After school.

I was in the student guidance office with my homeroom teacher, Nakayasu sensei.

I was there to report that I was being bullied by Mitsui kun.

After I finished playing the video I had magically recorded on my computer, Nakayasu sensei opened her mouth in annoyance.

“……What do you mean by showing me this footage?”

“What do you mean by that …..?”

“Sakuma kun, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve been telling you for a long time, haven’t I? Please be nice. Please don’t embarrass me any more than you already do with this hidden footage.”

“Wait a minute. Mitsui kun even took out a box cutter knife? Even after watching this video, are you still saying that?”

I had reported the bullying even before I was reborn in another world.

But she just listens to what I say and lets it slide.

She always ends up saying, [Get along with each other.] Is she really a teacher? She’s not even neglecting her duties. There is a limit to laziness.

“Teachers are busy. They work overtime until midnight every day. Of course, they don’t receive any benefits. On their days off, they are free volunteers who advise club activities. They don’t have any time for hobbies. Bullying under such circumstances? Are you kidding me ! Sakuma kun, you’re trying to make me die of exhaustion.”

I think it is true that it is a harsh working environment. The face of the teacher is covered with wrinkles and spots, as if to prove the hard work.

Although there is room for sympathy, teachers are the last resort for students who are being bullied. They should be aware that they are entrusted with their lives.

“……Can I ask you one more question?”

“Can you make this quick?”

“Why are you asking Narukawa san, who hasn’t been to school in a few weeks, in class? You know that she is an actress, don’t you? You must know that she has to memorize her lines and that she doesn’t have time to prepare or review them. All I can think is that you are harassing her.”

One of my classmates is an actress named Narukawa Rin.

I’ve been in a different world for a while now, and I’ve been in a different world for a long time.

I have loved Narukawa san’s way of life since before I was reincarnated in another world.

I don’t have [something] that I can devote my whole life to.

That’s why I’ve always envied Narukawa san’s ambition and strong, motivated gaze.

She was also the one who wanted to stop me from being bullied.

“An actress? That’s just a game. She’s pampered, she’s happy…..and is that the reason I’m harrassing her? That’s a false accusation. I’m showing her the harshness of society. She should be thanking me.”

“……Take it back.”


“Please take back what you said about it being a game. Narukawa san is seriously pursuing her career as an actress. An adult who should be supporting her is saying she’s just playing around? Don’t be a fool, Nakayasu. At this point, forget about my bullying. I’ll take care of it myself. Instead, right here, right now ! Please take back what you said about it being a game. Above all, if you use the word [play] in front of Narukawa san–“

“W-what are you really mad at me for? That’s why I don’t like kids these days. If only I was married, I would quit this job.”


Nakayasu sensei, who was probably sensing the danger, hurriedly left the student guidance office. 

S-shoot. I was so angry that I forgot myself. And she’s taking the evidence of the bullying, the computer, home with her.

……Haa. I knew it, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to get the teacher to change her mind.

I mean, she is not a person who should be in the teaching profession.

I think she needs to do something about her students, even if it’s not about me.

Thinking this, I also left the student guidance office—and there was Narukawa san with her face flushed bright red.

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