Somehow Asahina san seems to be strangely conscious of this.

I forgot because she’s super beautiful, but she said she’s not used to men.

I wonder if it would have been more like that if I was thinking of Asahina-san instead of Otsuki-san.

But… if that were the case, I don’t think we would have ended up in a relationship like this.

There is no favoritism between us, so we can be at ease. I don’t want to be conscious of her.

I’m sure she thinks so too.

“The Cure Cure show is about to begin!”

“Waa! Waaa!”

The magical girl Cure Cure. The physical magical girl who tends to be a major player these days.

She buffs herself with magic power and hits with physical power.

When I saw it with Hiyori, I thought “What is this?”

This time, it’s a scenario where the costumed Cure Cures fight an evil organization.


Hiyori watches the recorded Cure Cure every week, once as a rewatch and twice as a rewatch.

I often accompany her, so I’m pretty knowledgeable about the Cure Cure.

As a person who knows the Cure Cure, I think this show is pretty good.

The script is well written. The scenario must have been written by someone who knows Cure Cure well.

“I thought it was just for kids, but the setting is pretty solid, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s interesting. It’s not easy to make fun of the fact that it’s aimed at children.”

“It’s Sunday morning, isn’t it? I’d like to watch it, but I can’t get up.”

“Do you want me to lend you the Blu-ray? I have it all ready.”

“You have it all?”

“Phew, if I can get Hiyori’s smile. I won’t hesitate to buy it at the store on the day of release.”

“You are a mirror of a big brother, aren’t you? Though it’s a little weird that he’s so brazen about it.”

“Will you stop blabbing in a whisper?!”

The show was coming to an end. Cure Cure and the others were having a hard time in front of the original monster.

“Let’s all cheer for Cure Cure!”

This part of the show was going according to plan. The hostess encouraged the audience to cheer for the Cure Cure. The children, including Hiyori, were cheering loudly for Cure Cure.


I was surprised when I was suddenly approached by a voice from the opposite side of the show. It was a staff member’s onii san.

“If you don’t mind, would you be willing to play the role of the monster’s hostage?”

“What, me?”

Asahina-san also noticed and turned around to look at me. The show is staged by taking the customers hostage to make the show more exciting. To go out of their way to talk to Asahina, it’s as if they already know what they’re doing,…….

“What is your relationship to each other?”

“Well, brother and sister.”

“I see. If that’s the case, you can use …… that pattern.”

Maybe I thought he was asking about my relationship with Hiyori, but maybe not? well ok Asahina stood up.

“If there is anything I can do for children.”

Asahina-san is pretty excited about it, too. The onii san motioned to another staff member to basically just stand there.

“I didn’t know this was possible.”

“Maybe there’s some trouble or something, maybe it’s just an emergency.”

“Maybe it’s because of your outfit, Hiyori chan.”

That’s part of it, but probably mostly because of your good looks.

Before long, the pinching monster came down to the audience and came up to Asahina-san.

“Guhihihi, I’ll have you!”


And then the bars!

“ni ni, they took her away!”

“Don’t worry. Cure Cure will take care of it.”

“Please come on stage, brother san.”

“Eh? me. Brother?”

Is it possible that you think that the relationship between me and Asahina-san is that of a sister and brother? I thought of saying no.

“Ni-ni, save onee-san!”

“I’ll take care of it!”

I can’t not go when my beloved Hiyori begs me to go.

The staff took me to the stage.

But this is only a Cure Cure show.

The extras don’t stand out.

Asahina-san, who is being held by the monster, turns her head toward the audience. Asahina-san raised her voice as if she was praying.

“Help me, Cure Cure!”


I can hear the old man’s wild voice.

Of course, it would be exciting to be asked to do so by a girl who is as pretty as an idol.

Asahina-san is doing well.

Now, what should I do?

The staff slowly calls out to me from behind.

“When Cure Cure defeats the monster, please save the hostages.” 

“Yes, yes.”

“Please hold your sister in your arms.”

“Understood. Eh, What do you mean? Hold her in my arms?!”

Wait a minute.

What do you mean “hold her in your arms”?

Well, if we were sister and brother, there would be no problem if I held her in my arms.

But I don’t have that kind of relationship with Asahina-san, and to put it another way, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend.

There is no way I can do that.


I heard Asahina-san’s murmur from the back of the room. She was glancing at me.

I wondered if the …… staff had asked me if I wanted to hold her in my arms.

While I was wondering, Cure Cure kicked the monster away.

“Come on, brother kun! Now, let’s save your sister!”

Not brother. But I had to go. I ran to Asahina-san’s place.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah,…..they say something about hold”

“Let’s do it like that and get out of here.”

“All right, brother kun, let’s rescue your sister by carrying her in your arms.”


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