And finally, the athletic festival has arrived. Normally, I would have been busy polishing tables on Sunday, but I have to go to school today only. Well, I have a day off in exchange for it, so I have nothing to complain about.

As for me, I don’t really care about the P.E. festival, and the atmosphere in my class is just “I don’t want to be in the bottom of the standings”. The third year students are very motivated because it is the last gymnastic festival of the high school, but it is not more than the majority of the classes.

“How do you do, I’m Yuki, his father. It seems that our Tomoki has been indebted to you.”
“I’m Yuka, Asuka’s mother. No, no, it’s rather our Asuka who is indebted to you.”
‘I’m Shizuka, her sister. Nice to meet you.”

So, at lunch time. My father, who had rushed all the way over for this delicate event, was currently exchanging greetings with the Kohinata family. I’m standing by, watching him and keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t say anything strange.

Currently, there are the Kohinata family, myself, my father, Keiichi, and Saejima in the meeting room.

It seems that Keiichi and Saejima’s parents are also here to see the event, but they are having lunch separately. In fact, most students spend their lunch break with their friends, so it is more unusual for their parents to be there.

“Keiichi-kun, it’s been a while since we last saw you. And that’s Saejima Nono and Kohinata Asuka, right?”
“It’s been a long time. You look as young as ever!”
“It’s nice to meet you! How does Sugino-kun’s father know our names?”
“………… (kokkoku)”
“It’s hard to call me, isn’t it? You can call me Yuki. Keiichi tells me a lot of things about you. Tomoki doesn’t talk about his friendships.”
“We keep each other updated on what’s going on, so it doesn’t matter.”

When did Keiichi tell my father about all this? I’m not sure if he’s talking about the sleepover or something like that. ……? If so, it’s awkward.

As I was thinking that, I was staring at the handsome guy with the red hachimaki hanging from his neck like a tie, he smiled and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I’ll inform him about the things that Tomoki might not be comfortable talking about. And of course, the sleepover.”
“I’m going to kick your ass! Where’s my privacy?!”

As I shake my laughing friend’s shoulder, my father enters our conversation and says, “Hey, hey!”

“Don’t speak ill of Keiichi-kun. To begin with, we even have other families buying futons for us. And if you’re even letting their precious daughter stay at our apartment, the parents should know about it. From now on, you have to report such important things properly, okay? It would be a different story if Tomoki was an adult, but you are still a high school student.”

Guh…… W-well, I guess that’s true. Stop lecturing me in front of everyone.
When I replied, “I’m sorry,” he nodded in satisfaction before continuing.

“So from now on, I want you to report everything, like ‘I gave her a shoulder lift,’ ‘she made me lunch,’ ‘we’re holding hands going to school,’ and so on.”
“That’s not right, is it?! I mean, Keiichi, what have you gotten yourself into?”
“Everything that Tomoki would have a hard time talking about.”
“Youuu! Not just about staying overnight, you didn’t have to tell him about that! Not only me, but Kohinata has been harmed too!”
“Don’t be so angry, Tomoki. Papa going to cry, okay? Keiichi-kun’s report is my recent hobby to have a glass of wine with dinner.”
“Go ahead and cry all you want, you idiot father! Don’t get involved in your son’s love affairs!”
“Did you hear that, Yuki san? Tomoki-kun, he said it was a love affair. It seems that he is having a love affair with my Asuka.”
“Yeah I certainly heard that. I bought red rice at a convenience store and it was the correct answer”

Saying so, Dad takes a rice ball of red rice from a plastic bag in his hand and shows it to us. He’s really bought it,……, he’s too well prepared.

…… or rather, I guess I misspoke in the heat of the moment.

When I fearfully turned my eyes in the direction where Kohinata was, Kohinata, who had been in a blank stare for a while, suddenly turned bright red in the face at a level that seemed to produce a “bong” sound effect. Then, once she hides behind Saejima, she glances at me with only half of her face showing. When her eyes meet mine, she hides and glances at me again.

After repeating this two or three times, she comes running toward me with her face bright red, and quickly comes around to my back. Then, she quickly came up behind me and stuck to my back.

“Ah …… sorry Kohinata. Don’t worry about what he said.”

I couldn’t say, “I misspoke”

In case, a billion to one, a trillion to one – if Kohinata had feelings for me as a member of the opposite sex, it would be very disrespectful. In the first place, it is difficult to judge whether the exchange between me and Kohinata is a love affair or not.

Kohinata, whose nose was probably resting on my back, did not move her face in response to my words.
Instead, she grabbed the little fingers of both my hands from behind. I don’t know what her intentions were in doing this, but it’s …… cute. I can’t move, though.
And the guys in front of me are smiling so much, it’s depressing.

“It’s just a way for Kohinata to hide her embarrassment.”

I said that to my dad anyway, and he said something that sounded like an evil guess, “I see”. He definitely seems to have a weird misunderstanding.

From far away, the wind blew in and said, “The chairman and vice chairman have fallen! Someone! Somebody!” but I pretended not to hear it and let out a sigh.

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When will you update this? I’ve looked at the raw link and seen more chapter

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