Badd…. I’m glad Shirono went into the classroom first. Class 2A is located on the west stairway. And the stairs that Shirono and I used to go to the classroom are the west stairs. In other words, Class A’s classroom comes first.

Although Shirono did not see us, all the students in the classroom were able to witness the meaningful moment between me and Kamiki-san. There was no excuse for this. Kamiki-san, who is a cheerful person, was being asked by Shimizu-san, a good friend of the group she belongs to, about my relationship.

“Reina, what are you doing? Are you out of your mind, suddenly hugging Matsukaze?”
“Hmm? Well, I’ve been crazy since I was born.”
“No, no, no, I’m not asking as a joke. I’m asking you seriously if you’re okay.”
“I’m fine, I’m fine!”
“If you were, you wouldn’t be hugging Matsukaze, would you? Because, you know, Matsukaze who has been through a lot, right?”

Shimizu-san was steadily reducing my life expectancy.

“Yes, and Reina, you look kind of happy.”
“It’s all in your mind!”
“No, it’s not just my imagination! You’re obviously blushing! What’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing at all!”

Shimizu-san was a little dissatisfied with Kamiki-san, who was smiling at her while grinning. She must be hiding something from her, she thought to herself, and let her mind do the recording.

Shimizu-san exhaled a breath of air as if dismayed, ‘Haa……,’ and placed her confident right hand on Kamiki-san’s left shoulder with a pop.

“Reina. The illusion will definitely awaken someday.”
“Illusion? Chinatsu, what are you talking about?”
“No, it’s nothing. It’s okay. This is something interesting.”

Kamiki-san tilted her head. After confirming her reaction, Shimizu-san went back into the group.

With the chime that rang, my school life began.


Lunch break. I was going to have lunch with Kamiki-san. Suddenly. It was really sudden.

“Yes, Aaahnn…”
“Ah, ah… ……”

I put food in my mouth with a snap. What is this situation?

Kamiki-san grabbed the ingredients of the bento one after another with chopsticks. And just like before, bring them to my mouth. What is she doing to me?

“How is it? Is it good?”
“It’s delicious….”
“Yay! It was worth making it all morning!”

What I’m eating, this is the bento that Kamiki-san brought. What can I say, it’s very girly. It is cutely arranged and very surprising.

I’m eating the bento she made, but I also brought my own. It’s not a bento. It’s just some bread from a convenience store. Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Fufufu… ……”
“W-What’s wrong?”
“Are you in love with me?”
“I’m not in love.”
“That’s a quick answer? I see, Matsukaze is not the type to be rushed.”

This kind of exchange is taking place over and over again in the multi-purpose classroom where we are currently alone. The multipurpose classroom is no longer in use. Kamiki-san must have known this, because at lunchtime she dragged me there with her. She negotiated with me, saying, “I’ll make sure Igarashi san won’t see us,” I felt I could eat here in peace without worrying about the eyes of others.

But what do you mean? Isn’t it supposed to end like a broken heart, accepting the fact that I have a girlfriend? Why are you still trying to get closer, and seduce me, as you did yesterday? 

Don’t tell me you’re not sorry for what you did yesterday. I’m sure I’ve made her understand a lot.

I ask her.

“Why do you do this?”
“Because I like Matsukaze.”
“Are you in love with me?”
“No, I’m not in love …….””
“Ah! You shut your mouth just now, didn’t you? You were slow to react, weren’t you? That proves that you are conscious of me!”

She poked me with her finger. Are you kidding me? That pisses me off.

In the middle of all this, the phone in my pocket is trembling, but I’m ignoring it the whole time. Probably Shirono. It’s because Kamiki-san told me to ‘don’t answer it’. That doesn’t matter if we’re dating or not, while eating like this with Kamiki-san, she says it’s absolute.

Well, even if Shirono gives me a spanking later, it doesn’t matter because I’ve been talking to Kurono since this morning anyway, and it’s confirmed. However, it depends on the content.

“Well, I’ll ask you again, how are things going with Igarashi-san?”
“How, what do you mean?”
“Are you close or not?”
“I think we get along really well. That’s for sure.”
“And most importantly, how is Matsukaze himself?”

No, answer something.

“Maybe this is a good opportunity? I will try harder next time!”

There’s always next time, isn’t there? But because of this I will have to ignore Shirono’s incoming calls. And on top of that, I’ll have to take the punishment.

Then I heard footsteps. It was a very beautiful sound, a steady thump.

Could ……? No, not yet. I don’t want to believe it yet. It must be a senior or something. There are a number of neat people in this school. It could be any one of them. If it’s Shirono, I’ll get killed. I’m not sure why I have to live in such a tied-up life. Why do I have to live my life so tied down? Shirono can do whatever she wants. …… I should tell her to her face next time. No, let’s do it when Shirono attacks me. I’ll let her know then.

The owner of the footsteps was not Shirono, as I had believed. I could tell from the sound of their conversation.

“Shiba-kun, have you decided what the student council is going to do at the time of the sports festival?”
“No, I haven’t decided on that yet. There are many things that have to be done. Today, we are supposed to get together and talk about it.”

Shiba and Fujigaya. These are the two. They are talking about committee meetings and the soon-to-be-announced sports festival.

But still, I heard a good thing.

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