
“Ah, ah ……
“Hey! I’m asking you what you’re doing!”

I was speechless and couldn’t answer anything.

“Say something. Haa ……. Okay, I’ll change the question. Why are you here? Why did you come all this way?”

I just looked at Shirono’s eyes, which had no light in them, silently for a long time.

“Did you come here to play? Then with whom? Your family? Or just you and that girl? Hey! What’s up?!”
“Uh, ……, uh, ……, no, …….”
“What’s in the bag?”
“N-no, ……”
“I went to the store where you bought that bag a while ago. They don’t sell men’s clothes over there. If you’re buying it, it’s a woman, right?”

Shirono is coming on to me.

“Whose? Hey, Whose? …… Answer me!”
“What? Wait, Shirono!?”

She grabbed me by both shoulders and held me down with a thump against the wall where the chair I was sitting on was in close proximity.

“I can’t take it anymore! It’s hers anyway, isn’t it? You bought it for her!”
“No,Like I say….!”
“I told you no talking to her! Hey, why!”
“No, no, please don’t ……!”

The voice coming from the side was that of Hime coming out of the bathroom.

“No, please stop……!”
“Eh? what?”
“Don’t be that …… rough with Onii chan ……!”
“Rough? What do you mean?”
“Y-you’re pressing Onii chan, aren’t you ……? You are questioning him and ……! I don’t know who you are, but …… you’re annoying me…”
“Annoying? Well, I’m the one who’s annoyed!”
“W-what, ……?”
“Are you going to play dumb? Ashirogi “ime?:

She Reacted to the word “Ashirogi Hime,”. She is trembling

“H-How do you recognize Hime? Why?”
“No, I can tell by your voice. Besides, if you speak too loudly, people will notice.”
“For the record, I’m really annoyed. You’re trying to steal my boyfriend and tear us down.”
“Maybe you’re the …… girlfriend ……oni chan was talking about before?”
“Ah, You knew that. Then you know, don’t you? I’m really annoyed, so stay away from us—!?”

I felt it was a bad idea and forcefully pulled away from the shoulder that was being held down by Shirono’s hand.

I pushed Shirono away and was able to get out of the chair. I immediately went to Hime and looked into her face, which was downcast. There were a few tears.

“Shirono, ……!”
“What is it, Takun?”
“Hime’s off work, so I had time to play with her. ……”

Now Shirono trembled at the sound of my low voice. The voice is strong, heavy, and expresses anger, and I say to Shirono while glaring at her.

“Why are you making her cry? ……”

Shirono trembles again. Shirono, without looking at me, pulls her hand again and leaves the place.

“Shall we go home now?”

I muttered, but there was no response from Hime.

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